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Deception by Democracy and the Colonization Format

Many people have no knowledge of the real history of politics, especially when it comes to the dividing political parties, who have deceptively become one in the same under the same overall regime. When a person does qualified genuine research, he or she will witness how the Republican and Democratic parties were actually formed at North America. The original Republic and Democratic parties are not what the majority of the miseducated and misguided world believes. Colonization, as the conscious world recognizes it as, stemmed from historical figures who began 'The Great Reconstruction of North America'.

Original Article Date: 20 April 2022 [A.D.]

The Elephant and the Donkey - Colonial Politics Symbolism

Over the course of one-hundred fifty (150) or so years, the continent known as North America has been under one of the greatest reconstructions of history the world has ever known. Many people speculate on why there has been such passion to cover up a history on a continent, where it was claimed to have been discovered on a planet that has been around for millions (probably billions) of years? Another question arises... What would one gain (possibly with others) for hiding such a history? It is no real mystery that the intelligence of man had already reached a point where historical people with dark ideologies, were bent on shaping a future, specifically for the benefits of them and their progenies. This is not to be confused with progenies to the inherited lands that natives to such lands have inhabited for thousands of years to date. Those who took it upon themselves to pervert and distort the history of ancient territories, where cultivated people already inhabited peacefully, apparently followed the historical archives of their foremothers and forefathers, who paved the way for their dark agendas.

History at North America, since colonial occupation, dating back to the 1800's, has been a dark and dreary reality, created by those who abused what they have been given... a chance at freedom and redemption. Many Europeans at North America still to this date, refuse to acknowledge that they were afforded passage to North America by high international powers in dealings with Great Britain and a Sultan to the Empire once fully recognized around the globe. There were many financial transactions generously and graciously conducted between high contracting parties, giving Europeans a foundation at North America, to civilize and start anew, from the tyrannies of the British Crown. The period of history where this holds significance, is known historically as the Renaissance, which paved the way for European independence after many hardships suffered and deemed "The Dark Age".

What many people suffer today, when it comes to real history, is the fact that after years of study, observation, co-intelligence, spying, theft, murder, and subversion of truth by threat of force, the plethora of Europeans at North America have blatantly hidden their real history and origins, and gave up their nationalities to do business at North America for over one-hundred (150) years. The thirteen (13) original colonies formed on the East Coast of North America, were the direct result of a treaty formed for "a more perfect Union" to be later identified as 'United States'. However, many have taken for face value that prior to the colonization version of the United States, that there was actually already states united at North America. Who were the already civilized true Americans inhabiting North America? Could it have been the actual natives to the Americas, that foreign people have maliciously called "Indians" to create a false identity inclusive of the Union of India and Pakistan of 18 July 1947 in the East? This union was part of a British Parliament Act from the "British India" rule over in Great Britain at the time (with British "India" dating back even further), dealing with melanated people, who look similar to copper-complexion natives to the Americas. Therefore, how could native Americans (alleged to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus / Amerigo Vespucci) be the same as the "India Union" formed by English / British Parliament in the East? This causes even more questions and deep speculation as to why this type of deception (and reconstruction) still goes on to this very day. It certainly proves that the ultimate truth will change the way things are taking place on Earth from 2022 [A.D.], moving forward.

With historical politics having played such a profound role at North America, a person can begin to witness why and how (through careful study and competent observation) colonists were (and still are) obsessed with continuing to pervert history. Such perversion includes creating false documents, literary works, images of persons, and even deceptively-worded (connotative linguistics) books detailing a false version of history. In their pursuit of territorial dominance for resource control and profiteering endeavors, many colonists have resorted to violence (by massacres) through religious conquests, political agendas, and the very wicked things that such religious progeny of the offspring of such persons, still contribute to this very day. All in the name of "God" or in the name of "Christianity", which can also be historically traced to politics around the world, as political factions often carried their religious beliefs and control systems (by premeditated design) and impinged them upon the unsuspecting masses... often by force (historical wars)...

When the knowledge of truth starts to manifest in the mind and becomes the character of each person, who chooses to see the truth, many of the hidden horrors begin to manifest in reality and begin to make more common sense. In addition, when people start to look at the modern-day politics in relation to the historical uprising in corruption, by key political events at North America, by chosen persons who effectuated the acts that caused dark changes, it becomes evident as to the reality of what was really being done, versus the illusion by cover-ups put in place to make things look like something they never were. Even to this day, such cover-up techniques are used by persons with resources, stolen power, and political and financial influence, and with modern technology, it makes it much easier to deceive people, unfortunately. This is apparently the resistant way of mankind, in sustaining the dark history, constructed with malicious intent at North America.

