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This page is where any approved Public or Legal Notice posting will appear.  Each Public and Legal Notice is categorized by nation state and state for easier viewing.  These notices serve as International News by Free Press and are protected by International Law mandates.

* Please note: All Public and Legal / Lawful notices placed via this free press news site is (and has been) deemed Public Notice, regardless if the 'Google Search Engine' administration refuses to allow this truth-bearing site to be listed in the said "top searches", by financially-based marketing and said 'paid' advertising, used by the financially-advantaged and / or skilled search engine SEO link juice and social juice builds (also based on financial dominance methods) that overwhelm the Internet 'Search Engines' by insiders, who secured the right types of information and website building techniques to quickly utilize and / or exploit current 'Google' algorithms put in place by 'Google' administration, for an overall top listings advantage on the Internet, entirely based-upon systematic financial dominance from rich profiteers and the financially-privileged.  For this free press news site, Notice to any Agent(s) is Notice to all Principal(s) and Notice to any Principal(s) is Notice to all Agent(s) doing business as UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and any and all STATE OF / State of,  CITY OF / City of, COUNTY OF / County of, and other associations enclaves (incorporated and unincorporated), along with Nation State corporations, agencies, assigns, contractors, and all of their employee / persons executives, staff, and other public or private citizens / operatives, doing business at North America for any reason and for any purpose, derived originally from the Mother Treaty for commerce at North America.

International Law (especially at North America)


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Public Notice - North America

This section of Public and Legal Notices is for the North America territory.  If there is a notice for a specific state / State throughout the territory, it will appear here if approved by our site moderators.



This is a International Public Notice and Global Press Release for the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida, which is a part of the United States of America.  This International Public Notice was submitted and approved on: 12 February 2022 [A.D.].  This Public Notice was made and permanently effective.

International Press Relase

         - Affidavit of Addendum - International Press Release

International Press Release - World Public Notice - Truth About Marsy's Law

Authentic Treaty of Peace & Friendship between Morocco and the United States - 1787; 1836 [A.D.]

United Nations Charter Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - 2007 [A.D.]

House Joint Resolution 192 - 1933 [A.D.]

Christian Black Codes - 1724 [A.D.]


This is a letter communication sent directly to the Office of Ronald Dion DeSantis regarding Orange County Comptroller's office employees denying someone's right to file a legal and lawful affidavit, as per a service afforded to the general public.  The issue stands as public notice by free press, as discrimination against national origin as well as fraud on part of the Orange County Comptroller for allowing employees to deny a service that clearly violates Federal Law by Title 18 USC - Chapter 13 - Part 2 - Section 245.

Color-of-Law Affidavit Record

Color of Law violations by U.S.C. (United States Codes of Law)

Title 18, Section 242

Title 18 Section 241

Title 18 Section 245

The Link below is the original Color of Law Violations warning to Public Servant, Buddy Dyer acting as Mayor for the City of Orlando.  The notice was mailed via United States Republic postal mail by Certified Mail Service for the public record and confirmed delivered.

Original Color of Law Violation Warning - City of Orlando, Buddy Dyer / John Hugh Dyer Notice

Proof of Mailing - Evidence

The Link below is the Color of Law Affidavit Notice witnessed by a State Notary for the State of Florida.  Although Orange County / County of Orange employee Deborah Bradley refused to file the witnessed document, the document is still filed for the public record as secondary lawful notice.  The document was mailed via United States Republic Postal Mail directly to Phillip Diamond, who at the time of the mailing delivery of the notice, was acting as the 'Comptroller' for Orange County / County of Orange.

