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State of Florida's Ronald DeSantis Promotes More Law Enforcement.

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

With so much controversy in the already tense dilemmas in the public dealing with Police misconduct with their ongoing agendas to act outside of the genuine interests of the entire public (not the selected public by corrupted politics, who buy into their own personal interests), for those who do not condone aggressive police forces behaving like modern-day gangs and using technology to spy-on people, while infringing upon peoples' personal liberties (for peace-loving and peace-promoting people who are not out to harm others), it is truly problematic for Cities and Counties to have the tax-derived finances to administer their private police forces to do their bidding against others.

Original Article Date: 1 April 2022 [A.D.]

The above image is a spray-painted mural of George Floyd, who was a recent victim of extreme Police brutality on 25 May 2020 [A.D.]

It is truly sad how people have a tendency to forget the travesties committed against those who lost their lives to Police Misconduct around North America. The incident where George Floyd lost his precious life, at the hands of police employees for the City of Minneapolis, is a prime example of why so many protested against defunding police departments across what is called 'United States'. People around the world were outraged by the incident, where police employees, who are supposed to "Serve & Protect" people, ended up behaving like common murderers by local gang affiliations. It is this very type of behaviour among police employees from each and every State known as the "United States", that entirely removes the people's faith in Police everywhere. The George Floyd incident was one of hundreds of thousands (probably more) cases, where Police Departments allowed and even supported the harsh behaviours of their employees that cost the lives of innocent people (often setup with phoney charges by the department employees to create a false sense of probable cause), then receive legislative support to continue their operations to do the same moving forward.

It is no mystery that trust for police have drastically declined over the last two decades alone. This is no fault of all people who have genuine public interest in how police conduct themselves in their communities, where State operatives use tax dollars that fund police departments, to have zero faith in police. It is also the right of the people to decide if police are even welcomed in their communities, as people have the right to defend themselves under the right circumstances and seek lawful remedies through competent courts should anyone face someone infringing upon their rights or anyone trying to cause them or their family any harm. When people start demonstrating more competence in dealing peacefully with affairs (when possible), there won't be a need for police to govern their lives and often intrude in their personal affairs that often lead to police employees abusing any said 'authority' they believe they have (based upon who lawfully gave it to them in the first place).

The State heirarchy for political affairs, when it comes to police employees, is the State Troopers are supposed to be their higher in ranking, then comes the City Police, and finally the County police forces (often deemed "Sheriffs"). Each and every police department (or other) have a responsibility and liability when performing their said duties, to which they must take an 'Oath of Ethics' to receive their positions. If they do not have a signed 'Oath of Ethics' on file with the State, City, or County records for public scrutiny, then they are not acting in the interest of all of the people in the State (or otherwise). They would in-fact be operating as outlaws wearing police uniforms, for which they must be reprimanded by their employers and the courts of competent jurisdiction.

Apparently, the State of Flordia's Ronald DeSantis, has decided to take public funds derived from all tax dollars administered through the State of Florida (i.e. Sales Tax, Income Tax, Property Tax, etc.), to hire more police in already saturated police departments. It has been reported that the State of Florida is overrun with police operating through the many cities and counties around the State of Florida. With this in mind, one may begin to question why Ronald DeSantis is so passionate about hiring more police? There has been much police misconduct reported through counties like Volusia County, Seminole County, Orange County, Brevard County and other northern counties around the State of Florida. There seems to be many unanswered complaints by Ronald DeSantis himself, as it also has been reported that he and his administrative staff do not respond to anyone communicating with his office concerning real issues with businesses, contractors, citizens, city operations, county operations, or anything that has to do with the State of Florida receiving hefty revenue through such political corporate venues, from the average (not financially privileged) oppressed people either occupying or inhabiting Florida territory. When it all boils down to it, these types of said 'governments' are all about making financial profits (by any means necessary).

Ultimately, everyone (absolutely everyone) deserves a say in whether or not they want police taking part in their communities by competent consent, not illusory consent by a misguided and misinformed public. People need to start being more pro-active in what the States, Cities, and Counties are doing in relation to administration (especially with police employees) and how it could affect them. In addition, people should be afforded the right to 'opt-out' of police department operations around their communities and let the competent law be their recourse with constitutional (United States Republic) remedies (not State constitutions, as they intend to interpret law for personal agendas). If people decide to be passive, then those who are not passive when it comes to intelligent analysis of how they are affected by local politics, need to step up to the plate to speak out against corruption of States trying desperately to control people when they were put in place to unanimously provide for all people (not just their own political interest persons or profiteering companies).

Please Note: The above editorial was written as a reminder for the many who constantly forget the horrors of corrupted politics and how they destroy peaceful societies, where people generally promote peace and do not need police involvement. This editorial is not an attack on police, but simply an awareness of what many police employees choose to amount to in modern 'New World Order' days that do not support peoples' rights who are living (or trying to live) in peace.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team


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