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Public Notice

Public Notice by Moroccan Press at North America


Moroccan Press at North America is dedicated to providing a proof positive international news  outlet for the natural people to have a proper political voice and venue for de jure law legal and lawful notices throughout North America and around the world.  This is why we offer a Public and Legal Notice service, to bridge a gap between politically-dominated miscommunications between states by means of free press.


In recent times, it has become extremely problematic for people, from various cultures and customs, to be able to voice themselves throughout the plethora of political aggression due to stringently controlled media outlets and newspapers that are meant for everyone to be able to express themselves by effectuating positive law legally, peacefully and freely.  It has become a common practice for newspaper agencies to use moral duress to keep others, outside of their personal political interests, from using their newspaper press for proper public communications deemed a necessity by lawful and legal standards.  Moroccan Press at North America offers free Public and Legal Notices for the permanent record, for the indigenous people at North America.


This service is a dedication by Moroccan Press Team, to provide a proper press venue for natural people, due to the various States that attempt to cut-off the voices of others and control news and media with intentions to hinder others from the right to free expression and free press in peace and honour.  Therefore, we review and potentially accept indigenous documents submitted to this site for Public Notice by indigenous individuals or collective indigenous body politics.  With this in mind, please be aware that all aboriginal and indigenous documents accepted by us and posted on this site, are hereby protected by international law, specifically United Nations Charter Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - 13 September 2007 [A.D.], as we honour de jure international law in place for the protection of aboriginal peoples.  Please be fully aware that our document reviews can take anywhere from 24-72 hours for potential posting.

* Please note: We at Moroccan Press at North America reserve the right to reject any and all Public or Legal Notices submitted to us for review to post to our site.  We do not post Public or Legal Notices that contain abusive language, group slander or defamation tactics meant to deceive the public interest.  We only accept truthful documents based upon international law and facts by common law.  We appreciate your understanding.

To submit a Free Public and Legal Notice for Review and Potential Posting, please email Moroccan Press Team at:


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