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Florida Gun Policies Against Natives of 'African-descent'

The State of Florida, like many corporate States all across North America [misnomer United States], has its de facto, alleged "government" operators pass phony policies, disguised as legislation, which keeps the sales of arms (guns) under extremely tight control, for the benefit of all European colonizers and their foreign allies at North America. It has been no mystery as to why corporate States do not want arms in the hands of the natives of said 'African-descent', who's lands have been usurped, their men, women, and children having been historically slaughtered by secret genocide military tactics, and their estate escheated by belligerent, foreign trustees of European-descent, operating a silent, de facto Congress when it comes to the actual Al Moroccan / American heirs to the North Gate Estate. The occupying State body politics have implemented the Driver's License fraud, as so-called "identity", which gun store operators demand (i.e. require) from anyone who exercises their privilege (or right if a native) to bear an arm in these troubled, foreign military (i.e. police and alleged "sheriffs") times. In recent reports, gun advocacy is being promoted for foreigners and those who have Driver's Licenses registered through the corporate States, branding them wards and 'chattel property', which corporate (not organic) States can control through their fraudulent military force operations and clergy, at will. This type of foul practice and infringement of the Bill of Rights - Second Amendment (for the heirs more importantly) has gone on for over a century, by the colonizing Caucasians / Europeans, who extended their hostile stay at North America, outside of the Mother Treaty and Constitutional fold of government for the real 'Republic', consisting entirely of the aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent', who were fraudulently overthrown as a free national body politic.

Original Article Date: 27 December 2022 [A.D.]

Image of a 9mm handgun for self-defense and self-preservation.

Colonization at North America in 2022 [A.D.]

Over the decades of extreme colonization at North America, it has been publicly known all around the world that Caucasians / Europeans, fraudulently occupying North America in the millions, have made it a part of their 'King Alfred' plan to keep themselves armed and dangerous, while keeping the Al Moroccan / American natives of said 'African-descent' from being able to publicly purchase arms (in self-defense and self-preservation), without the use of enslaving negotiable instruments (like Driver's Licenses and Birth Certificates). It has been the ultimate plan, especially through corporate States like Florida, to keep conscious heirs to the estate disarmed, while their naturalized citizens arm themselves to the teeth, for the frontline distractions of potential genocide of the Al Moroccan / American natives. Gun sales through the corporate State of Florida, have always been at an all time high at North America, due to the historical Seminole Wars [Florida] and the temporary defeat of the Al Moroccan / American natives, who predominantly inhabited that particular territory. Colonizers of European-descent have done their best to keep that aspect of history both subverted and hidden, so as not to agitate the consanguine natives of said 'African-descent', who are the direct bloodline of their ancestors, and the rightful inheritors of the North Gate Estate / North America.

Controlled News and Foreign Empowerment Schemes

Recent, compromised news headlines and narratives, through European-owned news agencies and networks, have been promoting arming foreigners, believing themselves to be "American State Citizens", when they were never Americans / Al Moroccans to begin with. Contrary to popular belief concerning General Civil Orders issued by Pope Francis on a global scale, the "American State Citizens" to the Al Moroccan Empire (Nation) are not Caucasians / Europeans. Neither are "American State Citizens" foreigners, who came to North America [misnomer United States] via green cards, even if they have been fraudulently placed as "permanent residents" by corporate United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, which only holds 'chattel property' wards, as naturalized citizens, through the various corporate States, United under the umbrella UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This is the reality of the dilemma that has been causing so much confusion as the tension is being built by "fake news" and false media narratives that intentionally deceive and confuse the understudied public. However, one can only speculate as to how many Caucasians / Europeans know this, but only keep it among themselves, as they are already known globally as organized criminals; even those Europeans who are impoverished or former "Middle Class" naturalized citizens have been a part of the overall plot against the rightful heirs. As far as the common Caucasian / European at North America is concerned, those of said 'African-descent have always been their sworn enemies, yet they have learned to play the role as civil 'friends' by commerce and free association to the heirs, by various acting techniques. The practices of such acting skills have been one-hundred fifty (150) plus years in the making, which gave colonizers all of the said 'time' they needed to perfect their craft of deception.

