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United States News Agency Racketeers

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Current news headlines, stemming from UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA racketeering news agencies doing business at North America, are blatantly slandering Al Moroccans / Americans by alleging an ancestral bloodline of people being a "group" calling themselves 'Moorish Americans', which is only a political term for distinction. Due to over one-hundred fifty years of Caucasian / European colonization at North America, along with their foreign allies from various countries around the world, who simply want to continue to usurp the greatest estate on planet Earth, the racketeers have become desperate in propagating their conspiracies against aboriginal and indigenous people known around the world as 'Moors / Muurs'. The political term 'Moorish American' is a modernized term for Al Moroccans upon the American estates around the world. The term was coined by an honourable 'Moor / Muur', called 'Noble Drew Ali'. His national works reached the globe in uplifting the temporary conquered heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, called 'Moors / Muurs' by political distinction from the malicious brand names and labels created by profiteering colonizers at North America, who came to North America and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs', while having enslaved their offspring. Once the offspring of the aboriginal and indigenous heirs were captured by the foreigners, they were brutally tormented and mentally conditioned by extremities like torture, to be called names coined by temporary conquerors of Caucasian / European-descent for the public record. In modern-days, the colonizing Europeans built a fraudulent empire corporation, where they deem themselves sovereigns over the North Gate Estate / North America. Consequently, by de jure law and international law, the Caucasians / Europeans at North America, are the true "Sovereign Citizen" oxymoron paradigm, for which they pretend aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs' are, who simply use the political term 'Moorish American' due to the free national civics work conducted by the late 'Noble Drew Ali', who was murdered for helping to free and liberate his rightful people at North America.

* Note: The term "sovereign citizen" is a term created by colonizing Caucasians / Europeans, who want natural people to believe that UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation is an actual 'federal government' working for the people / republic. Contrary to popular belief by deceptive democracy colonizers, corporations are not 'government' and never were. There are tons of online websites, news agencies, social media platforms, television broadcasts, and even radio / podcasts promoters, where the term "sovereign citizen" is used against aboriginal and indigenous people, who know that their political allegiance is to their nation, not a foreign, colonial occupying body politic for racketeering and profiteering of land and resources on a national estate plentiful. A competent mind must remember, "What motivates colonizing Caucasian / European deception?" The motivation comes from the trillions of Federal Reserve Notes in finance, derived from the lands and estates belonging to the natural aboriginal and indigenous people, which is why colonizers do not want such natural people to ever be In Propria Persona, by national origin. It is discrimination against national origin, for any Caucasian / European colonizer, to slander anyone who declares their rightful, bloodline-descent nationality, and who realizes the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, not a 'government'. This deception and misprision of treason has been a "paid-off" false narrative, history reconstruction, and colonization activity for those who realize that once the truth surfaces they will no longer have the financial control of the land and estate that they usurped and escheated by fraud. Any and all websites, publications, news narratives, etc., who continue to slander aboriginal and indigenous people and spread the "sovereign citizen" false paradigm, deserve the worst of punishments for their immediate experience.

Original Article Date: 28 December 2022 [A.D.]

Image of the free national Moroccan flag for Al Moroccans / Americans at North America - 'Moors / Muurs' - 'Moorish Americans' being a global bloodline of said 'African-descent and ancestry, not a "group" to be misidentified by blatant news agency slander.

The Days of Fake News Are Ending Fast

The battle of fake news being purported at North America has been intense. With so many racketeering news agencies attempting to counter genuine free press, with exaggerated propaganda to confuse those who have spent years being programmed by their deceiving and entire continent of billions of people, it is a wonder why people still may not know who the aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs' are at North America. There is no mystery when it comes to how the colonizing, Caucasian / European-owned racketeering agencies came into financial power at North America, after having spent over a century slaughtering the aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent' through biological warfare military tactics used in everyday food and drink (even water - faucet and bottled), cosmetics, personal hygiene products, institutions called "jail", "correctional facility", "prison", etc., which are all Prisoner of War (P.O.W.) camps built by colonizers, to continually enslave the heirs to the estate, who have been usurped by fraud and deception. Once the corrupted international body politics implemented their commerce-induced platforms at North America, to build a financial empire, based solely on fraud (as in the Federal Reserve Note banking system), it was easy enough for them to recruit jealous and envious parties from afar, to help them enslave the heirs to the estate, for which they all sought to extremely profit off of for generations by misprision of treason.