State of Florida Color of Law Violation Notice - Ronald DeSantis

Proof of Mailing - Evidence

Orange County Comptroller Phillip Diamond - State of Florida

Below is the actual proof of mailing of the Color of Law violations notice that was first mailed directly to the Office of Phillip Diamond, said 'Orange County Comptroller' at the time of original mailing back on 7 October 2021 [A.D.].  Per report from the original national filer, the lawful affidavit was blatantly denied to be filed, with prejudice, by Deborah Bradley (staff member), who was at the time of the direct office visit on 7 October 2021 [A.D.], located at street [109 East Church Street], Orlando, State of Florida, the alleged 'Official Records Coordinator' for Phillip Diamond.  The official records office was visited by a national filer and the Color of Law affidavit notice was denied for fraudulent reasoning, as well as discrimination against national origin, by all parties involved, including Phillip Diamond, Certified Public Accountant for County of Orange / Orange County and his staff and employees operating via City of Orlando, State of Florida.

Proof of Mailing Evidence

The Link below is for an Averment of Jurisdiction - Quo Warranto issued to City of Orlando said 'Police Chief', Orlando Rolon and Eric Smith (assuming the role upcoming) regarding a direct Color of Law violation after the initial warning was sent and notice given to the principal for the City of Orlando operations at North America.  The lawful / legal document was issued by an heir to the North American estate by bloodline inheritance.  A Certificate of Service has also been issued to the proper parties of interest confirming depositing this document in the United States Republic postal mail for delivery to the recipient(s).  Failure to deliver the document by United States Postal Service staff, employees, carriers, etc., does not alleviate liability for remedy to the injured party in the matter.

Update: 5 July 2022 [A.D.] - As already known, the business entity known as CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT, with various trustees, commissioners, staff, employees, agents, etc., do not have the lawful 'Delegation of Authority Order', only issued by United States Congress.  This corporate agency has been given the full seven (business) days to produce such document.  The agency has also not produced their Public Hazard Insurance Liability Bond(s) coverage, whether for individuals responsible for the entire corporation or a blanket bond covering all of the operations / persons for the CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT and everything the operation entails, including (but not limited to) malpractice by police employees masquerading as 'Officers of the Peace', wearing uniforms and practicing blatant Color of Law against the natural people and heirs to the estate at North America for the public record.  In addition, although the Registered Mail for the 'Delegation of Authority Order' demand was mailed on: 10 June 2022 [A.D.], from an Orlando, United States Post Office, the tracking alleges that the legal / lawful document was not delivered until: 24 June 2022 [A.D.].  Even with the alleged delivery on the indicated date, seven (7) days have still passed, which was the said 'time' limit for the agency to produce the documentation for their public operations.


     - The Registered Mail return receipt for the delivery was signed for.  However, the postmark was obstructed (most likely intentional) as to not show the date it was signed for, which is willful negligence on the post office employee's part, who delivered the documentation and received the signature from the agent for the CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT.  Ultimately, the liabilities are in place against all parties involved in fraud, racketeering, mail hindrance, color of law violations, and obstruction of justice at minimum in this matter for the permanent record.

Averment of Jurisdiction - Quo Warranto - CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT agency

Proof of Mailing - Evidence

Proof of Delivery of Averment of Jurisdiction - Quo Warranto - City of Orlando Police Department

United States Postal Service [USPS] - Proof of Delivery

Certificate of Service - City of Orlando Police Department

Orlando Rolon - City of Orlando Police Department Retirement

Update - Mail Correspondence from City of Orlando - City Hall Clerk's Office - Fraud Communications

The Link below is an Affidavit of Constructive Notice issued to Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney to the Untied States Attorney General.  The notice was mailed to the United States Department of Justice concerning a valid complaint submission involving blatant violations against an heir to the North American Estate, by police employees feigning as 'Law Enforcement', while practicing Color of Law against an Al Moroccan national.  Reckless endangerment and willful negligence was conducted by three (3) police employees for the City of Orlando, State of Florida at North America.  The national complaint was deposited in the United States Republic Postal Mail and confirmed delivered to the United States Department of Justice for immediate filing and remedy for the torts against an heir, made by policy-enforcing agents in uniforms conducting commerce, while intimidating and threatening a non-U.S. Citizen for the public record.

