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When Will Al Moroccans at North America Get It?

Moroccan Press Team

Nov 12, 2022

americans al moroccans aboriginal and indigenous peoples north america decolonization acts of genocide treaty of peace and friendship between morocco and the united states 1787 1836

In order for colonizing Europeans to continue the usurpation and estate escheatment tactics at North America, their chosen naturalized persons of European-descent have the program to stimulate the spiritual eagerness of the voters (gay marriage / civil union) and afterwards vocally (and also in some cases visually) play on religious ideology, based entirely on dogmatic control and manipulation of the people. This type of military tactic is predominantly used against the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans at North America of said African-descent, who have been temporarily defeated, in one of the last public wars at North America. The defeat has since led to colonizers committing mass acts of genocide and crimes against humanity, based entirely on the elimination of the heirs to the North American estate, to take their resources and land for profits, by the commerce afforded to Europeans by the Treaty of Peace & Friendship between Morocco and the United States 1787;1836. It was a great deception that unsuspectingly allowed colonizers to get their foot in the door at North American borders along the East Coast, only to turn the treaty into one of the worst nightmares the Al Moroccans have faced in recent centuries. After the defeat of the heirs to the estate, the victors integrated their Christianity (Nicean-Constantinople Order of Emperor Constantine - Rome) for control purposes only, against the aboriginal and indigenous people at North America. This has been a known and historical fact that has been kept secret by the colonizing forces that temporarily defeated the Al Moroccans at North America.

Throughout the centuries, the majority of the wars waged between Al Moroccans and Europeans, have actually been based upon religious dominance lusted after by Europeans, who saw the significance in controlling masses of people by belief systems that benefited those who understood the farce entirely. A prime example is the wars in Iraq, separated into a power battle of three religious factions; the exact same conquest in the previous Yugoslavia; the destruction of the Yiddish people in Germany; genocide against all those of said African-descent on the continent identified as Africa. The exact same political agenda has been occurring at North America since 1492 when Columbus allegedly discovered America, already heavily populated and inhabited by aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said African-descent.

North America has been so heavily divided since the colonization effects have severely compromised the integrity of the ancient cultures and the divine societies cultivated by the Al Moroccans - and religion (false beliefs) is the culprit by military design. Pushing manipulative, corrupted, and diluted Christianity against the enslaved offspring of the Al Moroccans has been so severely widespread at North America, and Europeans, have indulged and extremely profited in the deception and misprision of treason against the heirs. The effects of Euro-Christianity (Catholicism) have become a heavy sales tactic to program aboriginal and indigenous people around the globe to worship a "White son idol god," created specifically by colonizing Europeans to look like them, for the sheer effect of persuading the minds of the unsuspecting Al Moroccans / Americans, who have been programmed since birth into the utter deception (including their parents and grandparents and great great grandparents in modern days) by absolute treachery.

As the heirs to the North American estate rapidly awake and begin to realize the seriousness of the circumstances on their inherited lands, by birthright, the colonization agenda will cease to exist and real justice will rapidly take its long overdue course for the karma to manifest against colonizers. The current reality at North America, is that there has been a severe and quiet war against the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans, as the majority of territorial heirs around the world have been under extreme psychological warfare (even by dark sorcery methods) to keep them under mind control to support their own enslavement, to hate themselves, and to hate their own brothers and sisters, who have been fraudulently and deceptively subjected to the same. Florida has been a known territory, where the exact type of extreme colonizing activity is taking place in 2022. And, colonizing men and women of European-descent have been deceiving and seducing Al Moroccan men and women into amalgamation relationships to produce corrupted bloodline offspring, simply to try to continue the dark agenda against the heirs. This is the reality and a wrath for the incompetence is said to be around the corner for the redemption of the natural people at North America. It is time to wake up Al Moroccans / Americans and set things right again among the natural people to the organic lands around the globe.

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