All of the crimes against humanity and acts of genocide that the world is witnessing today at North America, has always been geared specifically towards the aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs' at North America, who simply use the term 'Moorish American' for the political distinction, by lawful documentation historically created for the upliftment of fallen humanity, by the late 'Noble Drew Ali'. An entire nation of people of said 'African-descent' will not be destroyed, nor forgotten, simply because human trafficking colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent' want to continue usurpation and estate escheatment at North America.

De Facto 'Governments' and Racketeering Agencies

The problem that the aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the estate are still facing, after over a decade of international press releases and public notices, that the heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America are awake (and still rapidly awakening), is that corporate States like the State of Maryland, the State of Texas, State of New Jersey, and even Washington, District of Columbia (10 square miles only jurisdiction for the real Republic already overthrown) continue to use their stolen finance by Federal Reserve Notes (commercial debt notes) to hold the estate hostage in perpetuity. This is the reality of what the true heirs to North America have been dealing with, while actively trying to peacefully take their place amongst the affairs of man.

It has been extremely difficult for the heirs to peacefully take their place, with colonizers pushing fake news and false media narratives to billions of people across the continent, so that the heirs who are conscious and recognizable, are not properly recognized in the public eye, while unconscious heirs (under mind control brands and labels) fail to recognize that they are the very ones who are being attacked by the colonizers, using dogma religion (Christianity) to keep heirs believing, and never actually knowing. Passiveness by ignorance has been a psychological warfare tactic used by colonizing Caucasians / Europeans for over a century at North America. They have learned to perfect their dark and irresponsible craft to miseducate, to deceive, to cheat, to steal, to be lewd, to be arrogant and obnoxious, to murder, and to hide behind financial pawns, who joined them in their pursuit of madness in destroying the world, simply because they were never what aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs' always have been to this very day. Again, it all boils down to their jealousy of the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' and everything the colonizers can never be. It was nature's choice how the eventual existence of the Caucasians / Europeans played out, and the natural people upon the greatest estate on planet Earth, historically attempted to help them cultivate and evolve, yet the modern-day Caucasian / European at North America can only act against 'Moors / Muurs', in utter hatred and malice.

Some of major racketeering news agencies today, like Hearst Newspapers and The Washington Post, have Caucasian / European agents and their compromised staff constantly writing slandering and fraud-based articles, while spending stolen finance (in the form of Federal Reserve Notes) from the people for such slander to go viral against the aboriginal and indigenous heirs at North America. Their fraud-based newspaper agencies have spent decades building their racketeer networks by systematic design and social engineering, which is how they have been funding their hostile military activities through such agencies, like police and so-called 'sheriffs' and even security guards, operating as nothing more than mercenaries (public and private) for their corporate employers, operating their corporations solely for profiteering endeavors off of the North Gate Estate, entrusted as a 'Cestui Que Trust', afforded to the original united states Republic Congress prior to the overthrow of the original Republic 'federal government' at North America. For those who actually study well and read with an open-mind and intelligent disposition, they can clearly decipher the extreme deception construed by colonizing Caucasians / Europeans at North America. House Joint Resolution 192 - 1933 [A.D] has always been a key reference point, to clearly show and prove that the original Caucasian / European-based Republic, called the House of Representatives, adjourned in Sine Die, meaning they immediately stopped being a Republic form of 'government' for the people, and instead, abandoned their obligations at North America to peacefully and respectfully govern their naturalized citizens of European-descent (13 original colonies of them) at North America. They have long since run rampant on an estate that was never their own and started calling themselves Americans, after abandoning their European nations in the East, to colonize North America.