Affidavit of Constructive Notice - Color of Law Violation - City of Orlando Police Department

Proof of Delivery - Evidence - Color of Law Filing Submission - Affidavit of Constructive Notice

Certificate of Service - United States Justice Department - Color-of-Law-Complaint Submission

Update: 15 July 2022 [A.D.] - This is a brief update with the constant Color-or-Law activities still being conducted by the City of Orlando Police Department, operating through the corporate State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA.  It has been reported again, by an heir to the estate at North America, that police employees trespassed on him, while he has been forced to literally sleep on the streets on his own land, due to the ongoing estate escheatment and usurpation tactics perpetuated by Buddy Dyer for the City of Orlando corporation, along with his conspiring cohorts doing business with him to the very same effect.  The heir to the estate has compiled further evidentiary evidence against some of the individuals responsible for practicing Color-or-Law, on behalf of the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida, currently being administered by Ronald DeSantis, with Buddy Dyer operating the CITY OF ORLANDO, along with Orlando Rolón and / or Eric Smith as their said 'Chief of Police / Police Chief' administrators for the CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT, as well as Jerry L. Demings doing business as the corporate COUNTY OF ORANGE / Orange County, with his liaison, John W. Mina doing business as ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, which is another Domestic Police Force.


     - All persons operating in collusion to the estate escheatment at North America, who have blatantly demonstrated human trafficking intentions against the aboriginal and indigenous natives to North America, branding them under a false sense of identity, with malicious intent, for sheer profits, operating on North American soil, home to the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', by utter deception, in a false sense of jurisdiction and / or authority over any natural person, by absolute racketeering design by parties who financially and energetically bought into such fraudulent endeavors over the past one-hundred fifty (150) plus years, to date, have already been charged with high treason and punishment has been pending.  This particular type of fraud has also been referred to as semantic deceit, in retrospect to the current plight at North America, by high contracting parties for the public record thus corporate persons of Caucasian / European-descent or acknowledgement for the supreme law of the land effectuation, by de facto operating courts / tribunals at North America, is not needed.  If such persons acting on fraud, misprision of treason, and racketeering (*See RICO Act) are willing to do the right things in full reparations to the heirs to the estate, and correct themselves immediately, then they could alleviate their own personal long-term liabilities and extreme karmic debts for the cosmic records / Akashic records.

     - The Links below demonstrate competence in lawful communication attempts made, by telephone, to demand the immediate 'Cease & Desist' activities against all heirs under threat and duress circumstances, in principles, experienced by the heirs, from all Domestic Police Forces throughout the Flores / Florida Republic territory, at minimum, against a particular heir to the estate in this instance, at minimum, who has placed all corporations and their agencies, doing business through the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida, on permanent public notice for the public record.  Such public notice includes all Cities and Counties persons / citizens (through each and every corporate State of / STATE OF, City of / CITY OF, County of / COUNTY OF), both public and private, operating on North American soil, while in this particular instance, is the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida operatives / persons, deemed "Floridians" or other corporate State wards (i.e. corporate State U.S. Citizens and Green Card persons).

Evidence 1 - Audio Recording - 10 June 2022 [A.D.]

Evidence 2 - Audio Recording - 11 July 2022 [A.D.]

*Please note: Although it is not necessary to make any telephone communications to anyone enacting on fraud or misprision of treason on any estate by the land and its resource usurpers and / or estate escheatment persons feigning as said 'government' or 'law enforcement', all evidence becomes viable to place full liability and full penalties on all participating persons taking part in such fraud, whether willingly or unwillingly, being foreigners to such estate, where the heirs are unalienable and their birthrights and liberties are entirely inalienable, no matter what policies such corporate persons place on the public record that pretends to be de jure law (i.e. feudal Executive Orders, colored Law Enforcement, semblance State Public Statute, fief-based City / County Ordinances, etc.), only to violate the very rights they have already sworn an 'Oath and / or Affirmation', historically, as a modern-day obligation by a 'sovereign' contract / treaty etched in stone by the ancestral natural people, to uphold for the true beneficiaries (heirs), are thereby bound to such contract by the supreme law of the land and Divine Law within each natural person (In Solo Proprio and / or collectively as a free national body politic - unincorporated - the aboriginal "We the People").

