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July 4th Celebration Farce Against Al Moroccans

International News of the Day: The July 4th Celebration Farce Empowers Colonialism At North America

July 4th Celebration Farce - Independence Day Was Never Meant for Moors / Moorish Americans at North America

The aboriginal and indigenous people to North America / North Gate Estate have always been the Al Moroccans / Americans (i.e. Moors / Muurs / Moorish Americans) and the July 4th Celebration farce was NEVER meant for them. The 4th of July Celebration farce in 2024 (and many years prior) at North America, only signifies the extreme colonization that has continually taken place at North America since the 1800s. The apparent takeover stems from the original thirteen (13) colonies along the eastern borders of North America, which an International Mother Treaty was formed between the true Morocco (not the Kingdom of Morocco formed by a colonial oligarchy in 1956 [A.D.]), but the Al Moroccan Empire / North America. The breach of the Mother Treaty, by hostile colonizing Caucasians / Europeans, who deceived the rightful heirs to the estate (i.e. Moors / Muurs / Moorish Americans) and implemented an eventual military plot that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans at North America, caused one of the most notorious continental and territorial takeovers in history. Such diplomatic deception gave a false sense of power to the Caucasian / European colonizer extremists, who took it upon themselves to destroy the upright aboriginal confederacies and upright Al Moroccan / American native government(s) that was already in place for the natural people upon the lands, who have been natives to North America for thousands of years. Such colonization has gained Caucasians / Europeans at North America their fraudulent political platform to implement the federal reserve note (not real money - *See 'The gold standard Act' - House Joint Resolution 192) and build their military platforms to overtake and rule the world from North American soil. As the rightful heirs to the estate were historically slaughtered over centuries by colonizers, their bloodline offspring were enslaved into European slave systems (including the financial banking system and false education systems) that have kept the bloodline descendants of the aboriginal and indigenous heirs, from ever inheriting their lands / estate. To this very day, Caucasians / Europeans at North America hide their history of absolute fraud, land theft, usurpation, malice, destruction, chaos, and overall malfeasance against ALL (not some) copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent' at North America, while having spent decades intentionally miseducating the offspring of the rightful heirs via institutions called "school", "college", "church", etc., etc. and turning Al Moroccan / American natives against one another by fraudulent and deceptive political platforms and false history with so-called "holidays" like the 4th of July Celebration farce at North America.

July 4th Celebration Farce

Daughters of the Al Moroccan / American Revolution (DAR Manual) and the 4th of July Celebration Farce that helped to overthrew the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans (i.e. Moors / Muurs / Moorish Americans) of said 'African-descent' at North America. This photo symbolizes the blatant historical deception that many Caucasians / Europeans and their mixed (hybrid) children offspring that has deceived the mass public (including people of said 'African-descent' who still believe they're "black" and who support Democracy (enslavement).

Original Article Date: 4 July 2024 [A.D.]

The 4th of July Celebration farce at North America has spent decades having bred extreme political deception. The Caucasian / European Supremacy at North America (politically correct jurisprudence) has long been a product of colonizers having migrated to North America via the Mother Treaty of Amity and Commerce of 1787; 1836 [A.D.]. It is to be made publicly known that such treaty, which has been recorded in the United States Library of Congress and made as public record by 'Freedom of Information' Act for over a century, has been the foundation as to why Caucasians / Europeans at North America have been given limited privileges via the Constitution for the united states of America (original draft) / united States of America Republic 1787-1791 (when the last lawfully ratified 10th Amendment was added). However, the majority of the populace at North America still have no idea what truly took place at North America, due to the plethora of lies construed through colonial press military tactics that stemmed from origins like Horace Greeley and the Whiggamore Party (severely suppressed truth and information) and Horace Greeley's "New York Times" printing press that spread the incite for colonizers around the world to migrate to North America and partake in the overthrow of the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans and take over their land / estate for mass commerce (Quote: "There's gold up in them-there' hills").

Since around 1948 [A.D.], international communities have been desperately trying to help the rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, by small international community panels formed by other aboriginal and indigenous peoples around the world (and honourable Caucasians / Europeans who helped during the historical plight). With publicly-known press releases and international documentation like the United Nations Charter Declaration of Human Rights - December 10, 1948 [A.D.] and the United Nations Charter Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - September 13, 2007, it is a wonder why the extreme colonial oppression, specifically against copper-complexion Al Moroccan / American natives of said 'African-descent', was even allowed to continue at North America. Nonetheless, crimes against humanity and blatant acts of genocide (purported by police, phony sheriffs, and the colonial prisoner of war camps called jails and prisons that they blatantly operate and support) continue to be the social norm at North America. Now, with the help of modern-day technology like Social Media and cell phones, colonizing Caucasians / Europeans can push fraudulent and deceptive political agendas, with extreme false narratives that intentionally target copper-complexion natives (misidentified as Negro, Black, Colored, African-American, Ethiopian, Indian, Black American, Black Indian, etc., etc.) for Divide and Conquer military tactics and ultimate genocide. Such malicious political narratives have been implemented decades ago against all natural people of said 'African-descent', and religious dogma (like Christianity), political dogma (like Democracy), and Self-hatred pushing schemes (imbued against copper-complexion natives by colonizers who pretend to be their friends and family), and "White" people idolization (Caucasian / European Supremacy), have been but some of the political church and military schemes to keep people of said 'African-descent' from reuniting against centuries of well-known historical oppression and persecution.

