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European Privilege Misconception and the War on Identity.

Over the last two-hundred (200) years, there has been much misconception on the identity of people in their inherited lands, where massive colonization has historically taken place. And, with the rewrite of major historical events, that put the majority of the world into darkness in knowledge of self, land, territories, cultures, and inheritance around the globe, those who took part in such usurpation have deemed themselves certain identities, while having intentionally misidentified others by malicious politics for world domination. It has become evident in the recent months, that many Europeans have been construing another disaster due to people coming into truth in the information that was purposely kept from the masses of people, who to this day, have no idea who they really are.

Original Article Date: 17 April 2022 [A.D.]

The above photo is the town of Cobh, County Cork, Ireland

It has become evident, the surging anger of many Europeans living at North America and having vested approximately two-hundred (200) years of industry and business by the original commerce agreement between the high contracting parties and the plenipotentiaries who made contractual agreements to do business at North America through the thirteen (13) original colonies that fraudulently expanded into what is now misidentified as 'United States' as a said 'country'. There has been much speculation over the last twenty (20) or so years as to the extreme population increase and perpetual interest in those of European-descent continually migrating to the Americas, then laying claim to the land, calling themselves "Americans", while doing unethical and aggressive business, which disenfranchises and eventually steals the lands of those who have lawfully inherited such lands, but have no idea that they have lawful and legal claim to it. This is due to the fraud that many individuals and collective body politics have simulated through finance generated through major networks of fraudulently funded racketeering and profiteering endeavors all around the world. Their central target has proven to be North America, which biblically has been known as "The land of milk and honey".

It is no mystery that two-hundred (200) years of vested interest in a political platform (however devised), has gained so much finance to the involved parties, amounting such persons extreme wealth, power, and influence, that they now crave to sustain it... even at the peril of the entire planet. The sad reality is how so many people have taken part in it, forgetting and even setting aside their own humanity, simply to oppress and persecute others for staggering profits that take from society and empowers the undeserving. This is what a real pandemic is, not simply some biological warfare that is given a name and forced against national governments around the world due to the involvement of tremendous finance that supports fraud and deception amongst the people who unsuspectingly fund such political endeavors.

Once again, the world is facing yet another challenge in being forced to deal with spoiled, overly-privileged, greed-driven persons, who lust for power and control of others, even at the cost of already having plummeted the world into darkness, while using platforms like religion to persuade people to follow them and dissuade people thinking "outside of the box". This behaviour has certainly paved the way for major, global disaster and the people have yet to bear witness to what truly comes of it all. Some of the things still to come not only include inflation in mass markets to hide the collapse of economies around the world, but also social media manipulation and deception due to the many followers (and few said 'leaders'), forced famine due to the many who control the worlds needed resources by deception, and ultimately war through various means, including actual physical war dealing in arms and fighting amongst countries... all for the political benefit of the few who deceived the world for generations.

Right now, many are witnessing the rise in those who used social media to gain press advantage, having gained "Followers", only to be the modern-day, "Jim Crowes" on a global scale, leading others to an early demise. There are those on the major social media platforms, at this very moment, preaching their opinions on the masses, building up negativity, hatred, division, and producing misinformation to purposely agitate people into ignorance because such people don't know who they truly are and believe they are something they never were, by social engineering and lack of real history knowledge. This is one of the various types of wars being used against people to their own detriment... information wars. And, not simply warring information to set the stages for small territory disarray, but informational wars so as to again pervert history and force people to join in ignorance around the world, through convincing social media platforms, where people foolishly battle with the dark pied pipers of 'Hamelin', leading people to their doom...

There are many diluted stories circulating the Internet, targeting people to take part in mass hysteria, derived from anger, confusion, lack of knowing the truth, and high emotional reactions to fuel the burning fire of treason. It is truly up to self to come to the realization that the entire world has been placed into a political arena, by force, to effectuate a 'chess game' between unwillingly parties, bent on dogmatic interrelations among territories of people, both domestic and international. The playing field is similar to the popular movie "The Hunger Games", where people are forced to survive, by war-like means, while elitists watch from high towers, where they believe they are better than those who have been fooled by lack of the real truth exposing such elitists. The ultimate plan of the elitists is to destroy the world by 'divide and conquer' military tactics because the masses refuse to see and accept the light of truth... and act on it positively and politically... and possibly peacefully. It has truly been a fate that man has somehow delayed, after trusting those whose only interest has been to live in luxury and majesty, by the suffering of those who fund the platforms in place, disguised as 'remedy' and 'convenience' (dependency).

Consequently, there are many conjoined issues that the world currently faces, however, there is one common enemy to the people around the world. Until the true beast is dealt with, the problems the world faces will only rapidly increase and become more and more intense for each moment that passes by, while people sit by idly and watch some major social media platforms destroy societies through its "followers", who sit at home in comfort, while their "elected officials" play "Russian Roulette" with their lives (and the lives of everyone else) on a daily basis, by making political choices and decisions for them and everyone else, without any real consent from competent and honourable people. It is such behaviour, promoted by the European sisterhood and brotherhood misconceptions at North America, that have led the rest of the world into wars that were never sanctioned by the natural people to certain lands and territories, lawfully, not people from Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, China, India, etc. (i.e. European nations), calling themselves "Americans" in the name of political misconception and global domination that causes wars, residing at North America and other continents around the world.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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