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Forced Servitude Financial Practices

Over the years, financial institutions have profited to the extreme, in the malicious practices that fuel banks and the so-called 'products and services' marketed to the world. Being that such institutions are the product of greedy persons, who over decades manipulated various financial platforms, which places forced servitude upon the people who rely on the institutions for commerce, trade, and simple day-to-day living for necessity under hostile industry circumstances, as "the norm" in transacting, specifically for believed convenience. Banks have created the illusions (through tactful advertising) that their infrastructures are to protect people's "money" and provide ethical 'services', when in-turn, they actually do the opposite when it comes to how their said 'services' are actually contracted to the public by non-compliance.

Original Article Date: 16 May 2022 [A.D.]

Financial Institution Bank Cards utilized on a global scale by every retailer and merchant.

The Profiteering Implementation

With so much commerce taking place around the globe, there have been extreme opportunists, who have led the world into taking part in a system that empowers few, while subjugating the rest of the world into forced servitude transactions that are fueled by financial greed. Most people believe that there is extreme benefit in doing business with a financial institution, due to whatever alleged 'incentives' are marketed in the forefront to lure patrons into adhesion contracts that are binding in nature. Merchants and their systems perpetuating throughout the world have amassed tremendous wealth that only a tiny percent of the world's total population have any real stake in. It is unfortunate to those who truly are unaware of the malicious practices conducted by the major banks upon the Earth. The practices are what is known in lawful terms as "legalese", which all banking contracts are based upon, so as to benefit only those who own such banks. It has become commonplace in modern society for people to take part in such practices by way of believed necessity, peer pressure, influence, duress, coercion, and other determining factors for people to get what they need or want in retail, corporate society that continues to enslave the world.

Personal Information Marketing

With financial institutions like banks in place, only to profit, and live off of others at the top of what is referred to as a "Ponzi Scheme", the owners of such banks are fully aware of what is needed to fuel their platforms. Apparent in the eyes of competent people, who study global markets and analyze business operations and how to build and shape economies, they are well-aware of the importance of "getting permission" from public interest in what they claim to offer as a solution to a commerce-induced (and convinced) society. Consequently, people have become so complacent in such deception, that they no longer question the true motives of all financial operations that are in place today. And, with so many financial institutions and their retail monsters having been in place for decades, they only continue to grow in power and topple morale society into forced servitude and overall financial debt to the luxury of industrial usurpation thus creating division between those willing to participate in fraud and those intelligent enough to avoid it at all costs.

Personal information has already become the lifeline to all commerce conducted throughout the world. Such personal information includes said 'name', 'date of birth', 'social security number', etc. Those pieces of information are the core components requested or demanded by corporations to do business with them irrespective of everyone's right to privacy. The retailers who are already confident that people are going to continue to foolishly follow everyone else due to social engineering and peer pressure and even desperation to survive in simulated society (as no one in their right mind wants to be poor or broke), all based upon transacting with hostile corporations, who have taken over land and resources by aggressive commerce, the breakdown of humanity will continue to the detriment of billions.

Now, foreign negotiable instruments such as the 'birth certificate' and 'driver's license' (for commerce only) are being promoted heavily (even demanded for said 'charitable' services) as forms of said 'identification', elusive to United States Codes of Law - Title 18, Section 1028. Corporations have become so arrogant and greedy with such fraud, that their operators (i.e. Board of Trustees, CEO's, Commissioners, etc.) are confident they can easily persuade natural people to continue doing business in such non-essential ways. People have become mentally lazy and do not do the necessary research in what has been revealed concerning corporate greed and the horrendous financial industries adopted around the globe, which only enslaves people unsuspecting of the commerce, profit-producing motives for others to live wealthy, while blatantly keeping everyone else poor and in passive obedience. In addition, the illegal practices are so deeply rooted into worldwide societies, that corporations make it their primary goal to infringe upon everyone's First Amendment right to free association (United States Republic Constitution) by denying anyone said 'financial services' if they do not provide foreign negotiable instruments like 'social security number', 'date of birth', 'address with zip code', 'photo identification (only Driver's License, US Passport, or State (United States) issued photo identification). The companies participating in such malicious practices worldwide (based upon a United States-driven economy) call it their right to "free association", by creating adhesions in doing business with everyone else, that sets the stage for all types of serious abuses (financially, physically, and even spiritually, etc. - contracts are energetic in nature). Overall, once people participate in any ill-gained commerce by corporate business, they easily become victims of circumstance by their own 'signatures' (authorization), without reserving all of their rights to do business (free association) exactly how they see fit.

Accountability Leads To Remedy

Ultimately, there are no publicly known financial institutions that allow people to do business upon a mutually beneficial agreement (true free association without stipulated requirements). Such mutual benefits would be global users (especially at North America) being offered public (or private) financial services, while not being forced to use any foreign negotiable instruments like 'social security numbers' or 'driver's licenses'. There must be severe accountability in modern-days in regard to the profiteering by means of racketeering by all corporations who refuse to comply with the supreme law of the land at North America (where the majority of the world's most abusive practices take place by financial institutions and retailers / merchants). When major corporations like PayPal Holdings LLC (not even a true bank), Venmo LLC (owned by PayPal, Inc - subsidized by PayPal Holdings LLC), Early Warning Systems (Zelle App), Block Inc. (Cash App), etc., implement the very practices that turn convenience into modern-day slavery and 'human trafficking' by administration mechanisms (using people's private, personal information to create contractual adhesions to injure users - not conduct mutually-beneficial business), it is an obvious infringement upon peoples' personal liberties. Business transacted in such ways quickly lead to a corporate-driven, tyrannical circumstance, that people have to battle their way out of if the slightest thing goes wrong and corporations are unable to financially (or resource-wise) capitalize on their profiteering endeavors against their said 'Customers'. This is the reality that billions of persons around the world face and the natural people have been forced into the mix without competent consent. Under any and all relative circumstances in dealing with corporate-greed and forced servitude, the remedy is for people to simply stop using any said 'services' that do not fully adhere to the supreme law of the land (with complete recourse to users of such said 'services' - like full suit action (solo or class) without in-house litigation or arbitration or incompetent, de facto court systems) and stop using (or allowing) foreign negotiable instruments to be 'identity'. In addition, people need to learn to stop buying any products from any retailer / merchant (by learning about agriculture), who has no full recourse mechanisms in place for full accountability against any retailer / merchant doing business and profiting off of the public (or private) sectors throughout societies in non-compliance to the supreme law of the land.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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