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Floridian Public Employees Practice Color-of-Law

The State of Florida over the years has become a severe breeding ground involving hostility and privilege practice against natives to North America, conducted by foreigners who gave up their native birthrights to do business with the United States of America via a Green Card privilege to become said "residents" under United States jurisdiction. In spite of their foreign Visa status, whether they have been at North America for years, or even since birth, they recently have been heavily attacking conscious natives to North America by conspiratorial Color-of-Law practices, and their groups, with other natives to their foreign countries, who have been migrating in droves to North America for commerce and usurpation, while abusing the North American Heirs. Ultimately, any naturalized citizen, whether migrating from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Lebanon, or other foreign countries, they have no higher status than the Al Moroccan / American natives to the land. Irrespective of the harsh personal feelings derived from foreigners losing their national status (as in denationalization) by becoming U.S. Citizens, they have been reported to have extreme tendencies to abuse their privileges to do commerce at North America, by the Treaty of Peace and Friendship (Amity & Commerce) between Morocco and the United States 1787 only. Local native nationals have been standing up to the extreme Color-of-Law practices conducted by such foreigners abusing their privileges, regardless of what they were told by United States of America operatives in their immigration to North America (misnomer United States).

Original Article Date: 5 June 2022 [A.D.]

Incident "Time": Between 8:30 and 8:50 pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

A photo of the symbol of De Jure Law & Justice being rendered without biasedness or misjudgment.

On the 5th day of June 2022, an Al Moroccan / American national encountered a public employee contracted through Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority - d / b / a Lynx, located near Downtown Orlando, State of Florida at North America. The encounter led to the native to North America exercising his birthrights, with impunity, against a native to either Puerto Rico or Columbia. The public employee involved in the matter blatantly refused to identify himself and wore the colors of the United States (by flag), doing business at North America by treaty, having been formed by European colonizing agents, as Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority, calling themselves "Commissioners" and doing business through the corporate State of Florida as belligerent trustees (through United States Congress) warring against the natural people and rightful inhabitants to the organic land. It is oftentimes such behaviours of foreigners, which caused (and still causes) serious injuries to the natives to North America by bloodline descent, for over one-hundred fifty years, to date.

The confrontation between the Al Moroccan / American and the public employee ensued from the public employee obstructing the native's right to board the public bus (offered as a public service afforded to the entire public) by standing in the doorway to the entrance of the bus, while playing on his cell phone and ignoring the native getting on the bus. According to reports, the Al Moroccan / American simply walked politely pass the public employee, who is considered a bus operator (Employee ID 6433 according to video record evidence) for Lynx, inserted his ticket into the bus ticket reader located at the front of the bus, then headed to have a seat to travel by bus to his destination. This native has been known by Lynx staff and employees, to travel by bus frequently and has given Lynx years of financial support by the purchase of bus tickets that fund the corporation in revenue-generating operations, for profit (including the State of Florida), at North America. While peacefully passing the bus operator public employee, the native was disrespected by intimidating verbage uttered by the bus operator. When the native realized what the bus operator was saying to him by negligent expression, causing a trespass in disrespect and complete disregard to provide the native true, respectful, and appreciative Customer Service, the native stood his ground and addressed the issue directly with the bus operator. In the native having done so, the bus operator deprived the native of his right to travel by demanding that the native get off of the bus. The native at first refused to get off of the bus, which only led to the bus operator conspiring against the native, by directly threating the native in his stating that he was calling his Supervisor to prevent the native from getting back on the bus, after demanding that the native get off of the bus, by such threat as policy-enforcing activity to cause the native injury.

The bus operator used a phone located near the driver's side of the bus and called the sub-contracted security guards instead of calling his Supervisor, who possibly would have remedied the matter, without injury to the native. The security guard agency, Strategic Security Services Corp. / Corporation, currently administered by Christie Sordi, is the parent, corporate operation for the alleged security guard services, which only operates in the interest of protecting "Executives" (i.e. corporations that hire them for private security services), according to the said 'services' offered by the administrators to the corporation. Already, the native was immediately placed at a support disadvantage, as not only the bus operators, but the two (2) male security guard employees, who arrived within minutes, as they operate via the Lynx Central Station, which is the public bus hub where the attack against the Al Moroccan / American took place, near Downtown Orlando, State of Florida, trespassed upon an heir to the estate by birthright.

Upon arriving to the intentionally compromised situation, the two (2) male security guards approached the native, both with firearms (handguns), in threat against the Al Moroccan / American, pretending to be in favor of remedying the situation completely. Only one (1) of the security guard employees actually identified himself as Louis (possibly spelled Luis) Torres, as neither security guard employee furnished any photo identification of who they actually are, legally or lawfully. This type of fraudulent trespass against natural people occurs around the Orlando, State of Florida territory quite frequently, proven by the constant complaints made by nationals (public and private) and U.S. Citizens, according to complaint studies around the Orlando, State of Florida area.

Above is an actual video of the Color-of-Law violations that took place on 5 June 2022

All International Rights Reserved in respect to the public posting of this video.

The two (2) male security guards began their public adjudication (law practicing) against the heir to the estate, by making frivolous claims that the unidentified bus operator public employee had a "right" to authorize himself to deny the native his birthright to travel by public bus, afforded to everyone else on the organic land. To add insult to injury against the heir, it was made known by the heir (by video evidence) that he had already purchased what Lynx identifies as a "weekly bus ticket" at cost of 16 Federal Reserve notes [$U.S.]. Therefore, the obligation was further solidified for the public service to be immediately afforded to the Al Moroccan / American national, by default. However, this did not turn out the be the case, as both security guard employees and the bus operator employee (all three U.S. Citizens) continued to practice Color-of-Law activities against the native. The native was thus forced to continue exercising his birthrights for approximately fifteen (15) minutes before the public threats made against the heir, by all of the public employees involved, finally subsided and the heir was allegedly "allowed" to get on the bus to pursue his travels to his destination for the evening.

There is conclusive evidence, by intellectual property video, which the heir to the estate utilized his right to video record the attack for his personal protection against the foreign assailants doing public business as corporation representatives, advocating policy-enforcing activities against the native to North America and an employer for the estate. Nonetheless, the Al Moroccan / American national did not allow is unalienable and inalienable rights to be infringed upon by the gang-like, fraudulent activity displayed by the three (3) public employees operating by treaty upon his estate.

Overall, there have not yet been been known complaints currently filed by the Al Moroccan / American national, with the proper parties of interest or the liable parties responsible for the degenerative and willfully negligent behaviours of the foreign public employees, who as per video evidence, violated United States Code of Laws, Title 18, Chapter 13, Part 1, Section 242 and Section 241, specifically referred to as Color-of-Law practices, with heavy penalties for violations. This type of violation made, along with its penalties, is clearly posted on the United States Department of Justice website for anyone and everyone to witness, review, understand, and heed. With this in mind, ignorance of the law is no excuse, by lawful principles. It is presently unknown whether the heir to the estate intends to file suit action in the matter.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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