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Florida State Legal Notice by Estate Reclamation

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The following is a public and legal notice to the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida operations doing belligerent business at North America, afforded originally by friendly commerce between Morocco and the United States via the Treaty of Peace and Friendship (Amity and Commerce) between Morocco and United States 1787; 1836. Although this mother treaty has been breached by colonizers, the contractually bound obligations are still in full effect, as etched in stone throughout the Ethers. This Legal Notice serves as the lawful record that an Heir Apparent to the North Gate Estate / North America / Northwest Amexem has indeed made lawful claim to his land / estate at North America. Florida State [State of Florida] was established at North America in the Gregorian Calendar Year 1845 and has since become a belligerent, colonial profiteering operation, feigning as a State, actually being a corporation throughout Southern territory at North America, which was not one of the original thirteen (13) colonies allowed / afforded by the Mother Treaty, only by means of peace and friendship with European / Caucasian settlers freed from British Crown rule by the American natives to the North American organic lands.

Original Legal Notice Date: 9 September 2022 [A.D.]

Law - International Law - De Jure Law - Legal - Legal Notice

On the 21st Day of August, in the year of the Lord Allah fourteen hundred forty two (1442) [M.C.] two thousand twenty two (2022) [A.D.], an heir to the North American / North Gate Estate has placed public notice to the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida corporation and its persons / operatives and their associations, regarding a simple piece of land / parcel, claimed as an Heir Apparent, who is a bloodline descendant to the American / Al Moroccan natives to the organic land. The American / Al Moroccan natives are aboriginal and indigenous to the Americas, as declared by United Nations, The Hague, operating out of Switzerland / Swaziland territory. The 2007 [A.D.] ratified declaration made it clear, the specific birthrights belonging directly to the aboriginal and indigenous peoples to the lands (Americas) around the Earth. Since the declaration has gone into full, international effect, many UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA enclaves (doing commerce as STATE OF / State of operations), have made it their personal priority and belligerent endeavors to keep the descendant American / Al Moroccan native heirs, who have been fraudulently misidentified and illegally branded by colonial nom de guerres, from rightfully receiving their inherited lands, due to extreme colonization for profits at North America.

Over the historical course of the past one hundred fifty (150) plus years, many Europeans / Caucasians, at North America, have taken it upon themselves to maliciously conduct Crimes against humanity and blatant Acts of genocide against the unique natives to the Americas of said 'African-descent'. Due to deceptive legalese used by the colonizers, along with violent acts of misprision of treason for land usurpation and estate escheatment, the offspring of the American / Al Moroccan natives have been captured, abused, and conditioned into political slaves on their own land. This truth has been effectively and lawfully revealed when Pope Francis addressed the scope of the issue via In Motu Proprio back in the Gregorian Calendar year 2014 [A.D.], by way of Public Notice and Press Release, simply for the heirs to the North American / North Gate Estate to wake up and reclaim what is rightfully theirs as land / parcel, hereditaments, and tenements, for which colonizers have been stealing for one hundred fifty (150) or more years, to date, by fraud and racketeering. Therefore, it is only rightful and lawful that the Heir Apparent, near Florida State [alleged State of Florida] territory (indigenous nomen - Flores - The Land of Flowers), place proper public and legal notice to reclaim what is his, by Universal Law and Divine Law, in accord with De Jure International Law by ancient, aboriginal and indigenous land tenure customs. It has already become the Common Law customs of the American / Al Moroccan natives to now put foreign and / or disagreeable parties on proper lawful / legal notice, due to the colonizing extremism effects of European / Caucasian occupiers / squatters at North America, since such foreigners have encountered the American / Al Moroccan natives at North America, around the Gregorian Calendar Year 1492 [A.D.], by a foreign scout convoy led by said 'Christopher Columbus'.

Legal Notice and Heirship Rights

This Public and Legal Notice serves as proper, lawful / legal notice for full estate reclamation by territorial land tenure in its entirety, due directly to the Heir Apparent to the estate. With such notice in place, and in full effect, the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida and all of its corporate Cities and Counties (approximately 267 Cities / cities and 42 Counties / counties), along with all of its operatives, including (but not limited to) Public Servants [said Governors], Commissioners, Executives, Corporate Staff, City and County Councils, Staff and Employees, Tribunals / [said Courts], Magistrates [alleged Judges; non-Article III], Servicers, Public and Private Record Keepers, Contractors (Inc's, LLC's, etc.; private and public), citizens (U.S., State, foreign, etc.; both public and private), Domestic Police Forces (Police Agencies and their Employees by Departments - including said 'Sheriffs'), and other occupying foreigners, etc. This lawful / legal notice has been placed on the public record as: Notice to any Agent(s) is Notice to all Principal(s) and Notice to any Principal(s) is Notice to all Agent(s). Due to the nature of the full estate reclamation process, it is to be immediately noticed by all who witness (even those who refuse to witness), this particular Transfer of Inheritance and Estate Reclamation claim, that ignorance of the supreme law of the land is no excuse. Any and all belligerent, foreign persons be warned against any and all attempts or actions to violate the rights of an heir to the North America / North Gate Estate, upon which they occupy and / or operate. Severe penalties and punishments immediately come with violating the rights of an heir to the North America / North Gate Estate. Click the PDF Below for the actual Legal Notice and estate claim. This notice has been placed with the full reservation of All International Rights, without prejudice or recourse.

Download PDF • 31.79MB

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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