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The corporation, already known as UNITED STATES INC operatives, are still doing their best to push the LGBTQ+ corporate public pollution agenda, while the colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent are not a nation or a country, as already revealed by the actual owners to the corporation back in 2013-2014 [A.D.], when Pope Francis released an International In Motu Proprio concerning North America and the constant attacks against the natural inhabitants, who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'. In recent news events around the globe, there have been battles of competent, natural people who are in favor of the Divine Order of nature, being opposite gender relationships that produce life through love, as in heterosexual relationships. The world is quickly becoming tired of the colonizers trying their best to push the dark and sinister influences that come with the LGBTQ+ Movements, being funded by Federal Reserve Note rich corporate persons, who have been perverted thus want to pervert life with their ill-gotten riches. The relief under the circumstances of the sick LGBTQ+ Movements all over the world, is that normal and conscious people, who have competency, are not going to tolerate filthy agendas based upon sexual preferences that should be private and between the corrupted persons who knowingly and willingly choose such an evil and lower-self lifestyle. The aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans (who know who they are and their true history) at North America are certainly against any and all gay movements and agendas that attempt to pollute and corrupt societies all over North America, regardless if political figure frauds continue to use Federal Reserve Notes produced from U.S. Treasury Bonds, which have extorted finance, by fraud and deception, at North America since the early 1900s (*See House Joint Resolution 192 - 1933 [A.D.]). The many political frauds continuing the charade still refuse to accept that their madness is being brought to a rapid end by the cosmic 'Age of Aquarius'.

Original Article Date: 9 June 2023 [A.D.]

united states lgbtq political agenda for corruption
Anti Gay North America

The UNITED STATES INC LGBTQ+ agenda, being currently administered by Praetor Joseph Biden (people who still believe it's Joseph Biden), is undergoing the public scrutiny that the administration has long deserved, by competent and upright people all over the world, not just at North America. There has been much speculation on all of the implemented LGBTQ+ corruption around North America and other parts of the world. Such speculation consists of how all-of-a-sudden, since the blatant biological warfare attacks on the public started again back in the calendar year 2020 [A.D.], that the LGBTQ+ Movements all over North America have begun to grow exponentially, so as to even give lustful adults a voice to display their sexual filth preferences to the world, by public marching and evil marketing campaigns, using the rainbow (a historical symbol of light by natural people) as a public icon to represent the dark community of homosexuals and lesbians. The world has certainly become restless in battling the attempt for colonizing Caucasians / Europeans at North America, to corrupt societies all over the planet, by trying to force adults and children to accept lustful and perverted individuals (whether Caucasians / Europeans or compromised and incompetent people of said 'African-descent'), who choose to behave in lower-self by acting out of the natural order of life and the Divine connection between man and woman. The normal and upright people of the world no longer care about the LGBTQ+ communities and the LGBTQ+ communities have become very angry, which will lead to their hostility against truth.

Right now, racketeering news agencies, owned by the very colonial Caucasians / Europeans who have been colonizing North America since the 1800s, have been heavily promoting the LGBTQ+ Movements, costing them millions in Federal Reserve Notes, simply for them to promote in vain, as the billions of normal people around the globe, are not going to settle for lust and perversion that will corrupt the hearts and minds of loving, sincere, and upright people (including children), who love the Creator and the natural order of life (Mother Nature). There is no natural order in same sex relationships, otherwise there would be no man and woman as opposites attract (like the Yin and Yang). It is the Holy Unity between woman and man, which has populated the planet Earth for millennia. It is for this very reason that colonizers, who are bent on controlling everyone for lower-self Earthly pleasures and desires, choose to be corrupt thus corrupting others to effectuate their evil and darkness. For those who do not think that sodomy and cunnilingus has led to lustful and perverted societies, which had to historically be dismantled by Divine Order, go back and read truthful historical literature and even reference the story of 'Sodom and Gomorrah' in the said "Holy Bible - original King James Version - no reinterpretations or republications". One can also read the said 'Old Testament' - "Holy Bible" if they can still get there hands on one, as those types of truthful historical references have been removed from bookshelves all over North America, by the willfully negligent intentions of colonizers who want to hide real history.

For the LGBTQ+ communities, who claim to be Christians, there is nowhere in the fabricated Christianity paradigm that was created by colonial-man, where sodomy, cunnilingus, or other versions of lust and perversion were ever accepted by upright societies or communities claiming to love "God / GOD / god". Hypocrisy reigns true with the LGBTQ+ communities and they have been getting political funding from the Federal Reserve Note-rich corporations feigning as said [government]. Now, the policy-producing persons, alleging to be House of Representatives (representing whom?) and Senate (rooted in historical Roman oligarchies), have been producing indoctrination guised as 'Law' (which has been outside of the supreme law of the land for centuries), simply to fuel LGBTQ+ Movements as conscious and rightful aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America continue waking-up to reclaim their land / estate as peacefully as possible, against all colonial adversity and controversy being displayed by public news racketeers... even the LGBTQ+ political farce.

As the world strives to maintain sanity among upright natural people, while colonizing Caucasians / Europeans at North America use all methods of mental and spiritual enslavement of humanity, as in programming the minds of the average person through television, the Internet, and social media, and other malicious military-style tactics, the world has been standing strong on Ancient Heterosexual Pride (why hasn't there been a month for this annually?). The aboriginal and indigenous ancestors, who inhabited the Earth long before colonizers arrived, were always about High Society Principles, The Matriarch, and the evolution of man and woman in Divine Unity, not lower self lust and perversion conducted by same sex relationships that only produce lewdness, perversion, sexual confusion, and sexual deviance from what is natural.

There have even been international body politics recently advocating the so-called 'Human Rights' of homosexuals, who's 'Human Rights' were never violated; in fact, the LGBTQ+ community promotes lustful sexual preference in violation of the rights of others, who chose to be within the natural order of life and the unity between man and woman. It has become an insult to true and sincere nations of the Earth, who educate their nationals to love, respect, and honour the natural Mother and Father in unity, by higher self principles, which have been derived from the loving unity between man and woman, which the natural people to the Earth have been the Divine progeny of for millennia. There is no real 'state of emergency fraud' due to the fact that normal and natural people have become weary of LGBTQ+ communities doing their best to pollute the world with sexual filth, by their private sexual preferences, which have no business at North America (and no business even being made a public speculation funded by conspirators against humanity).

The normal, natural, and upright people to the Earth thank the true nations of the Earth, who stand against the very corruption of modern-day colonialism, with dark agendas like the LGBTQ+ Movements that pollute the Earth and corrupts societies. The sooner colonizers realize that the political tyranny of colonialism and racketeering commerce has ended and people are in the Age of Enlightenment, Truth, and Wisdom, they will have no choice but to Cease & Desist, as they have been battling an already lost cause when they battle Mother Nature and the Divine Cosmos, which has been around longer than they can even fathom. May the upright people around the world continue to stand against the LGBTQ+ corruption all over the planet, so that the Light of Truth can continue to manifest for the betterment and re-evolution of humanity. The aboriginal and indigenous conscious heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America are anti-gay and support only opposite gender (natural man and woman - not transgender or gender-altered persons) relationships and upright, higher-self normality on planet Earth.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team


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