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Moroccan Press at North America

Moroccan Press at North America is a free press international news website and an international venue for nationhood, global public relations, and the promotion of peace and social, political progress for those who have been historically wronged and tactfully disadvantaged by usurpation of resources and finance through negative means that have controlled certain politics around the world.  The moderators for Moroccan Press believe in Truth, Justice, and Peace for oppressed people and humanity in general, due to systematic depravity and forced duress against people who have the right to be free, unbound, and unhindered by political dogma that tends to dominate the Internet through various news outlets and social media platforms that seem to promote much division and mind control.


Over the years, social media has been under tight control by elitists, who make it their business to exercise their right to free press and expression, while infringing upon the rights of others to peaceful expression, regardless of how such infringements impact the human rights of others.  It is for this very reason that this site is dedicated to providing a free press network for positive press and international relations as news to be deemed as Public Notice for disadvantaged people and those who support peace and justice for all.


Please keep in mind that Moroccan Press at North America is not to be confused as the Kingdom of Morocco over in the North Africa territory by continent.  Moroccan Press at North America operates directly from Maghrib al Aqsa, Morocco the extreme west at North America, which was properly recognized prior to pangea and before the reconstruction of history by colonists, who destroyed original records and changed the original maps proving such information.

Editorial Staff

Moroccan Press Team

The Moroccan Press Team is a team of natural people, who are the editors and moderators of all content posted to this site that has not been compromised in any way.

The Moroccan Press Team does not share private photos of the Moroccan Press Team, as the owners and moderators like to remain anonymous for publicly political reasons that any intelligent person can come to realize why.

The Moroccan Press Team strives to provide truthful information and  international news via this site for the global education and enjoyment of everyone who visits this site.

Moroccan Press Team


North America

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