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Indigenous Peoples Day Truth

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

There have been responsible people around the world, who have begun to once again publicly recognize who the true aboriginal and indigenous people are (and have been). Such native to lands all over the world, have been around for thousands of years, to date. With so much recognition of a status that sets the stage for Earthly tenure in all political matters and affairs around the world, where aboriginal and indigenous people had his and her birthrights stolen, it has become the full responsibility of the knowledgeable people of the world to tell the truth of who the true natives really are (not by corrupted bloodlines).

Original Article Date: 11 October 2022 [A.D.]

Image of an aboriginal and indigenous woman looking out the window of truth

Indigenous Peoples Day deemed the 10th Day of October around the world.

A Purposely Subverted and Forgotten History

With the official deeming of Indigenous Peoples Day, placed on the public record as the 10th Day of October, from 2021 [A.D.] onward, many are speculating on exactly how such a political movement will impact a miseducated society (decades in the making), who have been conditioned to not even know who the ancestral aboriginal and indigenous people have been; more importantly, who are their modern-day bloodline descendants. The hype of political persons taking some form of responsibility to uncover and reveal some of the historical lies that have been deceitfully spread throughout a simulated society for the past one hundred fifty (150) plus years or so, where colonization has blatantly and intentionally destroyed ancient cultures of said 'African-descent' at North America, specifically for hostile takeover efforts of the land, including the ancient treasures and illustrious history that comes with it. What is being revealed in modern days, is left for pure speculation with an intelligent, well-studied and well-informed mindset. Failure to know true history, leads to ignorance that empowers mistruth and deception and injustice, for those who matter most in the political warfare that has been waged against ancient, copper-complexion bloodlines that have long been upon the planet Earth for thousands of years, to date.

What many real aboriginal and indigenous people around the world are (and should be) concerned about, is the corrupted bloodline amalgamation processes that have been an intentional infiltration of ancient people of said 'African-descendant'. The European / Caucasian Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) have plotted for centuries, along with their corrupted sons, to integrate themselves in the Divine and majestic bloodlines of aboriginal and indigenous copper-complexion people around the world. Their ultimate goal has always been to replace such a beautiful people of said 'African-descent', with their corrupted bloodline, hybrid persons, born out of lustful (or oftentimes forced) relationships construed by European / Caucasian colonizers and infiltrators, planned for centuries by malicious plots left unknown to the unsuspecting. What has been left in the dark, is now being brought to light, for the sake of humanity.

Modern-Day Amalgamation

In today's predominantly uneducated and miseducated societies around the world (mainly at North America), it has become commonplace for Europeans / Caucasians, at North America, to do their best to mix with copper-complexion people of said 'African-descent', who are the natural and historical inhabitants to the Americas. What the awake world is witnessing in modern days, is how desperate Europeans / Caucasians at North America have been, to keep seducing unconscious heirs to the North American estate into relationships that produce offspring (children), born out of Daughters of the American Revolution and their corrupted sons, who have been bent on corrupting the bloodline of the heirs and continuing colonization, simply to sustain usurpation and estate escheatment tactics for the land and resources to control at North America. This has also been considered an extreme military tactic for estate control. The tactic causes much confusion in society, since genetics from people of said 'African-descent' are practically being secretly stolen and used to create beings that look like aboriginal and indigenous people, stemming from said 'African' bloodline ancestry. And, unbeknownst to heirs who are still incompetent, due to centuries mental slavery conditioning, still yet to be broken in many, their bloodlines are being severely corrupted by the modern European / Caucasian and the many hybrid, amalgamated beings they produced by a hidden placebo effect against all heirs at North America. The amalgamated beings created are then raised to believe they are of true said 'African-descent', yet born from a European / Caucasian - hybrid / amalgamated mother. The same type of effect often takes place with corrupted sons of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) mating with aboriginal and indigenous copper-complexion women, who have forgotten their history thus have been seduced into the artificially simulated society and mental slavery passed to their offspring, created by the foreign colonizers through eugenics.

Ultimately, with the situation of such amalgamation extremities already in place, which already produced so much bloodline corruption across the globe, that many people cannot even tell the difference between European / Caucasian-born babies, born from Daughters of the American Revolution, and babies born from true copper-complexion aboriginal and indigenous mothers; not to mention European / Caucasian sons impregnating true copper-complexion aboriginal and indigenous women and producing genetically-altered offspring. It has truly become an intentionally manifested and vicious cycle, produced by colonizers around the globe. However, there is remedy by common sense, as amalgamation between Europeans / Caucasians and people of said 'African-descent', must Cease & Desist immediately at North America. Such a societal disposition would seem like a harsh reality for many people, but a truly welcomed one by the natural people to North America, who have experienced some of the worst persecution and deception the world has ever known.

Dreamcatcher: an ancient aboriginal and indigenous symbol of peace between ancient North American native tribes

Indigenous Peoples Day Clarity

While the responsible people around the world are more and more acknowledging true history and the colonization diaspora that has already placed the Earth in corrupted historical ruins by design, nature has already stepped-in to correct the miseducated societies all around North America, by identifying exactly who the modern-day indigenous people are, by correct bloodline descent. Indigenous Peoples Day, for all intensive purposes, is truly a day for the many said 'African' cultures, who historically cultured and civilized the world. Much of the spirituality and beautiful cultures that the world witnesses today, is truly derived from ancient said 'African' cultures, by the very natural people who have been purposely written out of history for the benefit of the European / Caucasian colonizers of North America. Therefore, it is important for the competent natural people of the world to preserve their Divine cultures and history, as it once again emerges by Nature's Law, for the long and artificial subversion of history, by utter fraud and deceit. The chosen must once again be recognized and re-enlighten the world for rightful future posterity.

As the world continues to awaken back into the light, buried by decades of darkness, people must know and understand that there are many beings on this Earth pretending to be indigenous and / or natives to the Americas. Such persons are easily identified as those born from European / Caucasian Daughters of the American Revolution, with some mothers of said 'African-descent', who experienced genetic mutations and / or alterations by European / Caucasian sons genetics, who impregnated them thus causing them to produce pale-skin looking offspring. It has been historically known that such a copper-complexion mother and father of said 'African-descent', simply birthed a natural child, who experienced the absence of skin pigmentation stimulated by the sun thus making the child 'albino' (pale).

There are many involved corporate States (misnomer United States), where amalgamated foreigners migrate to North America, simply to be naturalized and create false domicile and pretend to be aboriginal and indigenous people of copper-complexion. There are many foreigners from other countries, who have received the genetics of primogeniture bloodline pedigree from copper-complexion aboriginal and indigenous fathers (having had seduced or consensual relationships with European / Caucasian mothers), who allowed their corrupted bloodline offspring from European / Caucasian mothers, to wreak confusion and severe havoc around the world. The current calendar year 2022 [A.D.] marks the year for discernment, distinction, and genuine correction of the corrupted history at North America, along with the Americas around the globe. May Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations around the world truly honour, respect, and appreciate the real aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent', for the love of genuine humanity and ancient, Divine cultures.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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