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Police Satellite and the Effects of Potential Abuse

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

An article from 2014 mentioned a surveillance satellite that was launched in which law enforcement has access to in alleged "Crime Fighting".

Click Here for Original Article Link (non-working links confirm site being removed)

Original Article Date: 12 August 2014

Experts predict advanced satellites will revolutionize crime fighting. British firm SA Catapult supplied technology to British police investigating a murder case. Pictured, its TechDemoSat-1 satellite celebrates a successful LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) with a selfie.

“Most satellites are commercially owned, so if you have money you can buy that imagery. It means anyone can spy on anyone …The big thing is this development has happened without any debate on privacy and once the technology is out of the bottle it’s hard to go back.”

Story by: CNN - Kieron Monks

Months after the murder of Rania Alayed, the search for her body had ground to a halt. Although her husband – who had admitted to her killing – indicated the approximate location where he buried the body off a highway near Manchester, northern England, police were still left with miles of open field to dig through.

Frustrated with the high cost and lack of progress, investigators turned to an experimental form of satellite imaging.

“We had been using aerial photography, and the opportunity came up to look at a larger expanse,” said detective superintendent Peter Marsh, of Greater Manchester Police. “It allowed us to identify anomalies on the ground, which we could search straight away.”

The satellite was sensitive enough to pick up a rabbit hole under bushes, and the disturbance caused by shotgun shells used in clay pigeon shooting. By systematically eliminating possible sites of the grave, police say their eye in the sky has saved them months of fruitless work. The search for Alayed’s body is ongoing, but Marsh believes a significant breakthrough has been made.

“We see this technology as taking us into the next generation of crime investigation. For me it’s a ‘wow factor’ to have assistance from a satellite in space rather than using a spade on the ground. This is moving forward.”

Satellites have been used in criminal investigations before. The Australian authorities have used them for over a decade in cases of illegal logging, for example. But technology advances are now enabling far more accurate and reliable imagery that could revolutionize 21st-century policing, transforming law enforcement capacity through highly detailed surveillance.

“We see this technology as taking us into the next generation of crime investigation.” - Peter Marsh, Detective

The Downside of Police Promoted Technology

For the many who are still unaware, technology, since its grand uprising for what many believed was for the benefit of humanity, has already quickly turned into the greatest weapon for the abusive people around the world, who would use it for control purposes. Based upon simple rights to privacy, no individual or group of people have a right to invade the privacy of others. These rights have been implemented centuries ago from the sheer understanding that there is a boarder line for social interaction.

When someone is not interested in socializing with mainstream society, he or she has the right to remain private and not be a part of the public arena. This was a part of a societal status system, where people having certain status had to protect themselves (not in negative ways) from attacks from the public. Such attacks often stemmed from jealousy and envy of those who had higher social status by political means, such as royalty or nobility. It was not a mechanism for those of royal or noble bloodline to think they were necessarily better than anyone else, but rather a duty to carry on high customs and cultures that the mainstream public did not have to be a part of or follow.

It was (and is) everyone's right to be who they chose to be, and for those who were fortunate enough to come from the descendants of royalty or nobility, they reaped the benefits of the hard work of their fore-mothers and fore-fathers. It was this ancient system that determined privacy concerns of everyone, which was afforded to everyone in some way beneficial to each person.

As technology has drastically increased over the last twenty years, the developers of such technology have tried to elude the fact that everyone has a right to privacy. It has been ignored by developers that every piece of technology created, should have been created with extreme stringency toward fully protecting the rights of everyone (i.e. no thumb prints, face recognition, retina scans, chip implementations, etc).

Instead of protecting the rights of everyone, the developers of modern-day technology decided to create administrative panels of wealthy people, who decided to make rules and regulations amongst themselves (without the public consent from aware people) on how the technologies introduced to the public would forcefully apply to the collective users. False consent like checking a consent box or radio button through a device or online interface has become commonplace for alleged consent (without a genuine signature) of such adhesion contract abuses used by developers of all types of modern-day products (technology) and services (technology-based). This is how the public interest is falsely gained for all types of scenarios used around the world to commit people to things that he or she would not otherwise even consent to.

Controlled Technology

Through controlled public interest and other methods based upon consumerism, developers convinced the average person that he or she would need technology, whether for convenience, for leisure, or simply for social pressure of not being like everyone else. It has been truly a travesty against all humanity, as now the technology is so heavily integrated with society and billions of people use it, that it would be extremely difficult for one to protect his or her privacy.

Satellites linked to every piece of technology such as computers, phones, or other devices, prove what many have feared... that now the world is linked to what some consider a 'spy grid', by default of a false sense of necessity, by the many who use the technology by ignorant choice. If only humanity had any idea what current technology is actually doing to people, and how those who produce the technology control it and use it to spy on and manipulate others, people would think twice before using it or completely disregard it. It will evidently take the will to sacrifice using the type of technology that interferes with the privacy rights of others, before people can break free and shift into safer, non-invasive means of technology.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team


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