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United States Postal Service Mail Delays

Over the course of the past two (2) years, the United States Postal Service, doing business under the United States Post Office, has been allowing employees to tamper with mail, hinder mail, and delay mail in many different ways, so as to prevent lawful communications from reaching corporations and their owners. Law has been historically effectuated through Writs, Affidavits (lawful), and de jure law documents, by typed and hand-written communications to respective parties all over North America. Now, with the failing corporate structures doing business through the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, corporate persons have become desperate to prevent their fraud from being exposed in the reparations long overdue to the American / Al Moroccan native heirs to North America / North Gate Estate.

Original Article Date: 14 September 2022 [A.D.]

United States Postal Service Carrier Employee

It has become evident, since the inception of the biological warfare conducted against the natural people all over the Earth, having been re-effectuated back in March 2020 [A.D.]. The United States Postal Service has historically acted under the United States Post Office, to render respectable and reliable mail services to all who utilized the postal system for private and public mail between people and corporate parties. In recent years, the United States Postal Service operations has severely declined in integrity and operating to provide viable services to the public, based entirely on premium mail services (like tracking) due to continued postal corruption. Now, unfortunately, the majority of post offices at North America (misnomer United States) have been compromised and riddled with deceptive agents, who seem to have been systematically put in place to hinder certain mail, sent from certain groups of people, who have been making intelligent and lawful communications to address long overdue remedies prescribed by the supreme law of the land clause within the Constitution for the united States of America Republic.

With all of the fraud being constantly exposed, corporate persons have been doing whatever desperate measures they can, to try to prevent the supreme law of the land clause to be effectuated thus bringing the full remedy to the heirs to the North American / North Gate Estate, who have been horribly cheated out of their lands and estate all across North America. Some of the corporate persons / parties involved with the estate escheatment, which Europeans / Caucasians at North America are still trying to hide from to avoid rightful remedy, include Title Companies / Agencies, Financial Institutions (derived from Federal Reserve Note banks), so-called Mortgage Lenders (also derived from Federal Reserve Note banks), and even Real Estate Companies / Brokers acting on land / parcel that they pretend has no aboriginal and indigenous heirs thus alleged to be "abandoned", which the entire continent of North America, is not. The aboriginal and indigenous heirs to North America have been lawfully fighting to re-secure that which was always theirs. Colonization has proved to be a true enemy to the North American heirs.

Misprision of Treason is Real

A question arises in the minds of competent natural people, when dealing with heritability by the very bloodline-descendant nature of their fore-mothers and fore-fathers, who were some of the wealthiest people on the planet, prior to European / Caucasian colonization. How can an heir to the estate lose their inheritance, when they have no idea it even exists? How can it be justified that someone be misidentified through a corporate, fraudulent identification system put in place to steal birthrights from those who never knew who they really were (and are) since birth? The United States of America system, operating in a fraudulent Democracy platform, has become so malicious that the foreign occupying and colonizing operatives would still play into the fraud, rather than simply give it up and go home. Apparently, "The Jig is Up"...

Universal Postal Union

The Universal Postal Union is an international body politic that was formed to be a positive and fair communications gateway for international communities to communicate, build, and resolve any type of international dispute, by de jure international law standards. The Treaty of Berne was the contractual agreement to stipulate fair rules for such international communications, by uniformly beneficial postal regulations to all parties, to make post office usage fair for all to utilize. Consequently, the United States Post Office, doing business as United States Postal Service, is a party-to the Treaty of Berne. However, the belligerent postal employees, and their implemented Democracy pushing agents, have been trying to destroy that international agreement to sustain protected mail transitioning between all parties who transact mail through the postal systems all over the world. What has been playing-out in recent years, is that angry European / Caucasians at North America, have been trying to reserve the de jure law aspects of the Universal Postal Union, for their specific benefit, while denying international due process to the rest of the nations of the world, who are not a part of the highly corrupted political interests, consisting of international fraud.

It has been reported that the United States Postal Service agents have been teaming-up with corporate persons like Presidents, CEO's, Executives, Chairmen, and other belligerent parties to the Constitution for the united States of America Republic, to retard the mail sent by competent natural people at North America. Much of this type of mail hindrance and fraudulent delays (including compromised online tracking) take place through the United States Postal Service offices, operating through the corporate States like the State of Florida. It would seem that the Tallahassee corporations doing business as "Office of", "Secretary of State", etc., have been compromising postal zone post offices, to hinder mail from being delivered directly to their public business addresses, believing it will delay any liability they may have in violating the natural people's rights. Instead, the political persons in the Tallahassee area try to hide behind limited delivery post office boxes, while acting as Public Servants (and profiting off of the organic land) that any citizen can reach by lawful postal mail communications.

