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Al Moroccan Kidnappings By European Colonizers

Ever since aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' have been restoring their lawful status as nationals and rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, they have been deceitfully subjected to colonial terrorists / extremists (feigning as government), operating through corporate State administrations d / b / a City of / CITY OF, County of / COUNTY OF, and State of / STATE OF operations, while experiencing kidnappings by colonizers all over North American soil. In exposure of the ongoing fraud of hostile mercenary Caucasians / Europeans, still being allowed to run wild upon the land, many rightful heirs to the estate have been 'kidnapped', which is a political term referring to when a physical body is taken by aggressors, perpetrators, conspirators, criminals, and the like, for selfish purposes, whether financially or politically-motivated, with intent to cause mental, physical, or even spiritual harm to the natural people captured under fraudulent pretenses (false pretense). Although the owners to UNITED STATES INC have been recently claiming that the Doctrine of Discovery Unum Sanctum operations are over at North America, rightful heirs to the estate, of said 'African-descent', still have not been released from Caucasian / European mercenary culprits, who 'kidnapped' nationals and rightful heirs from their own lands. The ill-motives of such colonial 'kidnappings' stem from lawful and rightful heirs to the estate, simply speaking out peacefully against the centuries of oppression, as well as exercising their rights (birth-rights) to defend themselves against colonizers at North America. What many of the colonizing Caucasians / Europeans do not want to happen, is for the rightful heirs to the estate to unite and rise up to restore their estate in honour thus removing the historical colonizers from their land permanently. The ill-gotten centuries of commerce (by fraud) produced by colonizers, has left them with the taste of extreme greed in their mouths, as they blatantly refuse to give up what they have stolen for centuries and have been willing to conduct themselves in mercenary violence to support their historical fraud and deception.

Original Article Date: 5 June 2023 [A.D.]

al moroccans kidnapped by european colonizers - lamont maurice el kidnapped

Image of Lamont Maurice El - In Propria Persona as an aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American and rightful heir to the North Gate Estate North America. The image depicts the upright and uplifting peaceful activities sustained by Lamont Maurice El, regardless of the Caucasian / European-controlled media slander he has suffered prior to his public 'kidnapping' on the 13th Day of November 2022 [A.D.], by colonizers feigning as Sheriffs, operating through CHARLES COUNTY DETENTION CENTER INC, STATE OF MARYLAND at North America.

It was brought to the attention of Moroccan Press at North America, that an aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American native and heir of said 'African-descent', Lamont Maurice El, was 'kidnapped' (with video evidence) from his own land and estate territory, Mary-land. The corporate person responsible primarily for the 'kidnapping' was / is Brandon Foster, who is the said 'Director' for the corporation doing commerce on North American soil as: CHARLES COUNTY DETENTION CENTER. According to public records and credible evidence, the 'kidnapping' of Lamont Maurice El took place on the 13th Day of November 2022 [A.D.]. The video recording was conducted by peaceful aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the estate, as they were trying to assist one of their national brothers, who was being held hostage by colonizing Caucasians / Europeans on the scene during the incident. As shown by his outstanding support to his national and tribal communities around various parts of North America, Lamont Maurice El was simply doing what has always been upright in assisting to protect his brothers and sisters from corporate tyranny by colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent and the compromised slaves of said 'African-descent', who have been helping colonizers attack copper-complexion natives all over North America. Al Moroccans / Americans all over North America have been experiencing similar kidnappings by Caucasian / European mercenary colonizers, who are racketeers, terrorists, and frauds upon the estate. They often receive the help of compromised persons of said 'African-descent', who aide and abet colonizers in their misprision of treason pursuits against all aboriginal and indigenous heirs of said 'African-descent' at North America.

