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State County of Operations Feigning as Sheriffs

In the revelations concerning many of the corporate State municipal enclaves collectively operating under the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation (guised as a nation / country), it has become even more apparent that COUNTY OF / County of operations are not government, regardless of what they entail on paper and throughout a compromised media (television, internet, radio, etc.) and controlled broadcasting networks for utter deception (electronic and on paper). With the mention of All United States County corporations still feigning as legitimate government, by pretending that the military mercenary forces (in collusion with Police agencies) are upholding their sworn historical Oaths to uphold the Constitution for the United States of America Republic at North America, the revealing evidence proves otherwise, as usual. The corporate States have already become desperate in giving a false sense of authority to the Fraternal Order of Police operations (doing business as County Sheriff's Offices), who are the extreme funding sources (including private, foreign profiteers of international origins) having led to military, colonizing occupations, which they have initially been afforded as peaceful and friendly commerce by the Mother treaty only at North America, the facts continually are in favor of the natural people natives upon the land, whether naturalized citizens or actual, national heirs to the estate by aboriginal and indigenous bloodline consanguinity. The mercenaries feigning as lawful, de jure law Sheriffs, are just as liable for Color-of-Law, Color-of-Authority, and Color-of-Office practices at North America as every Police agency and their U.S. Citizens (both public and private). The only nationals upon the land at North America, are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', who are the copper-complexion natives, falsely and maliciously branded as corporate identities and labels, for sheer deceptive control, by colonizing and occupying foreign persons and foreign body politics, for the public and permanent record.

Original Article Date: 3 December 2022 [A.D.]

Image of a corporate County mercenary feigning as a de jure law elected Sheriff practicing militant acts of genocide by attack dog training for military use only.

Reports have rolled-in regarding a sincere concern for heightened military activities being conducted by City of / CITY OF and County of / COUNTY OF operations doing business as subsidiaries to the corporate State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA, under the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA umbrella. Specifically around the City of Orlando / CITY OF ORLANDO compromised corporate area, natural people have been witnessing an increase in hostility with COUNTY OF ORANGE / ORANGE COUNTY persons pretending to have authority and pretending to be government, gloating over the stolen land, resources, and the finances that come with colonizing historically rich territories by Europeans. Such County mercenaries, both of European-descent and compromised (bought off) people of said 'African-descent', have been working diligently to severely oppress de jure law republic freedom and associations, belonging directly to the Al Moroccan / American nationals, by means of threat (by armed military force) and duress by the engineered, tourist-like socialism and consumerism operations that dominate the area by fraud and deception. Many foreigners migrate to North America and aggressively occupy areas like the STATE OF FLORIDA, to promote further consumerism and tourism, by absolutely living off of the usurped heirs to the estate, whose lands have been escheated by European colonizers, who are still aggressively acting upon the land since the mid to late 1800's by misprision of treason.

County of Orange / Orange County persons are currently using finance extorted from the land through the fraudulent banking system at North America, known as the Federal Reserve Banks, linking to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for foreigners to continue the estate escheatment operations at North America, while fueling their corporate Nation States, compromised by UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA military operations around the world. The said 'Orange County Sheriff's Office', located in corporate Orlando, Florida is a corporate State office. Along with the CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT, the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE has no Delegation of Authority Order issued specifically from United States Republic Congress (operating only in a de jure law republic capacity for the people - adjourned in Sine Die in 1933 A.D.). Therefore, they have no business misleading anyone (whether public or private) into believing they have any authority to infringe upon anyone's constitutional rights within the Constitution for the united States of America / Constitution for the united states of America Republic (1791). However, the corporate County agency operatives have been resorting to their own forms of gang stalking to intimidate conscious and active heirs to the estate in the territory. The employees feigning as Sheriffs have been demonstrating active hostility near what they call 'Downtown Orlando' or 'SODO' on the CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA's corporate accounting bookkeeping records for public scrutiny. The corporate City of Orlando has a corporate street called 'South Orange Avenue', where the mercenaries like to practice their Color-of-Law and gang stalking activities, while carrying deadly firearms on their persons for threat purposes only. They operate corporate-registered vehicles, as well as corporate-registered motorcycles and organic horses, from the allocated funds extorted from the heirs to the estate (and others) by estate escheatment through fraudulent taxation and other forms of commercial financial fraud upon the land at North America. The corporate agencies must be shut down permanently for the estate restoration to take its full, natural course in lawful due process, by the inevitable circumstances already in place by international law and treaty.

In the coming weeks and months, it would be Common Law advisory that the CITY OF ORLANDO, COUNTY OF ORANGE, COUNTY OF POLK, COUNTY OF SEMINOLE, COUNTY OF VOLUSIA, COUNTY OF LAKE, COUNTY OF BREVARD, etc., all operating through the STATE OF FLORIDA, be closely monitored for their Color-of-Law, Color-of-Authority, and Color-of-Office practices and activities around Flores / Florida. It is publicly being advised for the national heirs to the estate, to keep track of any and all attempts made, by corporate City and corporate County military agent persons, who try to infringe upon their birthrights or kidnap them for human trafficking endeavors or genocide efforts, by retaliation to human rights activities conducted with impunity, by any Al Moroccan / American heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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