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Weather Modification Politics

The politics at North America have been extremely controlled over the years of manipulated elections and "paid off" seats of said 'government', where colonial body politics have continued to usurp the land and escheat the estate at North America [misnomer United States]. It has been no real mystery as to the severe corruption that has ensued which colonizing political persons has taken his or her place as Public Servants, yet only to serve the elite financial deceivers, who have ruled on a land that is not their own. The purpose for the fraudulent financial rule and control by politics at North America, has always been due to the heirs to the estate, who have been historically slaughtered, while their offspring and progeny as aboriginal and indigenous peoples, have been deceived and systematically conditioned into slavery (mentally, physically, and spiritually) for over a century and a half. With such desperation attempts made by foreign oppressors, to keep the heirs to the estate at North America under false identities that have led to wrongful status and loss of true political power, there has been so much intentional confusion, that people in general have no idea what is really taking place with the politics that controls the minds of billions around the world. Much of the political corruption at North America has been many diversions and distractions, by design, to deceive people into voting for the next colonization agenda persons, feigning as said 'government'. Democracy is the de facto political platform, while the real Republic has been compromised by persons pretending to be 'For the People', still silently promoting Democracy, which has been known to be based entirely on slavery... little do the majority of natural people know.

Original Article Date: 8 November 2022 [A.D.]

A photo of a coming storm based on North America territories and the distractions used by politics by military design.

Destruction By Design

There are still many people who fail to fully realize exactly how desperate elitists (mainly of European-descent) have used crafty military tactics to influence the plethora of political scandals that have historically swept North America, simply so that colonizing Europeans / Caucasians, and their compromised people of said 'African-descent', can continue to fraudulently rule at North America by commerce design. It has been known by the well-studied, that the modern-day technologies that have been released to the public, are not the only technologies readily available for everyone to competently use in the evolution of humanity. Of course, there are many secret militaries and societies of corporate persons, who have chosen to withhold stolen and intentionally hidden technologies from the masses, for the sheer purpose of using such technologies for the sole purpose of control and manipulation, to keep their chosen persons claiming alleged 'leadership' for financial endeavors, leading to extreme profiteering to luxurious lifestyles of those persons. This is the vicious reality when dealing with corporate persons, who have gotten a taste of grandeur and will injure billions of people and destroy the Earth, simply so that they can continue to operate in lower-self for Earthly, third-dimensional pleasures by dark desires. Such a reality has been induced throughout history and known by many of the scholarly people around the world. The problem is, there are many who have been afforded the financial, military, and political power, who refuse to correct these things and change circumstances for the betterment of humanity-at-large. Instead, they pretend that the usurping powers operating under democracy platforms are "too powerful" to stop, which of course, is a farce.

Apparently, the world revolves around finance (financial matters or energy exchange manifested in material), which influences anyone and everyone (in some way) to do something in the exchange for finances (energy) to purchase and / or receive something that he or she may need, want, or simply desire. This is the main way that many people are manipulated into corruption. Therefore, when people start to realize that sacrifices must be made to end corruption, they will stop playing into the hands of those who have used them for their corruption agendas around the world. Every extremely corrupted power around the globe, was built off of the backs of the people and fueled by the same people who bought into the financial systems that caused catastrophes around the world. People are already naturally aware of what is taking place with such corruption. However, they continue to fuel the fires of political corruptions, like voting, and allowing public opinion and / or public interest approvals of the very persons responsible for the networks of colonization (mainly at North America).

Through careful historical research, anyone can find and uncover the political corruptions that have been systematically induced around said 'election' times, when shift in global power (derived from corporate United States politics) has heavily relied on deceptive campaigning for chosen persons [Public Servants], who make public statements concerning their political agendas, upon being elected by chosen people, while secretly being controlled and manipulated by the financially elite, who have been controlling the very same politics around the world. Such financial elitists have never had any intentions to do anything for the very people they fraudulently live off of by various human trafficking (administrative) tactics like taxation, inflation, driver's licenses, forced servitude, peonage, etc., against the people who believe that their selected corporate persons have any of their true interests at heart. The vicious cycles of political deception at North America has gone on for over a century, to date. And, with a new said 'election' that has approached, the deceptive players have taken the stage and are implementing various military tactics and agendas to persuade the incompetent public into 'voting' for the corporate persons simply doing commerce for profits for their mother corporation at North America, afforded by historic treaty only. Of course, the mentioned treaty is still in effect by foreigners still colonizing North America by the millions. However, it has been intentionally subverted by colonization extremities and replaced by public color-of-law and policy-enforcing corporate tactics to deceive only.