Update: 11 September 2022 [A.D.] - This is an update regarding the correspondence between an actual heir to the estate at North America and a corporate enclave doing business through UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida operations.  In this instance, the corporate CITY OF ORLANDO employees / Council has decided to send fraudulent communication (via corporate and binding letterhead, based upon the incorporation to the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida) to an heir to the estate in utter deception.  The communication from the CITY OF ORLANDO Clerk's Office, with Stephanie Herdocia currently being the so-called 'City Clerk' and Laurie Nossair currently being the so-called 'Deputy Clerk', both whom are parties to the fraud construed by the original occupying creators / organizers of the CITY OF ORLANDO INC, incorporated in 1875 [A.D.] under the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida.  The correspondence relayed to the Heir Apparent, who initiated a Delegation of Authority demand (issued only from United States Republic Congress), along with proof of their public hazard and bonding company (i.e. insurance) to cover their operations on the public land, whereas they can easily cause injury to another.  Therefore, such public hazard and bonding insurance is mandatory for their business operations anywhere at North America.  However, the generic letter, with no valid signature by a person or authorized representative for the CITY OF ORLANDO INC, claimed that the CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT employees (all persons doing business under the corporate entity) have no public hazard and bonding insurance to cover any type of malpractice (injury) they could (and have) commit(ed) against a natural person.  This includes (but not limited to) all CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT employees / agents given firearms, tasers, batons, said 'riot gear', biological weapons, and other deadly weapons to utilize as they see fit (by fraud) upon the land, granted usage of such weapons against another person by means of racketeering, collusive parties (corporate agencies), without even having any lawful delegation to operate in such a destructive and dangerous capacity, whether public or private on the public land, in their performance of a said job / occupation, outside of 'Serving and Protecting' the natural people (which they never have; proven continuously by historical records, stare decisis case laws, and res judicata).  In addition, the very same employees, operate via corporate vehicles, where they engage the public on public land, whereas they could have or cause accidents in the injury of another person.  With this in mind, the issuer of the fraudulent letter chose not to provide the demanded public hazard and bonding insurance information, thus subjected the entire CITY OF ORLANDO (and its enclave corporate agencies - especially CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT agents / employees) persons / staff / Council / administrators / assigns, etc., to corporate and limited liability insurance fraud (United States Codes of Law - Title 15).


* Please make note for current and future reference:  This public update is a preliminary due process (as all involved parties have been notified via agents and / or principals) to hold all parties operating through the corporate CITY OF ORLANDO (and their entire associations) to fraud, racketeering, acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, etc., by international law standards.  The paper trail communications and correspondence can be found in the links above by full documentation.  As with all de jure law claims, made by heirs to the North America / North Gate Estate, ignorance of the supreme law of the land from colonizers, naturalized citizens, and other foreigners, is no excuse.  This public case and notice has been given 'Full Faith and Credit' to the matter for full reparations immediately due directly to the heir, by international de jure law remedies.


This is a Reversion of Estate permanent record concerning the State of Florida operatives at North America.  This public notice by free press is also a legal notice by International Law mandates supported by the United Nations Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007.  This notice was place on the public record on: 28 March 2022 [A.D.].

