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Historical Reconstruction in Modern Days

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

This article consists of a revelation regarding how easy it is with modern technology and distractions, for history to be reconstructed right under people's noses.

It has been speculated for years who the true Native Americans are and what happened to them today, as far as identity, customs, culture, and overall rights passed down to them by heritage. It is truly a sensitive topic for many. However, the truth must be told to avoid potential catastrophic events, as the forces of nature recognize historical truth, not engineered falsehoods.

Original Article Date: 26 February 2022 [A.D.]

The above image clearly depicts Native Americans all across the continent known as North America. Many of the photos of the indigenous peoples are shown in "black and white", as to be somewhat deceptive in proving the copper complexion natives in their proper imagery.

“It is only with the rise of the Civil Rights Movement, that you begin to see different examinations of not only Reconstruction, but slavery itself, and there is a lesson to be drawn here about how the times influence the writing of history, something that we should never forget.” - Gerald Horne

History, as many have been taught to perceive it over the past twenty or so years, has many flaws by intention, with implementations that depict story versions that never actually existed. This includes people and their alleged statuses, and how they actually amassed their wealth (not by hard work) by means left unknown to the public.

Learn Real History - Find and Embrace Truth

Over the many years of historical wars, where successors to such wars gave way for the narratives of the victors, who gained the spoils of the war, even if the narratives created by the victors were false. It has become a viciously-protected practice to deceive the general public, especially with social media now being considered a primary media source, even if there is much social media that has been compromised by those who own the social media platforms. Many already realize that social media is a controlled platform, where others turn to in what they believe is simply a means of communicating with friends, family, sharing interests, expressing themselves, gaining access to personal interest outlets, conducting business, and networking with others around the world.

The dangers of controlled media platforms, whether for hefty financial gains, for social engineering control, or both, has yet to be fully recognized and shunned by humanity. The world still suffers passive followers on a broad scale, rather than those who are the very critical thinkers allegedly taught in high school and even college institutions, said to be for "Higher Learning". Consequently, gaining higher thinking and comprehension skills has not been the final product of such education regimes. Instead, people seem to be more inclined to follow the agendas of those who practically control society through what is considered the "social norm" (i.e. getting a job, having a house or similar, creating a family that follows the same). Humanity is so easily distracted and persuaded into a programming factor catered to the five senses: Touch, Taste, See, Smell, and Hear, by "entertainment" mechanisms. With advanced technology programming, now even the extrasensory perception is included in such programming: Third Eye (pineal gland).

All of the programming platforms in place, has made it very easy for corrupted individuals and groups of people to persuade the subconscious mind, by unsuspecting tactics involving sound and imagery... even affirmations can have ill-effects against the mind, if one does not suspect what is actually being relayed subliminally. Many people often accept what someone says, or what something is described as, for "face value". Rarely does anyone attempt to break down what is being presented to them, as long as the first impression looks and sounds good at first glance. This can be easily supported by the old idioms like "a wolf in sheep's clothing". The old story involving a wolf in sheep's clothing portrays how easy it is to deceive at first glance, before discovering the real danger behind the innocent-looking image. It is this very reason why humanity must once again learn how important it is to be positively analytic, with intelligent observation in his or her interactions with others, as their personal experience in life.

The Technology Pandemic

In recent days, involving deception and how the internet and social media is used to persuade falsehood, it has been reported that there are many internet sites and social media sites that give a false impression of who the true Native Americans were (and still are today by bloodline). By use of modern imagery technology, it has become a short task for images to be altered from their original (non-digitized) record and re-presented to the public as something it never was. This has been known by many to be a primary means for identity theft and other atrocities against others in current times. In addition, it has been discovered that there is software available that actually allows for videos to be created and edited in such ways as to look exactly like a specific someone or something, while not actually being that original person or thing, all in a digital, live, video-like format. It is truly a scary thought for many that someone could create a video that looks like someone doing or saying something wrong or injurious to others, but not truly be the real life person saying or doing anything of the sort, just made to look and sound like a certain someone, by the deceptive techniques used by corrupted technology users. Such technology, unfortunately, should be banned from all societies around the world and decommissioned because of the risks associated with injuring humanity at large.

There are still many people around the globe, who attempt to deceive the public as to who the aboriginal and indigenous peoples were and still are today (by bloodline). The perpetrators who continue to use heavy finance, politics, media, military force, and falsification of genuine records, have no real conscious of the damage they cause to others, who may be extremely and socially deprived and entitled to much more than the controllers of their lives have afforded (or told) them by duress. This is the very reason why true history is so important and for everyone to collectively embrace the truth, no matter how it would affect their current standing in life, no matter how much wealth they have amassed because of the deception, and no matter what the punishment in place for the fraud. What corrupted individuals and body politics still fail to realize, is that natural order must take its course, by Universal Laws that have long been in existence since before the evolution of man.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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