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State of Florida Natural People Attack

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

This is a public notice concerning the recent new attack on the natural people, by what has been engineered as 'Monkeypox'. This new threat to public health and safety is already taking its course to reactivate the said 'COVID pandemic' mindset, with new repercussions against competent people throughout society, who refuse to keep getting bullied by State of Florida operatives, who seem to like to take part in governing everyone, even though there are those who are not within their jurisdiction. The systematic attack has been announced and publicly posted as 'News' throughout various media network venues, to create more hysteria, after people have already been traumatized by the recent said 'pandemic' events. What the State of Florida administration is publicly displaying, is their willful gross negligence in pretending to be a Republic for the people. Their actions constitute further Crimes against humanity, as there are plenty of indigenous peoples throughout Florida Republic territory, who are not "Floridians", nor are they minors or incompetent. In recent reports, Ronald DeSantis has been put on public notice of his non-compliance of his Oath of Office to do business on North American soil, along with his various constituents, attorney general, staff, commissioners, City operators, County operators, and other persons profiting off of the land and resources, without the consent of the competent aboriginal inhabitants to the land.

Original Article Date: 22 May 2022 [A.D.]

Photo of Public Servant for the State of Florida / Florida State - Ronald DeSantis

In the past two years, the world has undergone extreme mental brutality concerning a planned attack on people (nations) around the globe. Consequently, such attacks became a lucrative means for abusive said 'governments' to exercise administrative powers to manipulate, control, and even eliminate people based upon carefully-guarded secret agendas that have already been exposed. The question now is... When will the arrests and punishments of such treasonous persons begin? And, when will people stop allowing corporations to rule over the masses of populations that irresponsible said 'governments' allowed to manifest by lack of proper education and truth about population control. It would seem that profiteering endeavors, based solely on counting every natural person born unto the Earthly plane, has begun to backfire. Nonetheless, every light lifeform born unto the Earthly plane has cosmic right to be upon the Earthly plane for all intensive purposes of spiritual evolution, without hindrances. Unfortunately, the dark ones follow in trail of the light and now the long observed spiritual battle is becoming more evident by global participants doing his or her or their best to sustain divine order.

With the said 'COVID-19~' attacks, many have pondered on relief from mask wearing and unnecessary regulations that had nothing to do with people choosing how they would individually protect themselves... instead aggressive and mentally-ill financial powers attempted to force circumstances to play out in lust for power purposes, solely for the benefits of the elitists who take part. The many, many individuals involved with hijacking the mindsets of the world, still apparently have not learned their lessons in life, whereas nature has the ultimate say in how natural circumstances determine the universal order of things that have been in place for thousands of years. Man (and Woman), who have discovered (or revealed) ancient dark techniques and technologies to devolve humanity into a mental bubble of fear and lack of real self worth, have abused such ancient technologies and science to the point of no return for their own personal redemptions. They choose to continue on a perverted path in trying to destroy a world, which they cannot, nor can they determine everyone else's fate (in totality), for the sake of their own selfish greed benefits. There are some truly demonic persons (artifices) who have been playing a dangerous game for a very long time, based upon something they "think" they know. Unfortunately, when 'Pandora's Box' is opened, those curious persons will quickly realize that it has already come with a terrible price...

The State of Florida administration seems to feel the need to carry-on various types of dark agendas underneath the surface of corporate Republicanism distractions, that only cater to colonial-minded persons still trying to rule by subliminal dictatorship, who care nothing for real history and the natural people, who have been oppressed for two generations (at minimum) at North America. Now, with the World Health Assembly - d / b / a World Health Organization, claiming to be an international body politic for nations, operating through United Nations - The Hague, many are left to speculate on the New World 'Health' Order mission against conscious Heirs to the estate that the 'UNITED STATES' operates upon. It is no mystery as to the intention of corporate Nation State members, who would sell out their native nationals to achieve mass genocide, only to be left with obedient, subservient persons, who have no sense of sovereignty, only fear of totalitarian groups having planned to assimilate humanity into the 'New World Order' military regime for decades now.

Ronald DeSantis has already been notified in the instance of heirship to the rightful people, publicly, regarding nationals to the land at North America, not taking part in wardship tenures conducted by various State administrations, operating via 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION COMPANY et. al.' at North America. Therefore, the financial and spiritual liability of any and all treasonous acts, by biological warfare and various military techniques to infiltrate and destroy the Heirs to the estate, at minimum around Florida Republic territory, is extreme. It has been made known by public notice that such misprision of treason, leading to Crimes against Humanity and blatant Acts of Genocide, already contracted by international charters and mandates, will not be tolerated by the natural people any longer. If there still are minors who identify as anything other than their inherited bloodline nationalities, then by willful and competent consent, they are subject to statues, ordinances, codes, and even executive orders associated with corporate State, City, and County administrations by agreement... again, a willful and competent act by each separate natural person or individual. However, the attacks propagated by ongoing deception must not be used to attack everyone, as there are conscious natural people, who are not bound by wrongful legal statuses, nom de guerres or slave surnames. Therefore, it is important that corporate States (like the State of Florida) be extremely careful on the military police employee forces they send out into the public arena (society-at-large) to attack people by corporate military and mercenary force. This would include public places like retail operations, restaurants, supermarkets, and other commerce-producing platforms in effect at North America for current life sustainability, by the mother contract / treaty only (regardless if it is not being openly honoured by State Public Servants) upon the land - supreme law of the land.

Overall, the organic Florida State Republic still has natural people, who are the true Heirs and must not be harmed in any way, as harming them is such corporate and military-minded persons (U.S. Citizens and their foreign allies) consenting to the cosmic punishments by Mother Nature (individually and collectively) and all that derives from the Universe, while being conducted by Nature's Law, Divine Law, and Divine Order. By the divine powers that were and will always be, any and all participants harming any Heirs to the estate, in any way, shape, or form, have been warned, internationally and globally. May perpetual peace and prosperity truly encompass the aboriginal and indigenous natural people at North America for longevity.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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