Reversion of Estate - International Public Notice


On the 11th Day of April 2022 [A.D.], a formal, free national complaint was lawfully submitted to the International Bureau for Universal Postal Union in Berne, Switzerland, for postal violations committed, in adversity to de jure law and international remedies, made by State operatives and Public Servants [i.e. said 'Governors', 'Mayors', 'Police', 'Sheriffs', 'Armed Security Guards', 'Marshals', 'Army Persons', 'Navy Persons', 'Marine Persons', 'National Guard Persons', 'City Persons', County Persons', 'Council', etc., etc., within the United States of America / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation  d / b / a  United States / UNITED STATES] for the record.  The complaint was submitted by an heir to the North Gate Estate / North America due to the ongoing controversy of colonization by European occupiers (and their naturalized citizens persons pretending to be Americans and sovereigns at North America).  After an 'In Motu Proprio' was publicly issued by Pope Francis  d / b / a FRANCISCUS in 2013-2014 [A.D.], all 'Doctrine of Discovery' activities were declared Fraud and ended.  Such activities included (but not limited to): de facto tribunals feigning as lawful courts, racketeering police department agencies, racketeering sheriff's offices, color-of-office city and county councils, color-of-authority against natural people of said 'African-descent', color-of-title real estate and / or mortgage (dead pledge) operations for estate escheatment, colonizing immigration by persons of European-descent coming from South and Central America by deception, etc., etc.


All international law matters must be fully and publicly addressed for full estate restoration to the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' at North America.  All European colonizers and their hybrid progeny, must be deported and / or removed (even if by force) from North America / North Gate Estate.  The supreme law of the land has been effectuated by the conscious heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America and must be given full-fledged international remedies for the protection of the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans (i.e. American natives - Moors / Muurs).  All food, water, shelter, and other hereditaments and tenements (as in all resources), must be immediately returned to the rightful heirs to the estate at North America, who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'.  All International Rights Reserved Without Prejudice to the heirs.

Universal Postal Union - International Bureau Investigation

Universal Postal Union - International Bureau Investigation - Lawful Proof of Mailing

Proof of Delivery - Universal Postal Union - International Bureau Investigation

Updated - 1 October 2023 [A.D.]: A lawful international investigation request was mailed to an international body politic alleged to advocate international solidarity via the United Nations and via the Universal Postal Union.  Although lawful process was initiated and mailed via 'United States Republic Registered Mail', a "paid for" return receipt was never returned to the natural person who mailed the international document, to date.  It is such discrepancies, by willful negligence of disputing parties, that cause extreme political controversies around the world, as international due process has been hindered in this matter, regarding the lawful communications between nationals seeking lawful remedies between nations (even corporations feigning as nations).


As per Article III within the Constitution for the united States of America Republic, Section One (1), "The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish."  Being that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Republic was the original capital at North America by political territory (1870), the United States Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (PA) is the oldest Court upon the land at North America.  This Court is the acting supreme Court for Article III judiciaries to uphold the supreme law of the land (Article VI) clause within the Constitution for the united States of America Republic.  All Public and Legal Notices should go through the one supreme Court for lawful effectuation, in operation in good faith only, for lawful claims and remedies rightfully sought by natural injured parties in diversity of citizenship matters and other tort feasor liabilities and obligations at North America thus including any Certificate of Service for potential suit actions.

Update: 5 July 2022 [A.D.] - Due to a slight miscommunication with the actual mailing [address] for the United States Supreme Court of Pennsylvania - Federal Court District Location, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Certificates of Service, dealing directly with the Color of Law filing with the United States Department of Justice, will have to be reissued with the correct mailing [address] for the Philadelphia District Court.  The discrepancy occurred when the alleged 'Middle District' for Supreme Court of Pennsylvania demonstrated by the employees for the 'Commonwealth of Pennsylvania' corporation, that they are indeed an "inferior" said 'court' as described in the Constitution for the united States of America Republic.  The agents for the corporation attempted to create a false sense of jurisdiction over a native to the Americas and heir to the estate that the heir was not fooled by the fraudulent mail correspondence from the alleged 'Middle District' corporation feigning as Supreme Court.  * See below for fraudulent letter sent to an heir to deceive.