Weather Modification Agendas

In recent months, studies have been conducted at what has taken place at Florida Republic territory, concerning 'Hurricane Ian' and the devastation that such a weather anomaly has caused, with the destruction of land and housing all over that territory. The hurricane ripped through the territory as a said 'Category 4' storm, causing many casualties thus causing heirs to the estate (not foreigners) to lose their homes and force squatting foreigners into different parts of the territory. Due to the hurricane devastation, many questioned the motives of Ronald DeSantis, who is the current acting [Public Servant], doing business as the State of Florida, established in the Gregoria Calendar year of 1845 [A.D.] and since run by corporate persons feigning as said 'governors'. This truth has been withheld from the public and must be made known to effectuate the already revealed karmic debt to instill competency for the misprision of treason against the heirs to the estate, who have been cheated, since birth, out of their land and estate at North America. Many of the acting political persons frauds are still in denial of this truth and making public statements in controversy to the aboriginal and indigenous natural people of said 'African-descent' at North America mainly.

As the studies involving technology and how weather can be manipulated (weather modification) by man has become more apparent over the years, due to emerging patterns of weather anomalies, where extreme weather has seemed to target specific regions, with losses of elitist mind control and manipulation of heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, conceptualization of why hurricanes have been sporadically popping up around Florida Republic territory has been evident in the minds of intelligent people. Many believe that there is some link between agreements made between Ronald DeSantis and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which would grant the federal corporation access to the land by means of damage repairs caused by the destructive hurricanes that haven somehow recently been erecting to specifically hit the Florida Republic territory. Even by means of simple analyses and speculation, one can consider a link between such political arrangements, as there has been known activity of conscious heirs around the Florida Republic territory. With active heirs to the estate, colonizing Europeans / Caucasians lose land, resources, control, and territorial advantage caused by misprision of treason and usurpation. There are many who have been studying why there has been a spike in gang stalking activities, by corporate city and county employee persons, operating through the corporate State of Florida, to try to harass and attack conscious heirs to the estate (directly and indirectly) by threat and intimidation tactics to infringe upon the birthrights of the heirs by military attack design. The assessments have revealed that counties like COUNTY OF ORANGE / ORANGE COUNTY agents doing business as an alleged 'Correctional Facility / Jail', have been dispatching their agents and employees to harass (and even kidnap) heirs to the estate, by persons of both European-descent and said 'African-descent' to induce further 'Divide & Conquer' military tactics around the corporate State of Florida area, feigning as 'Law Enforcement' and being delivered to de facto tribunal persons feigning as said 'Judges' for auctioneering methods for profiteering for the corporate Cities and Counties, and ultimately for the corporate States, doing commerce on the land by fraud and racketeering.

Ultimately, there seems to be an extreme power shift around the corporate State of Florida area, where much of the 'Doctrine of Discovery' activity has historically originated at North America and the European / Caucasian conquest to keep the 'King Alfred' plan and 'Secret Treaty of Verona' alive and well, specifically against the heirs to the estate of said 'African-descent', who have already nationalized, as well as unconscious heirs waking up to the truth and horrible reality of exactly what they have been fraudulently subjected to by misprision of treason. Overall, it is for the truth to come forth and all those who took part in the fraud and deception, to be severely punished and penalized for their karmic actions that set the stage of one of the most horrible land usurpation and estate escheatment operations that the world has ever known. The punishments prescribed must fit the crimes against humanity and acts of genocide by de jure international law standards for the records.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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