As far as the political parties that have been created to divide the mindsets of people, based upon the parent colour-caste systems operating at North America today (even used by modern-day gangs), the Republican and Democrat parties are not what people (unsuspecting) have been led to believe. Much of what is known as the Republican and Democratic parties today, were derived from a European known historically as, Horace Greeley. Although true records to his works and his having started the 'Whigg-a-moor' Party back in the early 1860's, have been confiscated by persons who do not want such information widely-known by the awakening public, there are still resources that uphold what he did in truth. He was known to have created a printing press that gained both territorial and global influence. His paper was called "New York Tribune", where his family came to North America via Ellis Island, New York (as many other Europeans came - not openly mentioned in available public records). His paper began the colonization efforts of "Settlers", who struck high interest in occupying North America for Industry and Commerce for-profits. This financial and resource-gaining intention became extremely popular, especially after the renewal of the mother treaty that gave way for Europeans to do business at North America (by commerce). With this in mind, many believe that the Kingdom of Morocco holds precedence in validity and authority to the Treaty of Peace and Friendship (Amity & Commerce) between Morocco and the United States, as publicized by 'United States' Congress. However, when taking a closer look at the misconception, the Kingdom of Morocco was not formed (founded / incorporated) until *7 April 1956 [A.D.] (120) years after the indefinite treaty renewal of 1836, whereas the original treaty was authorized by the Sultan of Morocco (the original Al Moroccan Empire ruler during that time) in 1786-87 [A.D.], then renewed indefinitely in 1836 [A.D.]. If a person uses his or her own common sense and intelligence, they will clearly see that the treaty was not only for the Kingdom of Morocco (in later commerce usage) in the Northern part of the continent known as "Africa".

Horace Greeley was also known for having created the Republican Party known as "Whigg-a-moors". This political party was idealized as the anti-slavery party, while its European political opposition was known as the Democratic Party. The difference between the two parties (during that time) was that the Republicans were against slavery, while the Democrats were for slavery. Although this is how the two parties began, this is certainly not the current disposition of the two parties. However, the illusionary facade is kept to keep people believing in the two parties, which are now practically one in the same (*See General Civil Orders - Pope Francis Letter to Obama - 4 July 2014 [A.D.]). This is due to the extreme commerce, for-profits, being conducted by colonists at North America. Now, the general populace in not dealing with the old-school version of slavery, where melanated / copper-complexion people ("Native American) were alleged to have been brought over from the continent of Africa on slave ships (even though the said 'Christopher Columbus' allegedly discovered natives at North America), but have been actually witnessing the modern-day slavery, derived from the old English techniques of slave labour discussed by Horace Greeley and the Whigg-a-moor Party.

Nowadays, people willingly choose ignorance over truth simply because it puts them in a serious position to tell the truth and dispels the illusion of the lies they have willingly been living thus giving way to the truth that was always there... Many Europeans at North America are most likely scared to reveal their dark history that Mother Nature is already revealing. There has been tremendous injustices committed against natural people who have been violated, abused, assaulted, humiliated, adulterated, enslaved, miseducated, forced to be wage / labour slaves, socially-engineered, mentally conditioned for negativity, and even murdered by design because of the dark and evil politics still going on at North America, all due to the historical cover-up that even persons in political power (who have nothing to lose and everything to gain) still refuse to even talk about. Why? Maybe because there is going to be such an uncomfortable shift in reality, that will correct the mistakes of extreme colonization at North America (and its true natives), which many are not comfortable with at all, but will have to face as they cannot prevent their fate for the karma created by their foremothers and forefathers, which they still refuse to correct by telling the truth to the people they betrayed. Godspeed to the aboriginal and indigenous people at North America towards peace, prosperity and Divine happiness on Earth, as they are the ones who have suffered in this world the most in recent times (by historical design).

*7 April 1956 - Also relates to United States Codes of Law - Title 22, Chapter 2, Section 141 - Consular Courts and Jurisdiction - This code signifies the jurisdiction relinquishment of United States over Morocco by former said "President", Dwight D. Eisenhower on 15 September 1956 [A.D.] (5 months after the Kingdom of Morocco was formed / founded).

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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