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Colonization Privilege Abuse

Updated: May 25, 2022

It has made international news headlines, that a Caucasian male, by the name of Payton S. Gendron, was apprehended on 14 May 2022 [A.D.] involving another mass shooting of people located via the United States, Buffalo, New York at North America. The eighteen year old male has been arrested for the murder of at least ten people of said 'African-descent' that many Caucasians have given other names and labels to over the past one-hundred fifty years, to date. This is yet another example of the overly-privileged abuses that European colonizers at North America have contributed to and seem to be taunting every natural person of copper complexion skin tone.

Original Story Date: 14 May 2022 [A.D.]

This is a photo of Payton S. Gendron - Murderer of at least 10 copper-complexion people at North America

The Ongoing Abuses of European Privilege

It is no mystery to the international communities, that North America has been under extreme colonization since around 1860. Having endured over one-hundred fifty years of commerce-producing greed, violence, usurpation, and injustices that struck global concerns for decades concerning the natives to the Americas (North America in this particular case). However, little has been done to stop the abuses against natural people of the various shades of copper-complexion as the true aboriginal inhabitants to the North American continent by thousands of years of bloodline descendants, who have been misidentified (by deception) for far too long. The result of over two generations of mental slavery and mind control techniques have people of copper-complexion having no idea that they are not some brand or label imposed by fraud and malfeasance conducted by foreigners upon the North American continent. The ongoing abuses by a plethora of Europeans at North America are reaching critical mass, it would seem.

Controlled media outlets have an extreme tendency to promote intentional 'divide and conquer' with complete biasedness by false narrative hidden agenda tactics in favor of colonization and already exposed treason against the rightful people to the land mass by inheritance. There has always been a total separation in legal and lawful treatment processes between Caucasian criminal activity and copper-complexion people falsely accused of crimes by traffic infraction violations or even staged entrapment by corporate agents because copper-complexion natural people have been forced to defend his or her right to self-defense and self-preservation, by international law standards at North America. The supreme law of the land is specific in birthrights and protections and such an international contract is applicable to all, irrespective if he or she is deceived into believing that they are something that already has compromised legal status to specifically open them up to injury (even death). This is like a child being born as someone majestic, then the child is stolen from their noble parents and raised by absolute strangers, while intentionally mistreated as someone lesser in society and reality, and then misidentified with malicious intent as something they never were to separate the child from their majestic origins. Succinctly, the sadistic perpetrators then raise the majestic child to never know their true parents and the nobility he or she actually has, by having been born from noble parentage bloodline. This is the very same circumstance in what takes place all around North American territory, and very few who have great political power, and who have known such truth for a long time, are doing anything to prevent such atrocities to truly protect the natural people for the public record.

Illusory Tactics In Plain Sight

When people regain their inherent competence, with a sense of responsibility to the contribution of what takes place in the world for everyone, the Earth can actually heal from the travesties that continue by dark political design. It is a sad reality for many, to see that elitists, who have lived off of the suffering of others for their personal gains and benefits, still play the game of misprision after all that is at stake in the world. These very same elitists have grounded themselves in military tactics by stolen and controlled finance and resources that keep people in forced servitude and obedience by their own ignorance of not doing their individual part to help positively change things. The natural people, under such political duress, are simply delaying the inevitable that the natural forces that operate upon the Earth are going to make forced corrections at the peril of whatever resistance is in the way. Nature does not discriminate against age or political status or financial power, as everyone upon this Earthly plane, as Earthly beings of the flesh, are on a personal journey in this life to learn and evolve for the greater good. Choices can be made by each and every natural person on Earth, that sets the direction of energetic influences that play out as 'cause and effect' in such decisions.

With all of the overly-privileged European behaviours that have been witnessed by billions of people around the world, North America still seems to be populated with aggressive and hostile Caucasians and their servants, who still refuse to 'Cease & Desist' untowards actions against people of copper-complexion skin tone. The heinous crime committed by the Caucasian identified as, Payton S. Gendron, is a well-planned military tactic to cause a forced uproar in false identity movements by people of copper-complexion skin tones, which has already been put in place decades ago, to deceive the unsuspecting followers and incompetent beings who refuse to accept the truth. The so-called "BLM" movements, all over social media for billions to witness and foolishly follow, are the very poison that has caused chaos throughout the world, while such media venues and financial institutions are continually allowed to fund it, without any penalty or due punishments. If there were groups of copper-complexion people, who did the same, they would be immediately identified and horrendously punished for the world to see. However, when dealing with the European privilege 'pandemic' at North America, the voices that have reach and can be easily heard, remain silent and passive with the intentions that they will somehow reap the benefits of the chaos by unjust enrichment. Little do such types of militant persons know, is that there are many things already taking place to address such overwhelming injustices, individually and collectively, without the actual needed support from those who can (but refuse to) do something to change things for the better and bring real justice to the oppressed copper-complexion people at North America.

Overall, the illusions in place, concerning historically how every Caucasian mass shooting persons, who killed many lives by pure evil, were never truly mistreated (or delivered to true justice) after having taken the innocent lives of others, imbued with intentional lies and deception. In retrospect to the contrary, whenever a copper-complexion person, harassed by any and all police employees (throughout the said "United States"), even reached into his or her pocket to grab a cell phone or present identification or similar, under complete threat, duress, and coercion, or simply try to defend themselves against unlawful assault, battery, seizure, kidnapping, or other unnecessary violent act against them, they were either brutalized, sent to prison, or murdered on the spot. In the case with Payton S. Gendron, the Caucasian male killed natural people in cold blood and was never harmed in the slightest by apprehending public police employees for the record. The only shot the murderer received, was by one of the Security Guards who shot him, but the murderer's body armor protected him against the shot. The Security Guard who shot the murderer still lost his life at the malicious hands of Payton S. Gendron.

There have been many photos posted online, clearly showing the murderer being taken away by public police employees, clearly showing the murderer respect to "human rights," and ultimately afforded "psychological evaluation" (as in a victim), although his social media history clearly proves premeditated intentions to kill, with intelligence (not emotional distress - not that such means justifies such ends). No social media moderators / overseers flagged his account or banned Payton S. Gendron's social media account(s) up to (and after) approximately one year of disturbing online posts. So as any intelligent male or female, child or adult can clearly see, there is something truly amiss with real justice and how it is handled by police employees and those claiming to be competent judiciaries, allegedly protecting everyone's rights. The very same types of dark and disturbing behaviours (demonstrated by Caucasians), have been permitted at North America for decades (even dating back to the early 1900's - over 100 years)... only for more individuals and other persons (including co-intel groups) to follow in the footsteps of their evil predecessors.

Thickening Plot To End Colonization

As the plot thickens, many are already prepared to do what is needed to defend themselves, rightfully (not egotistically), while this assimilated, commerce-based society at North America continues to unravel to demonstrate to the world what evil truly is and how it must be resolved. There have been extremely thick plots construed at North America, which stemmed back to the late 1800's, and coming to its last abusive disposition against natural people. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction deemed absolute in the universal order, for the correction of many different things. Therefore, those who continue to believe they will not experience their "instant karma", having caused injustice to millions of good lives on the planet Earth, they would soon find themselves extremely angry to realize they are not immune to the punishments they earned themselves over and over again. It is truly a time to end colonization at North America before its too late for the many, who will have to be reprimanded for the sake of positive humanity, as they refuse to do what is right, but rather continue to be treasonous to the very cause that gave them their personal liberties and freedoms, only for them to insanely do what dark and negative things they do, to date.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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