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PayPal Inc Malicious Financial Practices

PayPal Inc has been around since 1998 [A.D.] and has been known for malicious financial practices incorporated by its shareholders. The company began as X dot com, which was an online banking platform, where there was no physical bank, but a banking system entirely online. The idea may have been decent at the time, but quickly dissolved and was acquisitioned by what the world recognizes now as PayPal Inc. PayPal Inc is alleged to be an online payment processor that affords the public a means to securely transact online, with or without a bank account. According to a public overview of the so-called 'service', for anyone to be able to transact securely online, all one would need is to setup a PayPal account and provide the required details for the account to become active and usable for online purchases and transactions. However, unbeknownst to the public, the mega online payment processor, which is currently available in thirty-eight (38) countries around the world, has spent the past fifteen (15) or so years defrauding the public, extorting the accounts of its users, embezzling user funds for its corporate agent benefits, freezing users' accounts without lawful reason, racketeering against the very users who helped to make the mega-corporation what it is today. Of course, the shareholders to the corporation remain hidden behind the scenes, while they charge their subordinate slaves and willing con-artist staff members, to manipulate the accounts and the users who still foolishly do business with the corporate operatives. PayPal Inc operatives have built themselves a dark reputation over the last decade and a half, alone, to lawfully cause for public outcry for the corporation to be shut down completely and for all of the ill-gained assets to be frozen, leaving all shareholders, Board of Directors, staff, and employees who have been serving the dark corporation, completely bankrupt without recourse. Due to the millions of PayPal Inc Customers who have been deceived and cheated out of millions of Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), by the corporate operatives' willful negligence, with intent to defraud the world, there should be no leniency in shutting down everything PayPal Inc operatives built since 1998 [A.D.]. In addition, all of its shareholders, Board of Directors, staff, and employees who should have left the corporation long ago, need to have all of their personal assets forfeited and be immediately deported back to their country(ies) of origin outside of North America, where the corporation took its fraudulent foothold against the world by deception.

Original Article Date: 8 April 2023 [A.D.]

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Since the startup of PayPal Inc, back in 1998 [A.D.], the corporate operatives started on an uphill climb of promise by providing what many sought, which was a secure, online payment processing platform for the Federal Reserve Note banking system forced against North America back in the early 1900's. PayPal Inc operatives have long since corrupted the platform by integrating the Federal Reserve Note banking system policies and practices, simply for the willing parties, who pushed the world into transacting mainly by the Federal Reserve Note bank system. PayPal Inc operatives adopted malicious financial practices over the past two decades, that have overstepped the corporation's bounds of simply providing a secure online payment interface between two parties (i.e. a merchant and a said 'customer').

After having secured the public trust for approximately twenty-five (25) years of public operations, PayPal Inc shareholders and Board of Directors decided to show their true intentions to the public. The corporation began freezing user accounts indiscriminately, without any lawful reason whatsoever, along with embezzling funds for the profiteering endeavors of the shareholders to the corporation. In recent years, the corporation has been allowing data breaches to its platform, which was supposed to be one of the most secure in the world, after millions spent on alleged data security. It seems that the corporate operatives to PayPal Inc would rather have deceived the public and allowed cyber attacks, so the corporation could extort finance from its users by longevity of data-mined information to be sold to global elitist buyers. Many people, to date, are still unaware of the huge market of information selling; people's information to be more specific. The era of information compiling and data research for intensive marketing purposes, having led to extreme profiteering for corporate persons for decades to come, has always been the primary goal of corporations selling said 'products and services' to the mass public.

PayPal Inc has such a negative online reputation that still has not reached the public-at-large, which is why the corporate operatives continue to do what they do to those unsuspecting of the mega-fraud that the corporation has participated in for decades. The "E-Payment" platform has reached its way into the homes of over forty (40) million Customers to PayPal Inc.

PayPal Inc, formerly a part of eBay, until the corporate operatives for eBay came to their senses and realized what PayPal Inc operatives have been doing thus wiping their hands of the malfeasance practices of PayPal Inc back in 2015 [A.D.]. Since then, PayPal Inc operatives have fraudulently progressed in their foreign negotiable policies and practices, claiming to be an international platform, yet forcing nations to somehow comply with unconstitutional electronic transaction processes that often exploited the average person.

In 2013 [A.D.], PayPal Inc operatives acquisitioned Venmo, which became another racketeering online payment processing platform (very similar to PayPal). The Venmo App operates very similar to Cash App, which alleges to allow users to send finance to each other, simply by having an email and / or a smart phone. Consequently, PayPal Inc operatives have tarnished another corporation in the pursuit of financial extortion and exploitation of its millions of users. It is a wonder why anyone would waste their said 'time' on anything created by PayPal Inc and corporations operating similarly, like ClickBank. It would seem that blind faith has been publicly subjected against the simple-minded, in plain sight.

PayPal Inc, since its formation, originally alleged as a part of its operation process in providing the public with a means to securely transact online, to have implemented an international 'The Model Money Transmission Modernization Act', put together by a panel of irresponsible persons, who did not take into immediate consideration, the long-term ramifications of forcing the public into financial subjugation, based on utter reliance in a common platform meant specifically for transaction convenience, yet designed with ill-intent to defraud with malicious intent. 'The Model Money Transmission Modernization Act' was adopted by corporate States [UNITED STATES], without the competent consent of the people, who had no idea what was actually taking place. By the time enough public awareness became more evident, as to the many abuses that people have suffered by the fraudulent and malicious practices of PayPal Inc shareholders, Board of Trustees, staff, and employees, the corporation was already monopolizing on the world under a false sense of online security for transacting convenience.

PayPal Inc technical staff did integrate some of the best online security encryption features available at the said time of PayPal's peak in Customer acquisition. However, the shareholders and Board of Trustees always had a sinister plan behind the scenes, as they controlled the entire infrastructure for the corporate platform that over forty (40) million users downloaded to their public and private devices (i.e. cell phones, tablets, PC's, etc.). This, alone, gave PayPal Inc's shareholders and Board of Trustees the means to manipulate their Customers by fraud.

The Model Money Transmission Modernization Act - Public Report

Download PDF • 208KB

PayPal Incorporate - Public Citation and Notice

Download PDF • 334KB

In this current calendar year of 2023, PayPal Inc has become one of the worst online payment processors the competent world has ever witnessed. With this in mind, the corporate operatives have become desperate in forcing its integration into the upcoming A.I. App boom. Platforms like JVZoo and WarriorPlus, have made it their priority to integrate PayPal into their Vendor and Affiliate marketing merchant card processor aspects of doing business with them, which was not a good idea. Their unethical business choices only alert the public, as to their intentions to work with PayPal Inc operatives, to continue to defraud the world. There is no real reason that JVZoo and WarriorPlus should be forcing those doing honest and ethical business with them (simply purchasing A.I. Apps and helping to grow the industry), to only be able to purchase such Apps, products, or services using PayPal or other hindering online payment processors, which clearly infringe upon free association (Bill of Rights - 1st Amendment). As a result of corporate greed and fraud, the world will be watching the platform wars of which corporations (or businesses) will operate by integrity standards, by providing unhindered transacting online, versus which will continue their fraud endeavors and face extreme lawsuits with international penalties and punishments prescribed for their unscrupulous actions and malicious business practices against the natural people at North America and around the world.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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