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Social Media Controlled Colonization

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

International News of the Day: Social Media Platforms Controlled By Colonization

When dealing with the severe colonialism that North America has been facing over the century and a half since colonizers were afforded the temporary commerce privileges, Caucasians / Europeans at North America have deeply rooted their social media controlled colonization fraud. In the modern-days of social media, both personal and business use has been integrated deeply in society (as in a false second nature), by personal choice and by business marketing necessity in current said 'times' because of all of the hostile commerce by colonizing competition. With marketing and advertising extreme competitiveness, it has become commonplace for people to turn to platforms to enhance and / or promote their businesses, whether locally, geographically, or online for potential domestic or international exposure. However, none of the social media platforms have been run by any copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', who are the natural inhabitants and rightful heirs to North America / North Gate Estate. If it were not for the land and resources that colonizers have usurped for generations at North America, no Caucasian / European at North America would have any of the commercial businesses that operate on North American soil today. It has been this very dilemma which causes extreme political controversy, when competent people, who are for positive order (as in a de jure law Republic order by the rightful Al Moroccan / American heirs), witness how they have been severely financially exploited by colonial oppressors, who not only stole from rightful heirs to estates upon which colonizers operate, but use the ill-gotten finances and resources to build against and control copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', who are not compromised financially by Caucasian / European frauds at North America. From the millions of colonial businesses erected on North American soil, none have ever lawfully catered-to (even in the slightest) the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent', in rectification of the aboriginal and indigenous peoples, whose lands all Caucasians / Europeans (and their compromised helpers) operate upon to this very day. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have been no different, although they publicly portray giving everyone the fair opportunity to publish intellectual property (personal and business) and such on the platforms, alleging for anyone to be able to take positive advantage of the promotional and networking power of each platform (all operating on North American soil for profits). In recent years, studies have been conducted to reveal how colonizers have been abusing administrative powers as owners to commercial platforms that have always catered-to the Caucasian / European counterparts who own the platforms (and their bloodline offspring). It is more and more being realized how colonizing administrators, owning social media platforms, have given priority precedence to Caucasians / Europeans using the platforms (especially in marketing and promotional exposures that are current market trends by niches), while having programmed their secret algorithms to target copper-complexion native user accounts for social degradation and for lower rankings and marketing exposure within the platforms. The platforms often use images of people, when users created profiles (especially for business), which pretends to give social recognition to "minority-owned" business and the like, with political classifications that undermine user accounts intentionally behind-the-scenes, by said 'Developers' and their programmers to each publicly traded platform. It has been an ongoing secret attack on aboriginal and indigenous people, simply trying to earn an honest living with modern-day technologies and make finance for a respectable living (even under colonial duress). With colonial business competition so fierce at North America, the colonizers have made certain to give themselves and their offspring the secretly-programmed algorithm marketing advantages in all business and finance-producing aspects of society.

Original Article Date: 9 October 2023 [A.D.]

Social Media Controlled Colonization

Image of Rebecca Clark - Social Media Conspirator Against Aboriginal and Indigenous People. She is the said "Admin" for Jobs and Services in Orlando Florida, which is supposed to be a Public Group for people offering said 'jobs' and those who actually provide services. She is responsible for the posting of those who join the group, therefore, she controls what postings are approved or removed from the public page. She is known for conspiring against natural people promoting genuine services via the Facebook platform, for which the page she administers is supposed to allow. Consequently, it has been reported that she has been removing certain postings on the page she administers, based upon her intention to conspire against copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', who are not compromised by CITY OF ORLANDO council persons operating through their STATE OF FLORIDA colony administration.

Over the past twenty (20) or so years, social media controlled colonization has reached an all-time high in the public and global reach. Each social media platform has its own set of Board of Trustees and their colonial administrative persons who report to them concerning the platform operations. It is this very type of situation that goes on behind-the-scenes with major corporations at North America, where billions in Federal Reserve notes have been used to financially extort the land and resources, belonging specifically to the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' at North America. The very nature of the Caucasian / European persons, fraudulently administering upon the North Gate Estate / North America, has always been to attack the rightful heirs to the estate for hostile takeovers of land and resources. While the colonizers profiteer to the extreme, they make their best conspiratorial efforts to network with their positioned persons of both Caucasian / European-descent and their compromised persons of said 'African-descent' (by their own betrayal against their people), simply to persecute and oppress the Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', who have been secretly targeted in their territories for 'humanitarian-like' activities by freedom of speech and freedom of expression, by their absolute birth-rights upon their own lands. Consequently, more and more heirs are demonstrating competence in the ongoing exposure of colonialism at North America, and the colonizing business persons have been secretly retaliating to the extreme, as in a "quiet war" that has been waging since the age of the "information super highway" (i.e. the Internet).