The main fear of the modern-day colonizers (who are NOT truly Americans or "White" people) at North America (formed from elitist global families from Europe), has been the rightful heirs to the estate truly discovering what has been done to them by their oppressors, on a massive scale, which is already inevitable. The Divine Laws of the Universe (Mother nature) and all positive laws (de jure laws to protect nationals) have already begun correcting the masquerade of Caucasian / European Supremacy at North America. Unfortunately, there are still brain-washed people of said 'African-descent' (at least by physical appearance), who continue blindly (or with evil intent), to support colonialism at North America, as they have grown extremely fond of their slave masters whom they believe have pacified them and brought them out of chains and darkness from so-called 'African' slave masters and the like. Colonizers at North America have truly been the masters of the 'Art of Lies and Deception', for which their destructive path has led the mass uneducated and / or willfully ignorant and belligerent public, to continue their lies and treason (misprision of treason) for them, as the colonizers still refuse to give-up what they have stolen from the rightful heirs to North America. And, while colonizers have heavily armed themselves as true squatters to North America and Defenders of Deception, they take to mass media (i.e. Social Media) afforded by the lawfully free Internet, to keep lying to themselves, the mass public, and to the competent world, in hopes not to reap their guaranteed karma of being removed from North America by Nature's Law (Mother Nature).

Social Media platforms like, YouTube, and Facebook, continue to be flooded with intentional misinformation, photo editing and image altering, and whitewashing history mechanisms to continue the Divide and Conquer against copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', whether such natives choose to identify as Moors / Muurs / Moorish Americans / Al Moroccans / American natives or not. The truth of copper-complexion natives is buried in their ancestral DNA as the people of the sun and their melanin-gene that Caucasian / European colonizers (and their helpers - even some aliens) have been studying for centuries, to date. Therefore, those of the copper-complexion natives can continue to be in denial all they want or choose to be, as the Divine Universe is already in the process of straightening all of the malfeasance out and people of said 'African-descent' can call out to 'Jesus / Jesuits of Rome' to be saved all they want, as it matters not to the true workings of the cosmos. Arrogance and Willful ignorance will play in the downfall of billions of people upon the Earth and they will have no one to blame but themselves for not listening-to and advocating-for the light of truth that has intended to set them free for a very long-time.

A more recent dilemma at North America, deals with Spanish-speaking foreigners from South America and other parts of the world, along with United Kingdom citizens from Great Britain, have been allowed to be permitted by United States Congress, to migrate to North America, undocumented (as in not lawfully naturalized), in droves, so as to create corporate U.S., US. USA, UNITED STATES INC allies to continue to fund the colonial body politic known as the UNITED STATES INC (not government) with current fiat and new platforms, like FEDNOW, which is the colonial federation Cryptocurrency platform. FEDNOW was signed into effect by the man playing to be Praetor Joseph Biden, who many speculate as already being deceased since around 2019 [A.D.] and verified by some covered-up Social Media leaks that have validated the "Weekend at Bernies" conscious trend and the fake news and false political narratives that fuel Deceptive Democracy and the obvious demand for the character(s) feigning as Praetor Joseph Biden to be permanently removed from his paid-for seat in office. In addition, Executive Order 14067, signed by whomever is said to be playing Joseph Biden, has been (and is) void ab initio as it is unconstitutional. The colonial body politic parties currently operating / occupying North America (major), as UNITED STATES INC (minor) were never authorized to make anything but gold and silver acceptable forms of currency, as they are the real money and rightfully belongs to the descendants of the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said 'African-descent' around the globe... including the rightful Al Moroccans / Americans (i.e. Moors / Muurs / Moorish Americans) of said 'African-descent' at North America.

In conclusion, no matter how hard colonizers try to control political and public influence narratives now, may the Divine Cosmos continually expose them and bring all Caucasian / European perpetrators (and their mixed offspring born of paleface mothers and paleface fathers, who raped copper-complexion women to produce offspring historically) to total justice in full estate restoration to the rightful heirs, as clearly depicted in General Civil Orders by Pope Francis himself. The time for colonialism nonsense is over and whatever wars are created by Caucasians / Europeans (and their illegitimate mixed / hybrid offspring) at North America, may all upright aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American (i.e. Moors / Muurs / Moorish Americans) be completely and fully protected against any harm, injury and genocide, before, during and after the downfall of Rome and the Doctrine of Discovery that took over and destroyed North America to this very day. The 4th of July Celebration farce exposure is a reminder that the world is no longer taking extreme colonization at North America lightly.

*This public editorial is a right to free press and freedom of expression and is the intellectual property of the Moroccan Press Team. And, although the author of this public post chooses the remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the Moroccan Press Team and the author still own any and all intellectual copyrights to all written content to this post and plagiarism is hereby prohibited / forbidden in any way, shape, or form, especially copying the lawful jurisprudence involved by freedom of the press and freedom of expression by international law standards, simply for colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent at North America to create propaganda, false narratives, 'fake news', and damaging slander and schisms against all aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' at North America. All Rights Reserved.

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