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Florida Colonialism Leads To Destruction in 2023

Since the constant exposure of Caucasian / European colonizers still conducting themselves and their squatting families at North America, with belligerent activities consisting of fraud and racketeering, they have been increasing their hostile activities of fraudulent and unlawful surveillance against aboriginal and indigenous heirs to North America / North Gate Estate, all throughout the Flores / Florida territory belonging to the rightful heirs. The Caucasian / European colonizers continue to make false and fraudulent statements concerning their European (and colonial) heritage, claiming to be Americans / Al Moroccans. The only Al Moroccan / Americans at North America, are those of said 'African-descent' and not born of any Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), who are the very Caucasian / European female culprits, who have been using their albion bloodlines, by birthing children born from the seeds of corrupted, compromised, and incompetent sons of said 'African-descent', all over North America, so as to confuse the unsuspecting into believing such hybrids are rightful heirs to the estate at North America. The eugenics operations conducted by foreign, corporate militaries, has left the North Gate Estate / North America in utter disarray and dishonour amongst the rightful heirs, since the 1800's thus the colonialism destruction intent of colonizers, has kept the intentionally misguided and miseducated public society from recognizing what they need to be doing to help fix the severe dilemmas. However, the willful ignorance of any aware person stems from the constant media deception and distractions caused by social media, while corporate administration persons, operating through corporate States, Cities, and Counties, continue their warring against the natural people of said 'African-descent', who are indeed the aboriginal and indigenous peoples declared publicly back in 2007 [A.D.] in the international document known as the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - 2007 [A.D.].

Original Article Date: 3 May 2023 [A.D.]

Image of a colonial Daughter of the American Revolution demonstrating the fraudulent commerce intentions at North America to enslave the rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate, by feigning as a nation United with rightful heirs, while pretending to be conducting friendly commerce, only for deceptive and hostile industry takeover by every form of commerce available today in 2023 [A.D.].

The destruction of territories throughout North America in 2023, owned by the conscious and competent aboriginal and indigenous heirs of said 'African-descent', who are not compromised by the commerce-prone fraud conducted by all corporations built under the UNITED STATES corporation, including (but not limited to) all corporate STATE OF / State of, CITY OF / City of, and COUNTY OF / County of operations still refusing to leave North America / North Gate Estate in 2023 [A.D.], has the attention of the competent world. The belligerent Caucasian / European colonizers around the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida, born from the albion Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), who produced offspring from incompetent, uneducated, confused and lustful sons of said 'African-descent', who may be extremely oblivious as to what is actually taking place at North America, have spent decades having created a "mixing pot" of amalgamated, hybrid Caucasians / Europeans, pretending to have claims (as in land and resource stake) upon the North Gate Estate / North America, financially, politically, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is the actuality at North America, as many Caucasians / Europeans (including their Spanish-speaking persons hybrids) have been trying to keep Flores / Florida under belligerent surveillance and financial control by corporate, colonialism-based Caucasian / European agencies funded by corporate States to conduct fraudulent commerce upon the organic land, to date. The deeply rooted integration has caused so much fraud and confusion amongst the unsuspecting (including incompetent heirs), that the pending and rightful remedies, already in place, have been unnecessarily delayed (by decades) by owners to the UNITED STATES corporation. The intended military tactics confusion, induced by US / U.S. Citizens persons feigning to be sovereign (i.e. Policy-enforcing agents / Police, Magistrates, alleged 'Mayors', alleged 'Governors', and other agencies and foreign persons in collusion with them as racketeers), has kept the rightful heirs from effectuating their often peaceful birth-rights upon their inherited estate at North America, entirely.

