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What Decolonization Truly Is and Why It Is Most Important to Correct In 2022~

Moroccan Press Team

Nov 10, 2022

decolonization at north america - aboriginal and indigenous peoples 2022

The initial subject matter of this article mentions that most of us have a duty to one another. Interdependence challenges us to identify our embeddedness in connections; to recognize the way that we are inherently part of ancient systems, communities and also networks as well as to question how we know what we understand, fostering our ability to operate fairly within societies of which we are component and also which support us as a collective humanity.

The colonial oppression, ongoing and global-reaching in its extent, affects neighborhoods everywhere. Across the globe, native people in their inherent habitats are combating to gain back accessibility to their land, grappling with the repercussions of borders attracted through the colonial foreign agendas or battling to secure land that is regularly threatened by such foreigners forcibly looking to extort finance from natural resources derived from the organic lands.

Decolonization is full-time work that is the responsibility of everyone, everywhere. It asks us to assume regarding our connections and ultimate relations with indigenous lands that colonizers have actually unjustly declared, re-defined and usurped all over the world.

Decolonization is concerning "social, psychological, as well as economic freedom" for aboriginal and indigenous people, with the objective of accomplishing native sovereignty and nationhood by birthright -- the right and capability of aboriginal and indigenous people to practice self-reliance over their land, cultures, and political, as well as economic systems. Colonialism is an ongoing and historic worldwide pandemic, where foreign settlers proceed to forcibly occupy land that was never their own, dictate social, political, and economic systems, and exploit indigenous people and also their resources and culture for profits.

When we misinterpret words, we misunderstand each other. Similar to lots of terms hash-tagged, tracked, advertised as well as weaponized, decolonization has actually struggled with a distortion, casually sprayed online, in the media, in academic discourse, as well as in social justice rooms without nuance. This distortion creates natural people to either disregard the term completely, or involve with it in such a way that decenters the native narrative that is so central to the original activity.

Decolonization calls for decentralizing the intentionally misconstrued story, told by colonizing foreigners.  When more people learn to accept the truth and act upon it with an objective perspective to correct themselves and embrace the truth, nature can take its course to correct the misconceptions and the already embedded reality can resurface again.  Historically, cultures have made their mark upon planet Earth and the cultivate aboriginal and indigenous cultural energies are still there, just subverted by lies, deception, and falsehood.

It is almost as if colonizers put the native energies to sleep, while they promote their versions of reality by manipulation of that which always was.  When responsible initiative is regained and re-established by responsible people, who honour and respect ancient cultures that paved the way for humanity for thousands of years, societies can again begin to reconnect with the divine cultures that played part in the evolution of humanity.

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