There have been many public outcries for assistance from honourable nations around the world to help with defunding the colonial activities at North America, which through hostile industry commerce takeovers by Caucasian / European colonizers, have left the rightful heirs financially impoverished and under extreme military control, by having been defenseless against mercenary tyrants abusing the power they have stolen from the estate over the centuries. Policy-enforcing terrorism / extremism, has been the social norm for racketeering colonial occupiers at North America, who still dare to call themselves Americans by fraud and historical deception, while they continually abuse the once afforded privileges by the supreme law of the land, within the Constitution for the united States of America / united states of America Republic 1791 [A.D.], for which they blatantly breached over one-hundred fifty (150) years ago, yet still remain unlawfully upon the North Gate Estate / North America by military force. It is the very policy-enforcing (and fraudulent said 'Sheriff' persons) activity that is derived directly from the Unum Sanctum Doctrine of Discovery operations, which the Vatican has already publicly ended as the owners to the UNITED STATES INC corporation and all of its collusive corporate City of / CITY OF, County of / COUNTY OF, and State of / STATE OF subsidiary political military staging grounds to usurp the land and escheat the estate against all rightful copper complexion natives of said 'African-descent' at North America.

brandon foster is a colonial mercenary doing fraudulent commerce at north america through charles county detention center md - lamont maurice el kidnapped

Image of colonial occupier and mercenary at North America, Brandon Foster, who is a corporate shareholder and alleged 'Director' for CHARLES COUNTY DETENTION CENTER, COUNTY OF CHARLES, STATE OF MARYLAND. Brandon Foster et al. is responsible for the 'kidnapping' of Lamont Maurice El, along with other aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans upon the estate. Brandon Foster is shown in the middle of this photo. It is to be made known publicly that compromised persons of said 'African-descent' are also culprits responsible for helping colonizers attack their own, as shown in the photo.

Along with the 'kidnapping' of Lamont Maurice El, George Edward Neal-Bey, Jhaleel Khaleed King-Ali, and Eric Khalil Bey have also been 'kidnapped' under the same false pretenses by Caucasian / European colonizers conducting themselves in public fraud and misprision of treason against the lawful and rightful heirs to the estate, whose land they have been operating upon fraudulently since the 1800s. These types of colonialism 'kidnappings' have been purposely left unpublicized and unattended by proper international jurisdiction and de jure law international courts for the public record, which such lawful national judiciaries have taken sworn 'Oaths' to protect the natural people around the world, who always have been the aboriginal and indigenous native heirs of said 'African-descent'. Time and time again, the upright and conscious people of said 'African-descent' have been speaking out against the colonial tyranny that has kept them publicly oppressed and persecuted for generations, as a direct result of the malicious intentions of the modern-day Caucasian / European colonizers, to stagnate the rightful heirs' political rising, growth, and re-evolution from the centuries of systematic military colonialism and tyranny, which they have suffered over the centuries, by the hundreds of millions to date.

The lawful international remedies in place, with international mandates like the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007 [A.D.]., the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and United States 1787; 1836 [A.D.], and the Constitution for the united States of America / united states of America Republic 1791 [A.D.] - Article VI, leave absolutely no reason for Caucasian / European colonizers (and their hybrid offspring from South and Central America) to be able to continue doing what they have been doing to the natural people in utter belligerence and arrogance against the rightful heirs. The prescribed remedies have been known to cut-off the funding sources of the colonizers (i.e. fraudulent banks and electronic platforms like cryptocurrencies derived from fraud), yet the UNITED STATES INC owners have not moved anywhere near enough to stop the horrible attacks against the rightful heirs, who they have lived off of for centuries by fraud, due to the historical papal bulls and the Doctrine of Discovery still taking place, although it was said to have immediately ended when Pope Francis made the public address again, with the Vatican, on the 30th Day of March 2023 [A.D.]. With this in mind, the 'Caveat Emptor' era is over and the North Gate Estate / North America must be restored to the aboriginal and indigenous heirs of said 'African-descent'.

Lamont Maurice El and the other heirs to the estate, who were 'kidnapped' and being held hostage for heavy Federal Reserve Note ransoms by Caucasian / European mercenary colonizers, is but another casualty in the already exposed mercenary war that has been waged against the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans / - 'Moors' / 'Muurs' / 'Amaru' at North America. The remedy to the historical fraud and deception of colonialism is simple... return everything that has been stolen, release 'kidnapped' heirs to the estate, and peacefully leave the estate that never belonged to the colonizers to begin with. We at Moroccan Press at North America wish Lamont Maurice El, George Edward Neal-Bey, Jhaleel Khaleed King-Ali, and Eric Khalil Bey a speedy return back to the organic land and their aboriginal and indigenous families who love them and have missed them.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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