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Orlando Homosexuality Event Corruption

International News of the Day: Orlando Homosexuality Event Corruption is being hosted by CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA persons on October 7, 2023 [A.D.].

CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA Caucasian / European council persons (including their helpers of said 'African-descent') have been determined to continually host their Orlando Homosexuality Event Corruption on North American soil in the Flores territory [misnomer State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA / Florida State / Florida], still being fraudulently occupied by colonizing foreigners pushing Federal Reserve notes to fund their social engineering campaigns to corrupt children and adults. The STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida State / Florida is not (nor ever was) an organic state on North American soil. The corporation and its subsidiary corporate Cities and Counties (i.e. CITY OF / City of and COUNTY OF / County of administrators) have been historically run and operated by Caucasians / Europeans in the forefront and background of the Void Ab Initio operations. However, the colonizers have been doing their best to deceive the public by putting compromised and / or incompetent persons of said 'African-descent' on the frontline of the fraud and deception, for the sake of financial gains on part of the compromised and specific former 'Moors / Muurs', who continue to dishonour their fore-mothers and fore-fathers. The ongoing corruption agendas of the Caucasian / European colonizers throughout the ORLANDO, FLORIDA administration area, has been due to the rightful aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' continually speaking out against colonial tyranny conducted by their oppressors, who have spent over a century colonizing North America by military force and fraudulent financial control. The desperate colonizing persons, who are the very naturalized citizens on Al Moroccan Empire soil, have been migrating to North America since the 1800s. However, the historical records showing how colonizers were originally migrating and naturalizing through Ellis Island, New York State [misnomer STATE OF NEW YORK / State of New York], have been kept hidden and / or altered by the colonial oppressors, who have historically gained and sustained control of North America (and its borders) by fraud, deception, and military force. The Naturalization Act of 1790 [A.D.] (followed by the 1870 [A.D.] re-enactment) was the catalyst that deceptively opened the door for Caucasians / Europeans to pretend to follow the supreme law of the land clause within the Constitution for the united States of America / united states of America Republic 1791 [A.D.]. Nonetheless, the modern-day colonizer has evolved the military agenda to sustain fraud, racketeering, crimes against humanity, corrupted social engineering against the public-at-large, and overall acts of genocide against the rightful heirs to the estate, who are (and have been) the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' at North America. The whole homosexual and so-called "Pride" movement by colonizers and their traitorous helpers of said 'African-descent', is but an extension to the historical colonial corruption, with the now "Gay Pride" movement being the military agenda to corrupt society (including unsuspecting children influenced by incompetent and evil adults).

Original Article Date: 3 October 2023 [A.D.]

Orlando Homosexuality Event Corruption

An image symbol of Anti-Gay North America - Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples who know their true and honourable history, Do Not Support or Condone Homosexuality and Lesbianism. This principle is for the Permanent Public Record. Supporters of perverted and public sexual preferences must be held liable and accountable to the supreme law of the land - Constitution for the united States of America Republic / united states of America Republic 1791 [A.D.].

The CITY OF ORLANDO Council persons continue Orlando Homosexuality Event Corruption due to the fact that there has been a dramatic increase in public awareness concerning how colonizing Caucasians / Europeans (and their compromised persons of said 'African-descent') have been doing their best to incite public violence and potential war, due to the aggrieved natural people, who already had enough of the "Political Gay Pride" movements. Such movements have been desperately attempting to aggravate the competent public-at-large (including children), who have been constant victims of those who force their sexual preferences and perversions upon the public, by belligerent and racketeering behaviour, which has always been criminal in nature. However, due to corrupted politicians, who only have power based upon fraudulent financial control, the political farce of "Gay Pride" has become one of the worst marketing campaigns, by commerce, that North America (and the world) has faced on a global scale, to date. Colonizers have become relentless in forcing their sexual filth and their sick and disgusting mental illness against everyone, including the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', who's lands the colonizers are still fraudulently occupying and operating upon.

In March 2023 [A.D.], the popes of Rome, including Pope Francis, made a specific address of exactly how the Doctrine of Discovery and the Roman papal bulls have historically destroyed the Americas (mainly North America), yet the means which the popes have control of fixing the issues-at-large (like "Gay Pride" sexual filth campaigning all over the land), have yet to be rectified and remedied in favour of the rightful heirs to the estate, who are (and have been) the indigenous peoples in public references, who are only of said 'African-descent' (not hybrid Caucasians / Europeans). Although the popes of Rome have not made certain public distinctions of the aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent', historical records relinquished and re-referenced for further public awareness, plays some key evidence in proving the centuries of plight against the Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' at North America / North Gate Estate. The question remains as to why haven't key corporate strongholds been decommissioned already, to realistically assist with estate restoration to the rightful heirs, for the already bound contractual obligation against ALL Caucasians / Europeans (and their hybrid offspring) at North America. There are many public colonizers who can (and must) be arrested immediately, for the simple fact that they are (and have been) doing everything that General Civil Orders - Lieber Code - General Order 100 has detailed as criminal and prosecutable activities, in favour of the rightful heirs who have been drastically suffering the extreme colonialism (like "Gay Pride" corruption) upon their own land / estate.

Evidence of the "Gay Pride" Corruption Event

Orlando Homosexuality Event Corruption

Internet clip of the CITY OF ORLANDO "Gay Pride" Hostility Event on 7 October 2023 [A.D.].

The rightful heirs have been constantly speaking out in exercising their birth-rights to free press, free association, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. International laws and mandates have been in place for decades, yet the competent world is still standing by watching the charade continue against the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' for the public record. The controversy causes the backlash of political controversy, since the rightful heirs have been slaves upon their own lands for over a century and a half, while those who have amassed financial wealth and power used such slavery to steal the wealth from the natural people. It has been the natural people of said 'African-descent', who have been human trafficked, while their land and resources have been stolen and held hostage by commercial mercenaries of Caucasian / European-descent, still doing belligerent commerce in extreme hostility by industrial building and territorial takeovers all over North American soil. The colonial pandemic at North America, has been trying to force the rightful heirs into not only having absolutely nothing, but under threat, duress, and coercion, be forcefully subjected to political events, like "Gay Pride", which has been well-known by colonial oppressors, who secretly watch through the Internet, media, and 'tell-lie-vision', hoping to incite public war due to the long overdue upheaval of the corporate commerce corruption at North America.

Everything brought to North America against the Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', by Caucasian / European colonizers (and their hybrid helpers and traitorous people of said 'African-descent'), has been entirely based upon fraudulent commerce thus any military platform, consisting of Police / POLICE and said 'Sheriff / SHERIFF' persons, operating through corporate municipalities, has been aiding and abetting colonialism on the forefronts at North America. These are the very commercial military activities that have been exposed a long time ago already. Now, it seems that complacent and financially privileged persons, both of Caucasian / European-descent and their compromised persons of said 'African-descent' (former 'Moors / Muurs'), are enjoying the usurped land belonging to the impoverished rightful heirs, while their corporate U.S. / US / UNITED STATES Citizens persons pretend to have status at North America, only to purport the commercial mercenary fraud. Without their military fraud persons, colonizers would not be continually abusing and enslaving the rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America or any aboriginal and indigenous natural person of said 'African-descent'. The "Gay Pride" movements still being used to intimidate upright and competent natural people, is only going to lead to mass public violence by those who are not going to tolerate the sexual filth and perversion that plagues the land at North America.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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