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Orlando Covert Christian Crusades

International News of the Day: CITY OF ORLANDO Covert Christian Crusades Have Been Ongoing Throughout the STATE OF FLORIDA colony.

The corporate STATE OF FLORIDA colony, still currently operated by Caucasian / European persons and their political slaves of said "African-descent", who have abandoned their birth-rights to serve corporate imperialism. Christianity is one of the most widely followed and deceptive religious platforms, which has historical dark roots involving the Christian Crusades, where Caucasian / European conquerors against aboriginal and indigenous peoples all over the globe, have built militaries specifically to annihilate copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent'. However, in modern-days, the world witnesses the exact result of a temporary defeat of historically majestic people of said 'African-descent', who once ruled the world in honour (not the illusion and political scandals and betrayals the public sees today). The ongoing cover-up of the historical Christian Crusades, stems from the ill-gotten finance that Caucasian / European colonists built-up over centuries of fraud, lies, deceptions, betrayals, and overall treason against the copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent' around the world, who tried being civil with the historical savagery conducted by Caucasians / Europeans, who originated in European territories, but have long since migrated all over the globe in search of colonial conquests to loot, pillage, destroy, takeover, and reconstruct history against the ancient cultures of aboriginal and indigenous people, whom they learned from, studied from, and eventually betrayed for global domination. The very illusion of reality that the world witnesses today, through tell-lie-vision, Internet, social media, news platforms, technology and the like (all controlled currently by Caucasians / Europeans operating from North American soil by military force), has been a part of the historical Christian Crusades that are alive and still in effect today. The reality is that aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent', who at North America are the Al Moroccans / Americans, have spent over a century and a half under constant siege by colonial perpetrators doing only commerce for extreme profits against the North Gate Estate / North America, where the popes of Rome and the so-called "Royal Family" in London, England control the 'Cestui Que Vie' Trust consisting of the North Gate Estate / North America. The control of the trust also ties to the very Doctrine of Discovery that the popes of Rome have declared repudiated on the 30th Day of March 2023 [A.D.]. In lieu of full estate restoration to the millions of competent aboriginal and indigenous peoples at North America, who have always been the Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', the popes have not made nearly enough effort to "nip it in the bud", as far as shutting down the commercial mercenary compounds and barracks still operating fraudulently upon the land and making full reparations to rightful Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent'. In addition, the North American boarders have been left open to Spanish Inquisition foreigners, still pursuing the secret Treaty of Verona and the King Alfred plan to keep the rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate under complete siege by profiteering frauds, as colonizing foreigners from South America and other corporate UNITED STATES controlled territories have been constantly colonizing and setting-up commercial shops (operations), specifically to usurp the lands and escheat the estate, along with Caucasian / European persons still pretending to be Americans / Al Moroccans at North America.

Original Article Date: 5 October 2023 [A.D.]

Orlando Covert Christian Crusades

Image of Anti-Christianity North America and the Caucasian / European Supremacy that continues to deceive the world by colonial conquests and the foreign persons (and their helpers) at North America, who refuse to Cease & Desist the mental, physical, and spiritual enslavement of natural people of said 'African-descent'.

The CITY OF ORLANDO covert Christian Crusades is the modern-day, evolved Caucasian / European-driven mechanism, based upon psychological warfare and military tactics hidden in plain sight, throughout Flores, which has been blatantly misidentified as the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida State / Florida by historical colonizers at North America. After decades of research, speculation, and verified authentic document recognition of the sordid acts of colonizers at North America, much of the corruption has been brought to the light by rightful exposure of the silent and secret tyrants, who have been deceitfully and fraudulently controlling the land / estate (North America in its entirety), against the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent at North America. Since the corporate military formation of the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida colony, around 1875 [A.D.], Caucasians / Europeans at North America have done nothing but commit genocide and control the rightful heirs to the estate of said 'African-descent', who once ruled the territory peacefully and honourably (written out of history - hidden by secret conquests - hidden by colonizers and their modern-day offspring).

Over the past decade or so, Flores [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida] territory has been intentionally overrun with Spanish-speaking foreigners playing direct (and indirect) part in the historical Spanish Inquisition, where Caucasians / Europeans from the Spain territory overthrew the aboriginal and indigenous copper-complexion natives in that territory, then sieged control of the land and its resources, while having setup a military staging ground to pervert and reconstruct history in that particular territory and abroad. The military tactics used by colonizers (as they learned from historical majestic rulers of said 'African-descent'), has always been to infiltrate territories rich in resources for global trade and profiteering endeavors, slaughter any competent natives (especially those rebellious to their schemes), implement colonizing forms of religion (i.e. Christianity), and blatantly enslave and breed with remaining copper-complexion natives, who Caucasians / Europeans could easily manipulate and control (mainly children). Such a military tactic is witnessed in full force today at North America and the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida is but one of the many military staging grounds in continuance of the hostile takeovers (by commercial political platforms creating profiteering industry platforms pushing Federal Reserve notes and other financial trading mechanisms). If a competent person, knowing the true savagery and belligerent nature of the Christian Crusades scouring aboriginal and indigenous territories inhabited by copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', one would clearly see ALL of the colonial symbolism (masonic symbols, military symbols, Christian crosses) all over the land at North America.

The STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida colony has some of the worst colonialism history concerning all of the barbaric acts of colonizing Caucasians / Europeans, who committed such crimes against humanity as having fed men, women, and children of said 'African-descent' to alligators, kept hidden in historical records. In addition a massacre of copper-complexion natives, known as the "Ocoee Massacre", where Caucasians / Europeans blatantly misidentified rightful heirs to North America (whose status has been stolen and kept hidden by colonial occupiers), has been one of the worst in the southern territories at North America. To this very day, colonizers have a huge Christian Crusade cross (equivalent to a tall building) near a corporate street called [West Colonial Drive, near Ocoee, Florida], signifying their historical conquest to destroy aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans at North America, yet copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', still under some sort of mind control, will claim to be "Christians", believing the colonial deception of a "Jesus Christ" saviour waiting to accept them in some kind of "heaven" for calling upon the name "Jesus", who has been historically portrayed to look like a Caucasian / European, although an 'Old Testament' of the Helios Bibliotech (Holy Bible - King James Version and the like) described the so-called "Jesus" character as a man with hair like sheep's wool and feet like burnished brass (as in copper-complexion)...

Video Evidence: The following video evidence was provided to Moroccan Press at North America due to the vast political controversy taking place throughout the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida colony administration. The colony administration has been historically using the 1st Amendment (Constitution for the united States of America / united states of America Republic 1791 [A.D.]), to not only invade the privacy rights of the aboriginal and indigenous people in the territory (which conflicts with the 10th Amendment), but also use their politically-compromised persons of believed 'African-descent' to pretend as if they represent aboriginal and indigenous people in the territory, only to receive colonialism funding from the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida to fund more commercialism, based on the absolute enslavement and suffering of rightful heirs (many of whom believe they are being afforded humanity by Christian Crusaders wearing suits and ties in modern-days) of said 'African-descent'. This video was published as a part of International de jure law and the global mandates by the Declaration on the Rights if Indigenous Peoples - 2007 [A.D.]. All International Rights Reserved.

For those who do not realize the political scandals taking place throughout Orlando, Florida concerning Christian Crusades, take a look at the older Caucasian / European man with glasses in the above video and the cross symbol on his shirt, pretending to have a right to violate the privacy rights of others. This type of scenario takes place around the CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA political colony on a regular basis and their City Council persons continue the harassment against aboriginal and indigenous peoples for their profiteering endeavors.

Consequently, due to all of the political controversy still taking place at North America, the fraudulent rulers of Caucasian / European-descent (and their hybrid offspring persons) are still playing upon the Doctrine of Discovery so bad, that unconscious / miseducated / incompetent rightful heirs to the estate are not behaving upon their own free will, subjected to false identities, beliefs, and lives based upon the absolute colonial conquest still taking place on North American soil to this very day. The lies and deception embedded into public society, by financially privileged frauds who intend injury against copper-complexion natives, and who have been stealing the wealth of the land rightfully belonging to the copper-complexion natives, for over a century, is part of the truthful reason colonizers are still fraudulently occupying the estate so arrogantly and comfortably. The STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida colony has been known to harbour colonial charlatans and artisans of profiteering commerce, for the sake of keeping copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent' extremely impoverished and under corporate military siege (i.e. Police / POLICE and said 'Sheriff' / SHERIFF persons, who act outside of the Constitution for the united States of America Republic / united states of America Republic 1791 [A.D.]). Such colonizing persons (and those of said 'African-descent' who work for them), have been the true outlaws upon the land, while they pretend to be "Law Enforcement", never being specific as to which international de jure laws that they operate by, since they have only ever operated by fraudulent corporate statutes, ordinances, and codes not in harmony with the Constitution for the united States of America Republic / united States of America Republic 1791 [A.D.]. Thankfully, All-Law is specific and in favour of protecting nationals (aboriginal and indigenous peoples and honourable naturalized citizens to respective estates) and those who abide by the supreme law of the land at North America. Color-of-Law, Color-of-Authority, and Color-of-Office has always been the deceptive and fraudulent business model of Caucasians / Europeans at North America, especially in colony areas like the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida.

As the world approaches the 2024 [A.D.] Gregorian Calendar Year, the competent world can only wonder how decades of fraud having been exposed over the past three (3) years, alone, will impact society-at-large at North America and around the globe. The Caucasian / European colonial diaspora has been so profitable for the many military and commercial mercenary frauds occupying North America, that the colonizers refuse to let go of what they have blatantly stolen and extorted by total land usurpation and estate escheatment by mass genocide and historical military sieges against aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'. Those who have always been responsible for the horrible colonialism history at North America (and their offspring), will have to be held fully liable and accountable, for the public record, when all is said and done concerning full estate restoration to the rightful heirs / inhabitants of said 'African-descent'. Orlando covert Christian Crusades and the Floridian Crusaders / Knights Templar / Ku Klux Klan persons pushing Christianity and the Doctrine of Discovery against copper-complexion natives, at North America still, will have to face the lawful penalties and punishments, with prejudice, for their crimes against humanity and blatant acts of genocide against rightful heirs of said 'African-descent'. Massive reparations to the rightful Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent' has been long overdue, which many believe such lawful reparations are truly unfathomable, due to centuries of colonialism fraud at North America and other parts of the world.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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