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Updated: May 15, 2022

The State of Florida receives a Public Notice regarding the lawful and legal status of a Native to the Americas. Apparently, an Al Moroccan / American has made lawful claim to proper person status regarding public relations with a misguided society. The notice has been published online as free press equivalent to a newspaper posting for legal reasons. Read to find out more.

Original Article Date: 25 February 2022 [A.D.]

In recent years, it has proven to be a struggle and a chore for aboriginal and indigenous people around North America to demonstrate his or her lawful status that has somehow been removed from the public eye and replaced with modern-day digital imagery and technology techniques to confuse the public, who may have known nothing about who the real Natives to the Americas were and still are by bloodline descent. Well, this has not stopped an Al Moroccan / American near the Florida territory from claiming their status...

Public Notice - STATE OF FLORIDA - Click the PDF Below

If PDF not showing, visit Original Post at:

Download PDF • 562KB

This notice is for securing the birthrights (again) for the the aboriginal and indigenous people to the land, the true Americans / Al Moroccans, also known historically as Moors / Muurs, for which malicious persons operating through Cities, Counties, and even States continue to ignore for personal agendas...

What is meant by the above quote from an International Document that is meant for the world to witness, which references some documentation that clearly relates to such a claim? Why is it that States throughout the United States of America are not rightfully and lawfully acknowledging these unique and historical people, who clearly have a stake in land and territory tenure by international laws in place, for which body politics like United Nations refuses to publicly acknowledge directly to these people? It seems these indigenous peoples are not giving up on their stand against oppression.

What gives a person a high status in society, life, and overall existence?

There are many around the world, who are either unaware or not properly educated in a history that has ceased being told since the late 1980's. It would seem that educational curriculum has drastically downgraded over the years from its original sense of responsibility in properly educating people on real facts regarding history at North America. Many ponder on the agendas put in place to get people to either forget, or never know, real heritage passed down from people here before us all. It has become commonplace for people to be distracted by social media platforms that seem to "program" the minds of people with advertisements and personal agendas that make the creators of such media outlets extremely wealthy. Could it be that those who have the ultimate financial interest in using people to make tons of finance, have been selling out people to corporate mechanisms that are set to reap profits by means of creating a reality that is really an illusion against others, as a sort of simulation, where those who join the agenda against are the one's who reap the finance?

Greed and the American Dream

Greed provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” - Mahatma Ghandi

Greed is something that has been addressed by many people over the centuries involving man and his selfish desires. It is no mystery that history has a strong tendency to repeat itself, as life's actors have a tendency to carry-on the behaviors of their parentage. Generations have passed and wealth has been retained by families and their offspring as genuine bloodline. So, why is it that the modern-day Al Moroccans / Americans, who are mentioned as being the true natives to the Americas, often impoverished or forced into reservations if they are the true bloodline to their fore-mothers and fore-fathers?

With the natives to the Americas being the aboriginal and indigenous people to the land, why are they not wealthy? Did not they inherit the bloodline descendant status from their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents (four generations worth at least)? How did the natives to the Americas lose their land lawfully, causing their offspring and progeny to not have the wealth from their lands that others not natives to the Americas are enjoying in extreme abundance today? There are many questions that have answers, but it seems the records to providing these types of answers are not being made broadly public for everyone to witness.

Motivate Yourself to Find the Truth - The Truth Is Available

Many people realize the old saying, "The truth will set you free". And, with this in mind, there are many who have been denied the truth about many things. Consequently, the Earth is experiencing what many identified as "The Age of Aquarius". By zodiac affinity the Aquarius is symbolized as a woman and water-bearer, which translates to the bearer of information and knowledge. This is why the "Age of Aquarius" is also associated with technology, as the informational intelligence from this astrological influence equates to technology and the advancement of lifeforms through material manifestation. This type of truth is not taught openly in modern-day schools, colleges, or learning institutions and many eventually start to wonder why? Agendas have become the "social norm" and complacent compliance has been ruling the minds of the masses it would seem. With so many distractions in place, by those who abuse technology, it has become easy for people with wealth and power to create agendas for only their benefit, or to the benefit of a small group of individuals compared to the entire Earth population. People see the truth in this everyday, yet it is set aside as normal. Nevertheless, the natural order of life and things that were in place millennia ago are still operating. Things like the solar system and the cosmos and things that even make up the universe. So, with so much imbalance in the world today, there are many truths coming to the surface, which cannot be denied any longer. People are starting to "wake up" and realize that there is more than meets the eye, as truth is constantly unfolding right before their very eyes. All it takes is some careful research and study from the right types of sources, not controlled media outlets, and the truth can set anyone free.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team


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