Invasion of Privacy

With so much controversy in dealing with United States Postal Service agents, showing their recent corruptive attempts, to do whatever they can to prevent important and lawful mail from reaching the proper recipients, major lawful / legal issues are now in place against the United States Postal Service owners, staff, and employees. Such recipients include corporate persons operating corporations all throughout North America. United States Postal Service agents (via their so-called Customer Service Number at: 800-275-8777) are being instructed to invade said "Senders" of mail, their Constitutional right to his or her privacy, by demanding private, personal information (i.e. name, telephone number, email), which are not required simply to effectuate remedy for a service already paid for and in the process of being rendered, hindered by the very willful negligence conducted by postal employees, including mail carriers. The United States Postal Service employees are blatantly violating United States Codes of Law. To be more specific, United States Codes of Law - Title 18, Section 1703 clearly details the penalties of delaying mail delivery. One of the ways mail can be delayed, is by belligerent and / or incompetent postal employees refusing to address simple issues with mail delivery issues, unless a said "Sender" provides his or her private information that is not associated with the mail having been sent. Mail can be sent as a business, to protect one's private, personal information. If the business information is a part of the service paid for when utilizing the United States Postal Service, then that information on the mailing label (or postal form for Certified Mail, Registered Mail, or other signature premium service, with tracking) is all that is needed. When incompetent postal employees demand otherwise, they are violating United States Codes of Law and deserve immediate and full penalties (including termination and prosecution), with full remedy to those who's rights have been violated in such matters.

A well-established corporation, having been registered as WFG NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, with locations all throughout North America, has been a central hub for estate escheatment operations. Currently, Patrick F. Stone is the said "Chairman" for the corporation, with Steven Ozonian acting as the said "President" and "Chief Executive Officer" for the corporation. What has been reported recently, is that some of their offices have compromised employees trying to prevent United States Postal Service mail, in the form of Certified Mail or Registered Mail, from being delivered corporations like Title Companies / Agencies. This of course, would be due to the supreme law of the land being competently effectuated against all parties involved in the process of Color-of-Title and Color-of-Office activities, having been stealing from the heirs to the North America / North Gate Estate for decades. Based upon ongoing investigations against all involved persons, records are still being compiled of the involved office staff and other culprits at the Portland, Oregon location for WFG NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, located at: 12909 Southwest 68th Parkway, Suite 350, Portland, Oregon. The servicing United States Postal Service post office is considered the Tigard Post Office, located at: 12210 Southwest Main Street, Portland, Oregon. Both of these corporations are doing business through the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and all involved parties to fraud, along with other violations of United States Codes of Law, are liable for their actions and / or their lack thereof to afford simple remedies to the natural people and heirs to the estate upon which they operate.

What many of the European / Caucasian owned corporations at North America have been doing, is hiring incompetent, unconscious, desperate and unknowing heirs to the North American / North Gate Estate, to do their dirty work, by taking on fraudulent positions / jobs to get such unknowing heirs to act maliciously against the public (especially their own brothers and sisters of said 'African-descent') and perpetuate corporate policies and procedures that are outside of the supreme law of the land clause (Article VI - Constitution for the united States of America Republic). The corporate persons who hire them, know how to make such natural people of said 'African-descent' feel important in something they do not understand. And, the very same corporate persons, pit such incompetent and unconscious heirs against their own, who are competent, and who do know their birthrights, along with how the poisons of fraud can corrupt the blood... The de facto UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA operatives have teamed-up with corporations to hire those of said 'African-descent', to deceptively miseducate them, manipulate them, and control them to do their bidding, as in providing such corporate persons a type of firewall of protection, while they scurry to try to steal and salvage what remains of their corporate and racketeering fraud and try to liquidate the estate, which they never owned to begin with... all for the sake of attacking and blatantly trying to continually steal from the heirs to North America / North Gate Estate. This is only part of the real dilemma taking place, but it is occurring through the United States Postal Service staff / employees and their dark agents trying to "snuff-out" lawful communications through the postal mail, while they all profit heavily from it through their Treaty of Berne; attempting to deny the Mother Treaty that afforded the Treaty of Berne to even be effectuated at North America. Deception has become so common amongst colonizers.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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