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The Al Moroccan Native Misnomer Agenda

Moroccan Press Team

Nov 10, 2022

american native aboriginal and indigenous peoples north america european colonization

Al Moroccan (American) natives of said "African-descent" have historically been victims of European colonization and severe land usurpation hostility and unbridled avarice-driven or unjustified violence, particularly in the territories at North America (Morocco), understood jointly today as the United States, which has been revealed to be a corporation. Self-defense by natives at North America (alleged to be massacres by deception) took place at North America, due to such hostile European colonization, in the British nest Jamestown, in Virginia in 1622. The Al Moroccan natives were forced to defend themselves, with extreme prejudice, against colonizing European men, women and their children in their attempts to steal land and resources belonging to the natives.

Europeans have likewise been responsible for importing pathogens, disease triggering agents, such as smallpox and measles, malaria, tuberculosis, and even yellow fever to the Al Moroccan natives. The aboriginal and indigenous people had untapped cellular memory in immunological resistance response to those types of biological warfare tactics (even if not fully intended), as they were never exposed to them for their natural immune systems to combat them during those times.

Over the recent years, it has become even more apparent by scholarly anthropologists, economic experts and paleo-pathologists, who have actually completed a huge study of the health of native peoples domiciling at North America (Morocco) in the last 7,000 years - suggest that the health of Al Moroccan natives was compromised by engineered diseases and historical biological warfare tactics secured by their enemies. The aboriginal and indigenous people have become a primary target of interest for extinction, by foreigners seeking their land, resources, and the control of their ancient cultures that paved the way for modern-day civilization, as the world recognizes it today. However, false narratives have been constantly put in place to play a reverse-psychology military tactic, as to Europeans having been victims of genocide by efforts of the Al Moroccan natives, which is falsehood and rewritten history by Europeans in the more recent centuries.

The alleged discovery of North America (Morocco) by Christopher Columbus in 1492, has indeed been one of the many rewritten histories, composed by false narrative perpetrating Europeans, who have been pushing the agenda to usurp the lands and escheat the North American / North Gate Estate, still belonging to the Al Moroccan natives by rightful bloodline inheritance. With extorted finance to create dominating printing presses, while destroying historical aboriginal and indigenous peoples archives detailing true history, the Europeans began their rewrite of history after the 'Great Book Burning', having destroyed divine and true records belonging specifically to the natives.

After the 'Great Book Burning', colonization became a simple process for the European conquest to take over North America (Heart of the Al Moroccan Empire) and secure trade routes that made the Al Moroccan natives the richest people in the world at North, South, and Central America and their adjoining islands. With so much desire for the control of such wealth and trade power, which actually controlled global economies, the Europeans and their offspring gave priority attention to the destruction of the Al Moroccan natives at North America and other parts of the world. It became an obsession for colonizers to take the place of what lawfully (and legally) has been known by true scholars and record-keepers of real history, to be the aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the world estates, stemming from the Al Moroccan Empire (Ottoman Empire and other names to hide the truth).

With so much jealousy and envy directed against Al Moroccans at North America, colonizers devised secret treaties and plans to continually overthrow the native nations and their free national government(s), originally run by the actual native heirs to the North Gate Estate. In spite, Europeans began creating erroneous color caste system brand names, through their colonizing said 'governments', which they fully controlled and implemented throughout their foreign societies at North America, through the thirteen original colonizes afforded to them by the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and the United States 1787; 1836. Since being afforded commerce privileges at North America (the empire hub), Europeans have implemented their misprision of treason agenda to fully integrate and fortify their color caste system branding of the remaining (after massive slaughtering all across the continent) and captured aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan natives at North America thus giving them false names, identities, and wrongful statuses to disinherit them from their own lands and estate, by utter legal deception. This is the modern-day dilemma that the true heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America have been facing and lawfully fighting to restore by their birthright.

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