Slander and Defamation of Character Still Exists Today

The slander, defamation of character, and complete disrespect that the modern-day colonizers demonstrate against all natural people of said 'African-descent', has been compelling enough to end the madness once and for all by shutting down all Caucasian / European-owned businesses at North America, disarming their mercenaries (i.e. police and so-called 'sheriffs'), and sending all racketeering persons of Caucasian / European-descent (and their foreign allies and compromised helpers of said 'African-descent') directly to prison to await their swift and earned punishments, for their extreme crimes against humanity and blatant acts of genocide for the permanent public record. It is this reality that is quickly approaching, for which the news agency owners have caused for themselves and their corporate State 'chattel property' wards, who chose to aid and abet colonizers and human traffickers for over a century.

All of the current and compromised human trafficking tribunals, feigning as lawful [courts] at North America, have been historically and entirely controlled (never in favor of the people of said 'African-descent), which has been exactly why aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs', to date, still have not received their long overdue justice and full estate restoration. It is the fraudulent Democracy-platform (falsely and / or fraudulently 'elected' / selected rulers against the republic - contrary to "paid-off" online definitions by "Oxford", "Miriam-Webster", etc., etc.) resistance, which has already been dispelled, with the last man who took on the public office farce political campaign, by political status and allegiance, having been exposed by Pope Francis himself. It is the problem of each individual persons of Caucasian / European-descent, who chose to side with frauds and deceivers. Therefore, may they receive no public or private sympathy from anyone who brings them to direct and immediate justice, for the extreme tyranny they perpetuated against the aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the estate at North America. As the old saying goes, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", which is what the Al Moroccan / American natives have in universal favor, for all that they have endured for decades, caused specifically by colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent.

The International Verdict for North America's Rightful Heirs

As the world continues preparing for the fall of colonial operations fraud at North America, may the aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs' be internationally and lawfully recognized again for their honour, glory, bravery, and due diligence against their plethora of oppressors throughout North America. They certainly have earned their keep due to the socially-engineered plights against them, by extreme colonization efforts. Many heirs to the estate only await the approaching day when the republic army takes immediate effect for full estate restoration, by eliminating the corporate-derived and corporate-based threats that have kept estate escheatment and usurpation alive at North America for far too long. Let freedom reign for the aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs' at North America, even while the 'Kingdom of Morocco' (formed by a French oligarchy in 1956 [A.D.]) operatives remain silent to the truth.

The fact of the matter, is that when the current ruler over the 'Kingdom of Morocco' attempted to entice / provoke aboriginal and indigenous 'Moors / Muurs' at North America, into "kingdom" citizenship, by false foreign citizenship acquisition, for Caucasian / European colonizers to even usurp by national origin bloodline descent, due to the 'Moorish Divine and National Movement' of the world, many of the heirs who were waking-up between 2008 - 2013 [A.D.], were not "falling for it". The 'Kingdom of Morocco' is just that... a kingdom of subjugated nationals, under extremely limited jurisdiction, by chosen rulership; the kingdom aspect of Morocco in North Africa, has nothing to do with the true Empire at North America, which has been long since subverted and intentionally hidden by colonizers.

Here is some basic evidence below, by Screen Shots, that foreigners of European-descent, still fraudulently doing business at North America, are not who they claim to be. One would only need to check the surnames of each and every colonizer, to prove who they really are and where they come from (not from North America). In retrospect to true bloodline and pedigree, People from France have been globally known as "French", People from Germany have been globally known as "Germans" and "Deutsche", and people from Italy have been globally known as "Italians" and "Romans". So, a question has arisen in the minds of competent people (not those under mind control through media), "Why is it so difficult to recognized known aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' as 'Moors / Muurs' or even 'Moorish Americans'?". The political terms are simply bloodline pedigree references and proper distinction by national origins. This is what colonizing racketeers do not want the unsuspecting public to know. Although, colonizing foreigners who migrate to North America [misnomer United States] for 'political asylum' know these bloodline terms, yet once they are compromised by the corporate UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, they pretend ignorance and play their roles as full-fledged colonizers, along with Caucasians / Europeans.

* Gallery Below Consisting of Basic Screen Shots Proving Identity by Bloodline and Nationality and the Racketeering News Agencies Who Still Play Extreme Colonization Against Al Moroccans / Americans by Fraud

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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