As 2023 [A.D.] rapidly approaches, the horizon at North America looks dismal and grim, due to all of the collective fraud conducted by greedy, selfish, spiteful, hostile, deceptive, ignorant, arrogant, and willfully belligerent Caucasians / Europeans at North America, who became so selfish upon a land that was never their own, that they maliciously have been plotting the extreme genocide of the heirs of said 'African-descent', since the alleged Christopher Columbus "Discovery of America" fraud and deceptive story taught in colonizing institutions called "schools". Schools owned and operated by Caucasians / Europeans have always been to mentally condition the aboriginal and indigenous people into a fraudulent status, taking the heirs outside of themselves by ancient bloodline descent and origins. Such institutions have been financially empowered by foreign elitists to keep the heirs "Civiliter Mortuus" or dead in the eyes of law thus keeping the heirs in a non-inheritable and non-descendible status, which would immediately grant them their entire estate, including all land, hereditaments and tenements belonging directly to them since their birth unto the Earthly plane, by international law and Divine Law. Nonetheless, the charade purported by European colonizers must end and the playing field must be leveled for the actual heirs to the estate in their plight of full estate restoration to the heirs of said 'African-descent', who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans.

Decolonization Has Been Evident at North America

The first step in decolonization, is to re-empower the rightful heirs to their lands and overall estate, which is exactly what colonizers of European-descent have never wanted. Regardless, the reality sets in where Mother Nature and the Divine forces of the unstoppable energies already in motion, and in favor of the heirs, must continue pushing forward, to end the nightmare at North America. The "sleepy-headed" heirs must rapidly continue to wake-up now and reclaim their stolen estate, so the world can finally heal from the colonization crisis that has plagued the planet Earth for far too long. Exercising their birth-right to bear arms is an absolute must by All-Law, and no corporate legislation can ever deny that.

As far as public notice, free press makes it publicly known that the heirs to the estate are not State wards and are not subject to the colonizing commerce abuses conducted by gun store owners, as they have been setting-up corporations for decades, to sell arms [firearms] to their colonizing, naturalized citizens, while preventing heirs from even purchasing arms to bear to protect themselves and their families, by blatant infringement of the Bill of Rights - Second Amendment. An intelligent mind can clearly analyze that the majority (if not all) of gun store retailers at North America [misnomer United States] are owned and operated by European colonizers and / or their compromised persons of said 'African-descent', who have been aiding and abetting colonizers by treason at North America to date, for the public record.

Corporate States have always kept their fraudulent policies of enforcing fraudulent Driver's Licenses to be the only form of "acceptable" photo identification, which of course, would be to instantly turn natural people into "Civiliter Mortuus" persons, who colonizers can legally abuse or even genocide by contractual legalese, against those who knowingly, willingly, and with competence participate in it. If not the fraudulent Driver's License, the colonizers resort to private, commercial contracts that only empower the contract owners and disempower the one who signs and allegedly accepts the contract for value (or the real lack thereof). This has been one of the primary military methods used against the heirs, which kept the actual heirs to the estate defenseless for so long, while potentially bullied by colonizers and foreigners, who knew exactly what has been going on the whole time, right under the heirs noses.

The Final Outcome

The editorial presented here, is a part of free press and free association, in the upliftment of the natural people, who are (and have been) the aboriginal and indigenous people at North America, who have been cheated out of their very existence for an extremely long time. As the new year approaches, the dangers throughout public and corporate society become more evident, as European colonizers and their invited foreign allies, have been taking the stage for their deception and genocide intentions against the heirs. The State of Florida operation intends to allow history to repeat itself, in the hostility of colonization at North America, that led to extreme violence, public street wars, and mass killings, while the real political perpetrators believe they are going hide in their underground (or well-hidden) bunkers or war shelters to wait until the smoke clears, to resurface, while thinking they will start all over in their favor. This certainly cannot and will not be their reality, as all naturalized persons European-descent (and their foreign allies), who contributed to any and all war crimes at North America, will be held fully liable and accountable (including their families) for full reparations directly to the heirs of said 'African-descent' at North America.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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