Proof of Certificate of Service - United States Justice Department - Color of Law Violations Submission

Proof of Mailing - Evidence


Updated Proof of Mailing - 8 July 2022 [A.D.]

The Link below is the actual letter mailed from a foreign barrister's (BAR Association member) Color-of-Office building, using the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania corporate seal to try to fool an heir to the estate into some sort of WANT OF JURISDICTION ploy and / or while denying a due process public service by blatant violation of Title 18 U.S.C. - Section 245.  Although the Certificate of Service was mailed to the wrong so-called 'District' mailing [address], the corporation feigning as "court" could have easily forwarded the Certificate of Service(s) mailed, to the Philadelphia Federal District Office of the Clerk for the United States Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (same entity), seemingly (but not certain) still operating in "good faith" to the original contractual obligation to the Constitution for the united States of America Republic (* See General Civil Orders Letter below).

Fraudulent Letter Mailed from SUPREME COURT OF PENNSYLVANIA [Middle District]


This Section is for All Judicial Notices and Proclamations made by Aboriginal and Indigenous natural people, who are the native Al Moroccans / Americans  - Moors / Muurs to North America / North Gate Estate.  The UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA consists of all States having been formed from the original thirteen (13) colonies afforded by the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and the United States 1787; 1836.  The Constitution for the united States of America Republic clearly indicates in Article VI (6) that the treaty obligations (debts contracted) are binding to all operating at North America, misnomer UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA .

* Please note: Any lawful / legal documents mailed by a natural person and heir to the North American / North Gate Estate, must be handled by de jure law postal customs.  Any and all United States Postal employees (postmasters, clerks, carriers, etc.), who attempt to hinder or delay mail delivery to any and all addressees / recipients doing business / commerce at North America, will be held fully liable, with penalties and punishments already prescribed by United States Codes of Law for the People / Republic.  All services provided by United States Postal Service (Post Offices) must be rendered in lawful fashion.  Therefore, recipients / addressees must be served by proper delivery of mail, by said 'paid-for', premium service adherence (i.e. signature confirmations) by the recipients / addressees of such de jure law mail communications, as occupants / residents at North America.


Failure for any and all postal employees to properly record and deliver said 'paid-for', premium mail services (at additional financial costs), constitutes fraud knowingly committed by any and all postal employees involved, including (but not limited to) mail hindrance, mail delay, denial of service, etc., with all prescribed remedies in place for immediate effectuation.  This notice is for any and all postal mail employees, who blatantly attempt to retard premium mail services, by willful negligence, due specifically to aboriginal and indigenous peoples, like Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Signature Confirmation, etc., used respectfully by postal mail patrons utilizing such services ethically.  In addition, failure for postal mail employees to deliver such premium mail services, for any reason, does not indicate that lawful / legal notices (public notices) and documents have not already been placed on the public record, and lawfully served to the addressee / recipient, for lawful effectuation, nor does such failure to deliver such premium mail services alleviate the intended recipient's / addressee's full liability against such foreign persons (i.e. U.S. Citizens, corporate State public and private citizens (alleged State nationals by corporate State affiliations), foreigners exercising "dual citizenship", non-nationals and non-natives to the Americas, etc.), who caused lawful / legal actions, placed for full remedies prescribed, completely due to the aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the North American / North Gate Estate by international de jure law.

Judicial Notice and Proclamation - STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida - 2 September 2022 [A.D.]

         - Transfer of Inheritance and Restoration of Estate Claim - 21 August 2022 [A.D.]