Facebook is a social media platform that was established back in 2004 [A.D.] by Mark Zuckerberg (a German native), who has reached Federal Reserve note riches in the billions over the past almost twenty (20) years since the corporation went global from North American soil (with no financial proceeds ever received by the rightful heirs to the estate). Facebook has been used in recent years as a promotional platform by businesses all over the world to market whatever legitimate product or service has come into existence in this said 'time' period. Anyone who utilizes the platform (which is supposed to be used without prejudice, biasedness, discrimination, or hate), is supposed to have an equal opportunity to promote, advertise, and market whatever their business entails for public fair trade / exchange for value. However, there are many who have been making public awareness concerning the deceptive practices in place by the Facebook administrators, staff, and programmers to the platform. Many natural people have been questioning the so-called features within the platform, which are supposed to be to give recognition to 'less recognized' people outside of the fraudulent financial monopolies that dominate the economy at North America. Instead of recognition and equal advantage in promoting products or services, the administrators to the platform have devised ways to be extremely deceitful and use bots and persons-programmed algorithms to attack profiles identified as "minority groups", which Facebook staff persons allege such profile identifying has been used to further and broadly promote such "groups". However, the opposite is being revealed, as Caucasians / Europeans have predominant Facebook pages and profiles that have some of the most influence in local territories and even around the globe. With such influence, it would be simple for colonizers to use trickle-down economics to control even social media platforms, which are now specialized in accommodating extreme marketing and promotional efforts through image and video posting, which also caters to the 'Google' algorithms programmed to give certain social media platforms "site indexing" priorities.

The vicious cycles of colonialism abuses, when factoring in their social media influences, any competent person can clearly see how aboriginal and indigenous people have been systematically disadvantaged, by intention, to be secretly "blacklisted" by social media algorithms that have been programmed to target specific types of profiles. It may seem far-fetched, due to the extremism thought-process it would take to devise such corruption, but many people around the world still fail to realize that there has been technology kept by Caucasian / European elitists, which have been revealed to be at least one-hundred (100) years in advance of the technologies actually time-released to the public for colonial marketing and profiteering endeavors and quite a bit for military use only. With so much technology integrated within social media (i.e. targeted ads, cell phone integrations, email integrations, live streaming, etc.), people have no idea what colonial perpetrators have been doing behind-the-scenes in adversity to them, individually and collectively. This is the type of propaganda that copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent' at North America have been facing in dealing with colonialism extremism and their ongoing silent attacks against the Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'.

The corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida State / Florida has been a colonial staging ground for desperate Caucasians / Europeans to continue to try controlling any and all Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' in the territory, who have been trying to live honestly and receive the financial abundance upon their own lands, which colonizers have been enjoying to the utmost, as they blatantly harass, oppress, and steal from the copper-complexion natives, who they still control by religious dogma schemes (i.e. Christianity) and misidentification brands / labels placed upon them by fraud. In recent days some locals near the CITY OF ORLANDO, have been breaking down some of the corruption utilized by colonizers heavily occupying the territory, while inviting their Spanish-speaking persons offspring from places like Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, and even fake Cubans (pale skin hybrid Europeans), simply to help colonize the Flores territory [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida]. The colonial forced culture throughout the colony-administrated area (which covers up the indigenous territory by extreme commerce, tourism, consumerism, and military force), has always been to subvert Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'... especially those who are conscious to what colonizers have been doing (and still do to this day).

The ultimatum to the colonial dilemma at North America (heavy in southern corporate States) is that the colonizers are going to create mass public violence and destruction, as their Caucasian / European fraudulent rulers have been preparing them for public genocide against conscious heirs (extreme gun sales to colonizers / foreigners, while preventing rightful heirs from purchasing arms without a so-called "government-issued ID / corporate State ID" - although they are not said 'government'), who are not under their mind control and who are not amalgamating with them (specifically for bloodline corruption and genetic integration for false status). However, the reality is going to prove otherwise, as time is said "to be up" for the modern-day colonizers to Cease and Desist their corporate military fraud, racketeering, crimes against humanity, and genocide that has devastated the world, while they have placed their children (offspring) into their dark karma that they have earned many-fold. The corporate STATE OF FLORIDA administration colony persons and their CITY OF ORLANDO subsidiary Council persons (never said 'government') will need to discover the hard way, that their continued building efforts (by estate escheatment) and their extreme tourism (colonizers walking around arrogant and oblivious in their blatant tourism profiteering and enjoyment) will be seeing its 'last days' sooner rather than later and their social media controlled colonization covers will not be able to protect them from what they have earned long ago.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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