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Florida State Judicial Notice and Proclamation

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

This is a Judicial Notice and Proclamation for an Aboriginal and Indigenous Moor / Muur for the Alabamu de Flores (alleged State of Florida) territory. This notice serves as 'Full faith and credit' for an heir to the North American estate to make such public notice upon all persons doing business through the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, operating as the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida. Any and all persons upon which such notice is placed upon includes (but not limited to) all State, City, and County Commissioners, Comptrollers, Secretaries, Staff, Personnel, Contractors, Agencies, Executives, Employees, Citizens (both public and private), Domestic Police Forces, said "Sheriffs", Security Guards (both public and private), etc., etc. Collectively, the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida and all of its Public Servants have been notified of the lawful and legal status of an actual heir to the estate, upon which they all operate in commerce for profits (both past and present), regardless of the current economic conditions and its decline. The original Mother Treaty that afforded all such U.S. Citizens / naturalized persons of European-descent (and other foreigners) to do business at North America (although breached), is still contractually binding by Article VI (6) to the Constitution for the united States of America and must be fulfilled by obligation (not choice) against the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida persons of fraudulent corporate status (i.e. Floridians and their foreign allies of so-called "dual citizenship" status from South America and Central America - who are not Moors / Muurs).

Original Notice Date: 2 September 2022 [A.D.]

International Law and De Jure Law effectuated as Lawful Public Notice

There are many State administrators doing business at North America, still to this day, resisting the relinquishment of the corporate aspect of running de facto operations by feudal policies disguised as 'Law' or 'Law Enforcement'. It is the very arrogance of such persons, who have perverted and distorted history for hundreds of years, to date, who continue the suffering of humanity for selfish profiteering endeavors. Nonetheless, there are those who are not going to allow such dishonourable mistreatment towards natives of said "African-descent" upon the lands on which they operate, for profits.

With the current economic downfalls that the United States of America is currently facing, there are many desperate players who refuse to give back what they have stolen and correct their malfeasance of branding the heirs to the North American estate by false identity schemes under feudal legalese and semantic deceit that has destroyed a divine and ancient culture that has been thousands of years in the making. In spite of all that has been at stake for all who have been involved in the extreme usurpation and estate escheatment that Al Moroccan / American natives have endured at North America, for approximately five hundred (500) years, colonizing perpetrators continue the destructive charade.

Crimes against Humanity

Having begun back in March 2020 [A.D.], the world unduly submitted to schemes and plots that led to biological warfare against the entire human population. With the United States of America having been caught up in political affairs around the globe, many have speculated on a collusive effort by allies to the corporation, in the decimation of humanity by what many felt has been by sheer political and dogmatic design. Yet, the suspected persons and organized global terrorists still carry on daily regimes to confuse the unknowing and divide communities for total control and manipulative domination, while committing severe misprision of treason against heirs to the North American estate, who have been conditioned since birth into false identities, ideologies, and belief systems by religious dogma for theft and destruction purposes only.

Florida is known by people around the world, to have been one of the historical battlegrounds by colonizers from other countries, having raided the natural people and natives to the organic land, thus having slaughtered and driven out the aboriginal and indigenous peoples who long inhabited the land prior to the Christopher Columbus re-written history. To this day, the natural people near the State of Florida established area (established in the Gregorian Calendar Year 1845), have been suffering severe physical, mental / psychological, and spiritual damage, as a direct result of territorial overthrow, along with foreign colonization and the theft of their lands, conducted by Europeans and their foreign allies under the 'Spanish Inquisition' and 'King Alfred' plan, still in effect by the modern-day Doctrine of Discovery legalese tactics to escheat the estate. And, unbeknownst to many heirs near the Florida region, the colonization agenda is just as severe today, as it was when it first began in the mid to late 1800's, known historically as the Seminole Wars.

Public Notice and Estate Restoration

On this 2nd Day of September, in the Current Calendar Year of 2022 [A.D.], an actual heir to the North American / North Gate Estate has once again made a Judicial Notice and Proclamation directly to the United States of America / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, doing business as STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida. The notice consists of full estate reclamation and territorial tenure, by birthright, to the heir and direct bloodline descendant of his ancestors prior to European colonization. The heir is a direct bloodline descendant to the Seminole Moors / Muurs - Al Moroccans / Americans, who are the original inhabitants to the territory at North America. Although corporate State operatives claim ignorance to the truth of the history surrounding the Florida area and the Seminole wars that took place, they are contractually bound and obligated to give back what they have stolen and acknowledge the rightful heirs. This public notice has been made as Notice to any Agent(s) is Notice to All Principal(s) and Notice to any Principal(s) is Notice to all Agent(s). In addition, ignorance of the supreme law of the land is no excuse. This notice is for any Nunc Pro Tunc claims for full reparations directly to this heir and any other heirs who make the de jure lawful claim for the permanent record.

* Please Note: An Original Judicial Notice was already serviced to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA operations about a decade ago. This Public Notice is only a reconfirmation of what has already been done, lawfully and legally, irrespective of the failures of the State operatives to comply by Oath or Affirmation obligations already made and recorded.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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