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Police Gang Stalking Agents

Gang stalking is a terrible reality that has developed over the years, against competent natural people, who have become well-aware of corrupt police employee agent activities at North America. It is no mystery as to the ongoing police departments being riddled with agents of European-descent manipulating entire departments by what is termed as 'Co-intel' agents to pursue fraudulent surveillance against certain people and groups of people for intentions of causing injury and harm. Police Departments have been afforded much finance derived from taxation and other funding sources (both public and private), with their parent organization identified as the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP); a male-run organization of high testosterone agents with a dark history of racketeering networking all across North America. It has only been in recent years that police have been exposed (on minute levels) of the horrendous crimes against humanity under the guise of statutes, ordinances, and codes targeting intentionally misidentified people of said "African-descent". There have been many corporations and agencies deemed fully responsible for the ongoing acts of genocide at North America. And, the State of Florida has been one of the hubs where aboriginal and indigenous people have been targeted for gang stalking activities.

Original Article Date: 28 September 2022 [A.D.]

Police Gang Stalking Activity - A North American Pandemic

Many reports have been flooding around North America by natural people concerned about the ongoing illegal activities being conducted by armed Domestic Police Force agencies operating through corporate States. The United States of America Congress has already deemed historically what Color-of-Law entails, which is activities conducted by (and silently promoted) by said 'leaders' running police departments at North America. There have been a plethora of reports that accuse City and County Police Departments of blatantly following natural people of interest around areas like Florida. The State of Florida has been known to be flooded with police employees; police agents operating through State, City, and County levels. Over the past several months, Ronald DeSantis has even issued public procurements to recruit more police throughout the corporate State of Florida; such recruitments with big hiring bonus incentives.

Color-of-Law Practices Leading to Acts of Genocide

Concerned citizens have been wondering what people mean when they refer to police employees (and private citizen agents) conducting gang stalking. It has been observed to be a process where police employees (whether instructed by someone in their ranks or done on their own accord) decide to do stakeouts by abusing afforded technologies to target people who have made complaints against their agents / agencies for Color-of-Law violations and / or simply those who spread truth about fraud conducted by the majority of Domestic Police Forces. The involved Supervisors and their employees of such police agencies resort to participating in underground (hidden) networks that store secret databases of natural people, whom they wish to target for potential injuries for exercising his or her right to freedom of speech or freedom of press (in the preservation of morale rights of the people). The police agencies use public derived funding to fuel their madness to stalk people and invade the privacy of those who speak out in truth to the many concerns of the horrible things police employees have historically been doing; thus committing crimes against humanity and even acts of genocide against natural people. This type of activity has been addressed by the United States RICO Act, which severe punishments and penalties are already in place. However, the supreme law of the land in place is being ignored by tribunals / courts all across North America, while the countdown to long overdue justice is on. The fraud must end and all police persons involved must be held accountable.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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