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Indigenous Peoples Clarity Around North America

With so much news and discussions being presented regarding the Doctrine of Discovery, which is again being rejected by the Vatican, who have been known to have historical passing of the papal bulls that forced colonialism all over the world by 'Christianity' conquest. The main effects of colonialism has always been targeting people of said 'African-descent', which many international news venues keep dodging the truth of the indigenous peoples being people of said 'African-descent', when referring to aboriginal and indigenous American / Al Moroccan natives. When being clear about people of said 'African-descent', it is important to immediately recognize the copper-complexion natives in various shades all over the world, with hair like lambs wool and feet like burnished brass / bronze (Old Testament Biblical reference - Helios Bibliotech). This type of distinction is not being made in the many public news venues, as the issue of colonialism around the world is currently being discussed in 2023. There is an air of absolute deception when anyone is calling aboriginal and indigenous peoples of the Americas, so-called [Indians]. The reality is that India is a continent in the East, inhabited by Hindus of said 'African-descent' as the natives. Such natives pertain to the specific description "hair like lambs wool and feet like burnished brass / bronze". However, [Indian] is (and has been) a misnomer for centuries of colonialism, as it has been the very Caucasian / European colonizers, who have been misidentifying aboriginal and indigenous peoples as [Indian] for the very papal bull fraudulent jurisdictional claims on such misnomers blatantly placed against every man, woman, and child of said 'African-descent', born of Mothers and Fathers of said 'African-descent'. It is this truth that is permeating throughout the cosmos.

Original Article Date: 10 April 2023 [A.D.]

Image of an aboriginal and indigenous Mother of said 'African-descent', without tribal dress or garments in the nineteenth century. All American / Al Moroccan natives did not always wear feathers, moccasins, and other native garbs derived from their inherited organic lands. Perverted and history, based entirely on colonialism, tries to make people believe otherwise, as the world witnesses through false narrative media venues.

The major international news around the world has been disclosing the truth of the papal bulls that enslaved and colonized the Americas all across the globe. There are many news narratives speaking in regard to the full reparations due to the aboriginal and indigenous peoples around the world. However, there is much deception by statements made by corporation representatives (those who feign as said [governments]) against natural people of said 'African-descent' on planet Earth. The false narratives continue to misidentify Al Moroccan / American natives of said 'African-descent' as [Indians] and other misnomers used by colonizing con-artists of Caucasian / European-descent, who based their false land claims, de facto tribunals called [courts], and formation of corporate States (not governments) to administer the aboriginal titles and land trusts belonging to the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said 'African-descent', without their knowing or authorization, after the mass genocides took place around the world against aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said 'African-descent'. The very same genocide operations against all people of said 'African-descent', is still taking place at North America; especially in Flores / Florida territory, where many people of said 'African-descent' inhabit and continue to live their lives unconscious to their rightful status, while continuing to amalgamate with (and do business with) the very Caucasian / European colonial oppressors, who are trying desperately to keep the Doctrine of Discovery alive against all people of said 'African-descent'.

The absolute fraud and deception going on at North America at present, is that amalgamated hybrid Caucasians / Europeans, born of Daughters of the American Revolution, who have been the infiltrators in the historical corruption of blood processes to try to disinherit the true aboriginal and indigenous natives of said 'African-descent', who were not born from Caucasian / European Mothers. There are many deceivers, who were born of Caucasian / European Mothers, who may look like copper-complexion natives, but who are actually hybrid Caucasians / Europeans. Their objective, is to mix themselves with truly aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said 'African-descent', so they can claim lands and keep themselves attached to the Americas thus pretending that they are not culprits to the papal bulls colonialism deception, by historical eugenics through colonialism military operations. The sickness of modern-day colonizers, is that since they have some of the amalgamated bloodline of natural people of said 'African-descent', that they can claim themselves (knowingly born of Caucasian / European Mothers) as "indigenous" to the lands. However, the missing piece of the puzzle (intentionally left out), is that aboriginal comes first, before indigenous. If the persons making claims to be indigenous, are not truly aboriginal and indigenous, then their claims (especially land claims - whether through [CANADA] or [UNITED STATES], are void ab initio.

The tactic presently being used, by those coming to the bandwagon media forefront (who are simply amalgamated Caucasians / Europeans), is to present themselves as the aboriginal and indigenous peoples to North America, who originally spoke out publicly at North America, back in 2008 [A.D.] as 'Moors / Muurs' (i.e. Al Moroccan / American natives). Anything else, outside of native people of said 'African-descent' making the very types of claims, which amalgamated Caucasians / Europeans are currently making regarding treaties, autonomy, and organic land claims, is truly hearsay on part of Caucasians / Europeans at North America [CANADA & UNITED STATES]. The truth must be told for rightful reparations to be made to the rightful people and heirs to North America (and other Americas), who are the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said 'African-descent'. It is this type of truth that the Divine and universal orders recognize, not a bunch of deceivers trying to stake frivolous claims that come clearly with colonialism.

The thought that Caucasians / Europeans at North America had five hundred (500) years to integrate their bloodlines with the true aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said 'African-descent', is being blatantly eluded as the true internationally-lawful argument, based upon false premise to empower hybrid Caucasians / Europeans and disempower natural people of said 'African-descent'. This is the real dilemma that must be discussed publicly, regardless of how it will make Caucasians / Europeans feel or how it will impact society as the world knows it. The deception could have been remedied long ago, but Caucasian / European colonizers at North America (and other Americas) refused to 'Cease & Desist' untoward actions against aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' and give up what they have stolen and correct all that they have done against rightful heirs, which led to centuries of theft of land and resources by blatant crimes against humanity and acts of genocide, discussed by international communities for decades.

Ultimately, the Vatican should always be making clear messages concerning the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said 'African-descent' (especially at North America), and not allow hybrid persons of Caucasian / European-descent to misconstrue who the lawful reparations are truly due to, who are the aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent'. At North America, these peoples are (and have been) Al Moroccan / American natives, not [Indians] by Doctrine of Discovery and papal bulls intentional design, which is the absolute root to all of the fraud and confusion at North America. And, in reiteration, the word [Indian] is a misnomer coined by the very Caucasians / Europeans, which colonialism took its root in conquest to deceive, destroy, and steal the lands and resources belonging specifically to all people of said 'African-descent' around the world (not just [CANADA] & [UNITED STATES] corporations claiming to be 'governments').

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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