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Biased News Trend Among Social Media

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

As trends are created through the social media venues, where people could easily express themselves and their opinions regarding certain sensitive topics, more media outlets are trying to severely control social media by disallowing public scrutiny. While social media slowly integrated its reach and amassed millions of dollars over the years by people showing interest in such venues, the hidden agenda is finally revealing.

Original Article Date: 1 April 2022 [A.D.]

Social Media outlets are on the rise in reaching a danger zone in the biased approach that quite a few "heavy hitters" in the social media arena are administering for their platforms. Over the last month, there have been reports of a rise in news channels promoting 'Comments Off' when delivering what the world would witness as (and consider) news... Viewers Beware... With such an approach as to intentionally keep others from breaking down what is being promoted to uninformed people around the globe, leads to utmost suspicion. Many would question the motives of news channels turning off comments for major news channels, with operators who can buy mass exposure to reach millions of people around the world. What is it that such news channels are trying to hide?

It has been known that many social media intellects have been cracking down on what many have revealed as "fake news". In a sense, fake news has been deemed by knowledgeable people, a false narrative promoted by the news agency owners, to get many others to believe what their channel is promoting as far as "real news". Since the agencies are well-established and have registered businesses identified as news channels with their State, City, or County, it creates a sense of trust by people believing that the news channel is promoting truth in the interest of the people. However, those intelligent enough, could easily prove otherwise.

News is meant to be informative and based upon facts lawfully gained and not upon simple speculation of what is presented, as practically any skilled enough person can make something out to look like something it truly is not. News agencies around the world have demonstrated severe deceptiveness in promoting allegations against others, without having gone through any competent jurisdiction court to promote true law that protects people, not incriminate people (or allow misguided societies around the world to do so either). Everyone should have the ultimate right to be innocent until proven guilty (unless bona fide and lawfully obtained facts prove otherwise) and the news channels should be left out of the equation as to determine someone else's fate, as many news agencies have been guilty of in the past. Many news agency administrations have been exposed to have been compromised in giving the real truth behind any matter concerning a person or group of people who are victims of corrupted politics. Oftentimes, those targeted by news agencies, are those who are exposing the actual corrupted situations going on in modern-day political arenas (like said 'governments').

For the fears of being ultimately exposed, many high ranking political persons (and their servants) resort to espionage (corporate and government) against their target(s), then implement systematic attacks that attempt to (or actually do) tarnish a person's reputation and potentially destroys his or her life, while subjecting such a person to cruel and unusual punishments by "paid-off" judiciaries willing to take part in fraud. It has become extremely profitable for local courts (like City and County courts) to adhere to such corrupted behaviours and selfish desires to remain in power and get what they want out of life, at the cost of an innocent person's reputation or even life. The corrupted individuals who practice such malicious racketeering operations, have no value for people or for life in general, as they simply want to sustain their dark secrets, while profiting from the conspiracies that destroy innocent lives all around the world. This type of corruption still goes on to this very moment, and those who participate, have little to no concern about the karmic consequences they will have to deal with... which will take place whether they realize it or not...

A wise person would choose to do the right thing under all circumstances, as nature has a tendency to cause corrupted persons to always reap what they sow. These are the times to be wise, as the majority of the world has no idea what could really take place when Mother Nature has her say again.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team


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