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Hurricane Ian State Panic

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

With a recently announced weather anomaly, which has been identified as said 'Hurricane Ian', the Southern part of North America, along with some of the outlying islands near the Gulf, have been deemed to experience severe destruction according to the European-driven media narrative. The hurricane, whether natural or not, has been set in motion, with target areas for disaster and panic. Such devastation has historically wreaked havoc throughout tropical climate corporate States areas, where simple measures were not taken by scientific expertise, which has steered the course of simulation that costs lives and resources.

Original Article Date: 27 September 2022 [A.D.]

Hurricane building and progressing - Severe Weather Storm

State of Florida - Weather Alert

It would seem that due to a storm alert that has been sweeping the media all around the State of Florida area, many are systematically set into a state of panic, rather than use common sense and careful planning. With so many weather anomalies that have taken place throughout the history at North America, intelligent people (as enhanced mindsets) would think of the rationalization of how to handle storm weather. It is quite common to take extreme measures when dealing with nature. However, people have become so complacent with convenience and dependency on political systems run by individuals who have absolutely no interest in the true well-being of any and every decent natural person affected by their assimilated societies. The corporate States known as the United States, collectively, have so much finance circulating (or built up) from past profiteering mechanisms, that there should be no reason that people should have to panic in last minute attempts to protect themselves against disasters (whether natural or man made). What this current storm proves, is that corporate States seem to be focused on producing fear, panic, and mayhem amongst people who have depended on them for far too long, while the operators like City and County corporations play on the mindsets of the public, while they are already fully prepared (years prior) in such manufactured disasters like hurricanes. The recent said 'Hurricane Ian' incident has given the State of Florida operations, a perfect opportunity to present chaos to the public thus causing people to scurry to retailers all over to overly-consume and selfishly deplete resources, while fending for themselves by means of gluttony and ignorance. This type of reality seems like another well-planned profiteering endeavor for the political participants to thrive and control.

Shelter for the Less Fortunate

As the hurricane approaches the State of Florida area, many could experience power outages, food shortages, and other needed resources, while Cities and Counties, operating through the State, give themselves financial incentive to play a role in allegedly aiding the less fortunate. There should be no one (especially people forced to be on the streets) left to fend for themselves in such a disaster as a hurricane. And, according to the overrun media on the subject, is scheduled to be very destructive (as in a said 'Category 3' storm front). Based on the weather scale rating, a Category 5 hurricane is the most devastating in destructive force and power. With this type of storm in place, the State of Florida should be focused on making sure every natural person is afforded shelter or afforded to shelter in place against all odds. There should be no one denied access to protecting themselves against such a terrible storm. This type of protection should be a given for people forced to sleep on the streets.

There are corporate Cities and Counties claiming that shelters will be readily available for anyone, who should need shelter from the storm. However, there are people not willing to go through any type of corporate processes to gain access to such shelters. In addition, there are also natural people who are not interested in being gathered in quarters around a bunch of strangers, where there will most likely be armed security guards, police, and other agents, who may have other agendas than protecting and making sure that everyone has shelter. Many people are extremely skeptic of such types of arrangements and certainly have the right not to succumb to such stressful conditions and controlled environments that are more like jails than shelters. Overall, the corporate States (like the State of Florida) need to make certain they are using their profits derived from tax said 'dollars' and other revenue generated from people spending on the estate, to make sure power is sustained and destruction is kept to a minimum. This is what all Cities and Counties are obligated to do, not simply broadcast disaster, where they are protected and in safe zones, while those they have lived off of are running around like scavengers, buying up everything and leaving the disadvantaged to suffer because of being disenfranchised from corporate society by greed. In the hours to come, it is appropriate for the corporate State operatives to stop using the media to strike fear during the hurricane, and start broadcasting genuine remedies by alleviating the panic they have construed intentionally.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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