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City of Orlando Hostile Police Surveillance

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Recent reports have opened the concerns among local natives to the Americas regarding the spike in hostile police employee surveillance, which has never been sanctioned by competent Heirs to the estate at North America, due to exposure of fraud and misprision of treason on many levels by State of Florida, City of Orlando and County of Orange administrators, employees, agents, operatives, contractors, commissioners, and any persons involved with commerce hostility. A public record and notice indicates that a national to the organic land and estate has placed all Principals and Agents on permanent notice by lawful, public affidavit, which caused foreign persons doing business at North America, around the Florida Republic territory, to setup even more unsanctioned police, security guard, and overall mercenary operations to use heavy spying techniques to target nationals (natural people) near the City of Orlando, alleged County of Orange doing business as subsidiaries to the State of Florida.

Original Article Date: 3 June 2022 [A.D.]

A photo of the types of spy cameras used by policy-enforcing agencies near City of Orlando, Florida at North America.

Over the past two years, with all of the public administration with the corporate States operating on North American soil by treaty only, having paved the way to provide a contractual estate privilege, by the construction of the original constitution for the united states of America Republic, adopted by the European trustees (thirteen original colonies) doing original business as the said 'United States' and eventually transferred to 'United States of America' (same entity, but restructured) after the public abrogation of the Gold Standard Act - House Joint Resolution 192 [1933 A.D.]. It is no longer a mystery as to the contractual compact that afforded a massive influx of profiteering Caucasians / Europeans to migrate to North America, setup colonies afforded by treaty for mutually beneficial peace and friendship by commerce, between the natives to North America (original united states - "We the People") and the Europeans who have heavily occupied the North American estate since the late 1800's.

The utmost concern for many true natives to the Americas now, is that since the natives have awakened to the truth in their heritage, direct descendant lineage, and their birthright entitlements to all of the lands at North America, many commerce-induced operations (including Police Departments, said "Sheriff's Offices", and other policy-enforcing corporate agencies) have begun to become extremely belligerent in their commerce platforms, stemming from banks and the Federal Reserve Notes circulated by such banks (both domestic and international), through the entire financial system usurped by colonizers still doing extreme business for profits at North America. It has become clearly evident in the recent years, that the hostile nature of Caucasian / European immigrants, being demonstrated by them, has become severe in the public eye. Such severity includes major corporations like American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc., located near New York, New York at North America, utilizing malicious financial practices to coerce said "Customers" into registering (i.e. using foreign negotiable instruments like Social Security Numbers, Date of Birth Instruments, Driver's License Commerce Photo Identifications, etc.) cards that lead to administrative human trafficking in persons through fraudulently created accounts that operate on a false monetary system and false identity databases to produce the very finance that fuels such mechanisms by deception. These types of aggressive financial systems have severely polluted North America and other countries around the globe due to the Federal Reserve Banking systems that have controlled business operations, with prejudice, against natural people deceived into commerce platforms that clearly infringe upon the rights of others by fraudulent tacit acquiescence conducted by said "merchants", who are actually retailer persons (profiteers) still doing business at North America through all types of alleged 'business' venues. In addition, other Caucasian / European hostilities include mass shootings (massacres) against natural people of copper-complexion (and children), oftentimes having been given war names (nom de guerres) or placed in fraudulent, corporate jurisdiction institutions, to deceptively and maliciously massacre them by public and blatant acts of genocide, due to the legalities behind such practices, which would otherwise be prohibited by de jure law jurisprudence in international law.

The severity of these types of attacks on the natural people to the North American organic land has aroused tremendous suspicion, leading to forced self-defense against armed mercenaries operating on behalf of commerce-derived parent platforms like Police Departments, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Clothing Stores, and other Retail Stores still heavily profiting off of the North American continent in droves. The very same corporations have been also demonstrating their tendency to use sales profits, derived from the predominance of the United States / United States of America Federal Reserve notes financial systems, for the sole purpose of military funding activities like corporate militia-building regimes, firearms and weapons of mass destruction purchasing, heavy surveillance by satellites, spy cameras, and audio recording devices all over the land on so-called "Streets", "Roads", "Lanes", "Boulevards", etc., inside and outside of the hostile industry takeover buildings called, "retail stores" and "retail operations", audio and video recording devices used by corporate persons in offense, outside of one's reasonable self-defense, and even advanced forms of technology giving police employees, security guard agents, and other mercenaries (public or private) the ability to hack cell phones, tablets, and personal computers, to secretly spy on targeted natives, nationals, or persons of interest to intentionally cause them potential injury, by design, due to his or her exposing ongoing fraud and Color-of-Law practices by colonizers still greatly taking place at North America, misnomer 'United States'.