               - Proof of Mailing - United States Postal Service

               - Proof of Delivery - United States Postal Service

               - Proof of Delivery - United States Department of Interior - Debra Anna Haaland

               - Notice of Default Judgment - Transfer of Inheritance & Restoration of Right

Update: 7 October 2022 [A.D.] - All parties have been served with the International Certificate of Service, including all Transfer of Inheritance writs and Allodial Al Seisin Deed record.  Once the thirty-day said 'timeframe' has passed, a default judgment will be entered for the public record.  Immediately upon posting of the the public notice 'Default Judgment' writ, the land / parcel claim will be fully seized and transferred to the heir to the estate in question.  Any and all occupiers / squatters upon the land / parcel, seized by the heir, will be removed (by force if necessary), as they have no claim above the heir to the estate, no matter what any title corporation, bank, attorney, or real estate corporation agent advised them of.  Also, the seize will be recorded for public record and scrutiny against all foreign adversities construing fraud and conspiracies against Al Moroccan / American nationals by malicious propaganda through "paid off", false narrative media outlets in pursuit of continued colonization at North America, as conducted in the past by European colonists and their foreign allies taking part in the fraud; knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly.

In addition, as stated in the publicized writ and public notice, any and all damage to the property (including the house upon the land / parcel), will be billed to any and all involved persons having taken part in the fraud of estate escheatment, by any corporate State, City, and County de facto venues, by legalese misrepresentation and Color-of-Law collusion tactics.  The billing process will consist of immediate financial remedy, compensated directly to the heir, without delay, by Legal Tender (if necessary to satisfy the immediate transaction) and by Lawful Money (pure .999 gold and silver).  Damages include (but not limited to) interior and exterior damage to electrical wiring, electrical switches and outlets, electrical fixtures, electrical appliances, plumbing pipes and water flow discrepancies, sewage and sanitation mechanisms, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, showers, hot water heater(s), fireplace(s), chimney, air conditioning units, cabinets, doors and locks, vents and ventilation issues, drywall, windows, carpets (if any), building foundation integrity and structural support (studs and joists), plywood, roof shingles, and even weather modification damages (i.e. water or heat damage); alleged 'Acts of God'.

Update: 17 October 2022 [A.D.] - After already securing Proof of Delivery for the Transfer of Inheritance sealed documents, mailed directly to the proper parties of interest in the lawful matter concerning an heir to the estate, postal records for the delivery have attempted to be compromised, as they were changed recently.  The documents were already confirmed "Delivered" to Debra Anne Haaland, who is the current acting United States Secretary of the Interior, via her agent(s), on 23 September 2022 [A.D.].  The original delivery tracking record was already recorded and copied, in such an instance as someone tampering with the record to pretend that the internationally lawful documents were not delivered.  For public review, the actual Delivery Confirmation, directly to Debra Anne Haaland, can be confirmed via the link above.  The current online record via the '' website reflects a false record, pretending that the package was not delivered and still in transit.  As per de jure law, the documents were delivered and served to all proper parties of interest in the Transfer of Inheritance matter.  Fraud and willful negligence will not be tolerated and is void per any claims that the documents were not received - Notice to any Agents is Notice to all Principals and Notice to any Principals is Notice to all Agents.


The Link below is for those who have pretended for the past eight (8) years that public notice in the form of an official press release was not issued by Pope Francis - d / b / a FRANCISCS himself explaining clearly the current political dilemma at North America.  The legal / lawful notice was issued originally on 10 June 2014 [A.D.] by the private Attorney and judiciary operating at North America, on behalf of Pope Francis.  The public notice was re-released on 4 July 2014 [A.D.], during the Obama Administration, for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION COMPANY - d / b / a United States of America (minor).  There are still many willfully ignorant and belligerent to the absolute owner of the corporation doing business at North America (Morocco - The Extreme West).  Nonetheless, notice was properly given, so all still in denial and continue to fraudulently subjugate and arrogantly oppress the natives to North America (said 'inhabitants and heirs'), will have to learn the hard way by All-Law in place for the protection and preservation of the true heirs to the 'North Gate Estate'.

General Civil Orders - Pope Francis Letter to the World - 2014 [A.D.]

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