Flores / Florida, in recent months of corporate administrators doing fraudulent commerce being publicly exposed, have activated more of the colonialism-based agency co-intel platforms and their compromised / controlled persons / agents of both Caucasian / European-descent and compromised persons (traitors) of said 'African-descent', still misbehaving entirely by intentional misprision of treason against all rightful aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent'. What many natural people at North America, throughout the Flores / Florida territory (especially near the corporate CITY OF ORLANDO fraud operations) have been witnessing in recent months, is policy-enforcing / Police agents being intentionally flooded upon the lands called 'Streets', 'Roads', 'Avenues', 'Lanes', 'Boulevards', etc., etc., all tied into the collusive fraud put in place by the original Doctrine of Discovery operation, by Unum Sanctum operations persons created specifically to usurp and escheat North America / North Gate Estate. The policy-enforcing agents (being called Police to hide their sordid origins and malicious intentions), connected directly to 'FBI' and 'CIA' corporate operative agencies and their belligerent persons, also conducting themselves in blatant and intentional misprision of treason against all rightful aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent', are blatant parking in their corporate vehicles (some without their corporate CITY OF / City of and COUNTY OF / County of logos / brands on their corporate vehicles) all throughout the corporate CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA, with limo tinted windows to blatantly hide their true identities, while conducting unlawful gang stalking and surveillance activities against any and all natural people of said 'African-descent'. The policy-enforcing / Police agents are armed and extremely dangerous, while conducting their Color-of-Law and Color-of-Authority activities against any and all natural people of said 'African-descent', as they maneuver all over the organic land throughout the Flores / Florida territory. It has been reported that such corporate CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT agents / employees / mercenaries are also riding all throughout corporate CENTRAL FLORIDA / CITY OF ORLANDO / COUNTY OF ORANGE on bicycles and in vehicles (often in groups) blatantly racketeering upon the land against natural people of said 'African-descent', who are in truth the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American natives (and free nationals), whose lands such colonizers have been fraudulently occupying as belligerent squatters for over a century, while they commit extreme crimes against humanity and extreme acts of genocide at North America, against all natural people of said 'African-descent'.

Video Evidence of CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARMENT employees / agents predatory activities derived from colonialism and based entirely on gang stalking fraud, with malicious intentions by Color-of-Law military intimidation tactics against any and all rightful heirs of said 'African-descent' by Jus Sanguinis. This video evidence was provided to Moroccan Press at North America as free press by free association and is public notice as a form of evidence to the international communities around the world.

Video is the intellectual property of the respective natural person who recorded and is protected by international law by free press and free association.

The destructive intentions of the majority of Caucasian / European colonizers at North America has become more apparent, as their naturalized US / U.S. Citizens prepare to publicly (and continue privately) war against the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent', openly on the organic land(s) at North America. The deep-rooted networks of fraudulent activity that colonizers have already created, include (but not limited to) 'fake news' agencies and 'television' programming military tactics, public corporate praetors, administrators, and corporate profiteers still feigning as lawful government over the organic land / estate and the natural people of said 'African-descent', operating through STATE OF / State of, CITY OF / City of, and COUNTY OF / County of operations throughout Flores / Florida. The bottom line since Pope Francis himself already made public notice to all corporate State operators all over North America, is that the Doctrine of Discovery is completely over, which includes (but not limited to) Police Departments still feigning as 'Law Enforcement' in every corporate State, City, and County operation doing commerce at North America, under the void ab initio papal bulls and Doctrine of Discovery fraud that has been formerly dispelled twice, since around 2013 [A.D.] by Pope Francis as an owner to the UNITED STATES corporation.

The sad reality playing out for the modern-day Caucasian / European colonizers at North America / North Gate Estate, is that they seem to be willing to sacrifice their lives to continually effectuate their fraud, squatting, racketeering, feifdom (allegedly purchasing organic land by fee simple fraud - fees going directly to London, England families claiming royalty by fraud), human trafficking through prisoner of war camps called jails / correctional facilities / prisons throughout Flores / Florida against natural people of said 'African-descent', crimes against humanity, misprision of treason against Al Moroccan / American heirs, and acts of genocide against any and all of the suspecting and unsuspecting aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent' at North America. The world, let alone conscious heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, are well aware that the majority of the extremely belligerent Caucasian / European colonizers, throughout Flores / Florida, have been heavily arming themselves (through corporate-owned and fraudulently administered gun stores / shows throughout Flores / Florida), with ultimate intent to murder, kill, and genocide the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent' to North America. For this very reason, the war that has been prophesied a long time ago, is already in effect in 2023 [A.D.]. It seems to be only a matter of said 'time' before the purge of colonialism at North America takes full effect on the organic soil, due entirely to the Caucasians / Europeans, who refuse to give up what they have stolen, usurped, and escheated, over the past century and a half, and ultimately leave North America permanently. The rightful aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent' at North America, have wanted colonizers off of their land since the 1800's. The colonizing wars and genocide against the rightful heirs at North America, since the colonizers breached binding treaties / contracts, has kept the rightful heirs under constant threat, duress, and coercion since the 1800's. Therefore, there is no more excuse for the modern-day Caucasians / Europeans to continue the charade that they want to honour the aboriginal treaty(ies) and the subjective obligations by internationally lawful contracts, derived from the aboriginal international treaties, which colonizers at North America have breached a very long time ago. The time is up for all colonizers at North America, as already mentioned in the years and months prior to all of the public notice made worldwide since the 1900's. For the modern-day colonizers, who still think that the penalties and punishments prescribed by Divine and International Law does not apply to them... think again.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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