Due to recent public notices to persons such as Ronald DeSantis (State of Florida), Buddy Dyer (City of Orlando), Jerry L. Demings (County of Orange), John Mina (County of Orange Sheriff's Office), and Orlando Rolon (former said 'police chief' for City of Orlando Police Department), many natives, who are the very inhabitants to the estate, are deeply concerned with the exponential growth in hostility involving the purchased private security guards blatantly infringing upon the inalienable and unalienable birthrights belonging specifically to the Moroccan nationals to the organic land, even after one hundred fifty years of persecution against such natives, caused by the privileged treaty for amity and commerce between Morocco and the United States, in favor of Caucasians / Europeans building and sustaining a limited, peaceful means of commerce, which was supposed to remain mutually beneficial to the all heirs to the estate, upon which colonizers still operate to date. There are those who are extremely weary with the public display of anger displayed by modern-day Caucasians / Europeans at North America, which are the very malicious behaviours which the treaty explicitly forbids, along with the constitution for the united States of America, that afforded Caucasians / Europeans their Articles of Confederation to be free at North America, after aggressive British rule for an extensive period of time. By truthful history and unadulterated, original archives, the natives to the Americas actually liberated the currently occupying European body politic (i.e. U.S. Citizens), for which extreme abuses against their native employers is being shown again and again in modern-days, without penalty to all perpetrators.

A Photo of a more sophisticated type of spy camera used all around corporate cities and counties in Florida.

With so much fraud on the up-rise, due to corporations (including Police Departments) trying desperately to keep inquisition operations in effect against natural people at North America, there seems to be an extreme build-up of justifiable civil unrest, leading to the serious injury (by karma) of many perpetrators who continue to fund such malicious activities as spy networks, by theft of funds derived from fraudulent excise taxation against people (including taxation against American Natives - misnomer "Indians" or other created brand names). Such financial tactics have gone on for decades, without punishment to all involved parties doing business at North America. The hostile Caucasian / European initiatives at North America, to steal from, enslave, and ultimately genocide the heirs to the estate at North America, has yet to be fully realized, with all of the political distractions in place by "paid-off" news agencies, social media platforms, and especially religious organizations, using extreme psychological warfare and mind control techniques by false and / or belligerently manipulative narratives that promote utter miseducation and overall empowerment to elitists who know exactly what they have been doing to control the minds of others throughout the North American plight of estate restoration to the rightful heirs.

In recent years, police employee agencies have even gone so far in promoting policy fraud, as to use their employees to ride around in unmarked, corporate persons vehicles (while wearing police uniforms or not) to spy on targeted, natural people inhabitants, who have been defending themselves against the corporate tyranny blight upon the North American lands. Things have already reached an unsettling disposition of hostile foreigners plaguing the lands of the natives, with privilege-based idealism, claiming rights that were never theirs by abusive, reverse psychology tactics, while calling themselves 'Americans', which they never were, as naturalized citizens to North America, meaning if they originated in Ireland, they would be Irish-American, coming from Germany, they would be German-American, from China, they would be Chinese-American, and so forth and so on. However, it is not their true identities they are claiming, by way of deceiving the real Americans / Al Moroccans, who are the natives of said 'African-descent' for the public record as aboriginal and indigenous peoples. It would be wise for colonizing foreigners to know their place in such internationally lawful matters, as fraud has no statute of limitations...

There has also been an extreme rise in restless natives at North America, who have been stalked, harassed, and terribly slandered (even through news agencies, social media outlets, and television, radio, and other online media platforms), conducted by occupying Caucasians / Europeans (and their foreign allies) at North America, and the international communities have been notified time and time again, according to public and private records, to provide the genuine public remedy already in place, with the proper international court (not deceptive criminal court) venues to enforce the North American treaty, along with all of the international mandates that have been in place for decades to protect the natural people, who are heirs to their native estates by international law and Divine Law. The said 'clock' seems to be rapidly ticking for a long-overdue remedy for the heirs to the North American estate, and it begins with removing all of the hostile and belligerent persons feigning as said 'government' (i.e. corporate State, City, and County operatives and sub-administrations) and their abusive subsidiary affiliate parties and human trafficking agencies doing business as whatever corporation or entity or body politic, operating clearly outside of the true constitutional fold of real national government, by the heirs to the estate in birthright perpetuity at North America.

The above slide show depicts a native who noticed local police following them around near the City of Orlando and some surrounding Counties operating through the State of Florida at North America. Apparently, from direct source, the native peacefully travels around the land while spending finance for survival, that is unwilling contribution to the hostile commerce-induced societies operating at North America. It has been made known that under resource duress circumstances, the native is forced to participate in the Federal Reserve Note banking system (and other usurpation tactics derived from it), as all available, viable, and tangible resources are heavily controlled by Caucasian / European-owned corporations doing business at North America. The images caught are no mere coincidence, but conscious realization of the police gang-stalking and unlawful, hostile surveillance that actually occurs all around North American territories. In these photos, it is corporate military agencies operating through the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida for the public record.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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