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Indigenous Peoples Day Florida

International News of the Day: October 9, 2023 Marks Indigenous Peoples Day Florida at North America

The 9th Day of October 2023 [A.D.] commemorates the annual Indigenous Peoples Day Florida and other parts of North, South, and Central America. The aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent' has always been copper-complexion natives, who have been historically colonized by Caucasian / European settlers and their conquest to own the lands / estates belonging ancestrally to the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent', in their respective territories all over the world. There are many politics surrounding Indigenous Peoples, as more truth has been revealed who such natural people truly are. Although there has been colonizer movements all over the globe, consisting of primarily Caucasians / Europeans and their helpers of said 'African-descent', who have been bent on controlling the planet population by absolute fraud and deception, the true aboriginal and indigenous people have been resurfacing over the past fifteen (15) or so years. The realization of who the copper complexion natives have always been at North, South, and Central America, has placed the responsibility and liabilities against all parties (domestic and international), who have been intentionally distorting and reconstructing history (specifically at North America). The true American natives have spent over five hundred (500) years having been persecuted by colonizers claiming to have "Discovered" the inherent lands belonging to the American natives of said 'African-descent'. At North America / North Gate Estate, the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' have been the rightful heirs, even though to this very day, Caucasian / European colonizers (especially their hybrid offspring) still try to claim land and resources belonging to the rightful heirs. There has been a serious quiet war taking place at North America, in the colonial relinquishment of the estate, lawfully owned by Al Moroccan / American natives. Nonetheless, Indigenous Peoples Day 2023 has been but a "baby" step in the right direction, after centuries of colonial fraud committed by Caucasian / European elitists around the world.

Original Article Date: 20 October 2023 [A.D.]

Indigenous Peoples Day Florida

A slight depiction of some of the preserved and truthful history throughout Flores [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida State / Florida]. The disinformation put in place by colonizing Caucasians / Europeans, by deceptive and fraudulent misnomers against Al Moroccan / American natives, has been calling them "Indians", which has been a catch phrase misidentification, intentionally created by colonizers to steal the lawful status (by lawful In Propria Persona identification) of the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans. Colonizers even went so far as to alter the original Constitution for the united States of America / united states of America Republic 1791 [A.D.], where it indicates "Indians not taxed". The catch phrase "Indian" was used to replace the original and lawful jurisprudence term, Indigene (or Indigenous). The deception played a key role in how colonizers continued the misnomer fraud against the rightful heirs and have spent generations deceiving the offspring of the Al Moroccan / American natives to this very day. Also, many of the ancestral tribal "names" (i.e. Seminoles) for the Al Moroccan / American natives have been altered by colonizers, in attempts to confuse future generations, who start to figure out the fraud and deception military schemes put in place by colonizers to keep the rightful estate heirs from receiving their lawful land and resource inheritances. In other words, the name "Seminole" may have not been the true tribal name for aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent' in that territory around Flores, where such a mighty tribe was said to have inhabited for thousands of years thus colonial deception has run extremely deep.

As the world has witnessed throughout true history, Indigenous Peoples Day Florida is just a recent recognition of aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', who have ancestrally cultivated the entire North American continent. Evidently, there has been much rich, prestigious, and majestic said "African" cultures around the world, which has yet to be truly re-revealed in absolute proper context, in favour of the offspring of such indigenous people and nobles of said 'African-descent'. After the great "sell out" around the world, when said "African" rulers gave into colonization and gave up their ancestrally-built nations of people, to tyrannical colonial oppressors for total financial gain, aboriginal and indigenous culture sank into complete darkness, only to be kept in tact by very small and colonial-controlled said 'African' tribes on parts of the African continent. However, due to much of the exposure of the Caucasian / European diaspora concerning the Americas, having had such an evil grip on the copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', the revelations to the uprising of the ancient tribal bloodlines, in honour, has become more prevalent in recent years.

Indigenous Peoples Day 2023 is the current calendar year in revalidating the extreme travesties that have continually taken place against copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', mainly at North America. Hostile colonialism by Caucasians / Europeans and their helpers of said 'African-descent', in various parts of the world, had missions to subvert and pervert the illustrious and divine histories relating directly to the Al Moroccan / American natives of said 'African-descent', who once honourably ruled the world in positive commerce and trade, by an upright, majestic, and noble empire. Since the fall of the empire's natural people (not the actual land and illustrious history empire itself), the estates consisting of the total empire, were colonized to the extreme, by bloody and vicious colonial wars for territories and trade routes that generated heavy global finance. The temporary colonial victors received the spoils of the war during that said 'time', having left the rightful heirs humiliated by their unexpected defeat thus the aboriginal and indigenous people and nobles slowly slipped into mental and spiritual degradation, having led to self-pity and overall despair. The darkness contrived against copper complexion natives of said 'African-descent', by colonizers who desperately have been stealing indigenous cultural artifacts and aboriginal ways of life, have been trying to replace the copper complexion natives of said 'African-descent' all over planet Earth, by intentionally writing them out of true history, while deceptively reconstructing world history, with images of Caucasians / Europeans in their conquest to rule the world as the aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent' once did honourably long ago.

The 9th Day of October 2023 [A.D.] certainly commemorates and honourable day for the rightful copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', who cultivated Mother Earth in divine ways left hidden from the public. As the planet's upright population positively moves forward, let the world once again recognize the aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent', who at North America / North Gate Estate, have always been the Al Moroccan / American natives. May Indigenous Peoples Day Florida 2023 (indigenous territory Flores) be truly spiritually significant in reigniting the divine ancestral energies of the copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', to fully restore Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice to the broken and corrupted world by colonial design.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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