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LGBTQ+ Colonizing Agenda at Florida

The corporate City of Orlando, operating through the corporate State of Florida, continues the LGBTQ+ colonization agenda by the corporate persons sponsored public display of personal preference sexuality, which hides the nature of the sexual activities of all those who declare themselves homosexual or lesbian. Over the past twenty or so years, the said 'gay' communities, mainly derived from old, perverted and disgusting behaviours, modernized and advertised to the public as lively and flamboyant communities, who act outside of nature. The laws of nature have already determined male and female to be the opposite spectrum of Divine energies, to create the wholeness of creation in totality. However, those defiant enough to pervert society and misconstrue ancient knowledge and wisdom, have convinced North America, by corporate design, that same sex relationships are "okay" and "acceptable" thus it is being pushed upon children and incompetent and lonely adults, by a misguided and sick society.

Original Article Date: 17 October 2022 [A.D.]

This is a photo of the LGBTQ+ Movements that have been forced into societies all over North America, by Europeans / Caucasians bent on corrupting moral societies by public sexual preference parades and forced assimilation by rainbow flag symbolisms.

Homosexual Mayhem - Ignoring the Pride of Heterosexuality

More and more Europeans / Caucasians have been sadistically influencing others, by subliminal symbolism (i.e. rainbow flags) and forced display of public acts that affect the mind. There are many, who believe that LGBTQ+ movements are peaceful and friendly, when it comes to naturalized citizens (and others) having allowed homosexuality to play a catalyst in converting unsuspecting society into accepting the sexual preference of others, who immorally play on the psyche of normal people. The said 'gay' communities all over North America, have banned together to continue advertising their willingness to disconnect from nature, by natural design, and forcing pleasure-derived perspectives (disguised as shows and parades) to seem harmless against others. These types of attacks have become more prevalent as the United States corporation loses its mind control over society, by people waking up to the truth of how the service corporation has been bleeding the world dry of resources, humanity, and sovereignty by oppressive systematic design. Now, LGBTQ+ movements are becoming more widespread by those who take part in the colonizing affects against normal, natural people, who are rightfully the heirs to the estate at North America. Although Europeans / Caucasians have been known to be at the heart of the formation of the LGBTQ+ movements at North America, there are those of said 'African-descent', who have been (and still are being) brainwashed due to the attackers trying to overwhelm the competent public by television, internet, media, and any other mind control mechanisms that can be used to spread the lowly aspects of same sex relationships that destroy natural families and the Divine connection between man and woman, male and female, Mother and Father in loving unity.

Separation of Man and Woman

The tearing apart of normal families, consisting of loving relationships between male and female, has been known to be a military tactic agenda by the very elites who control the public narratives at North America. There are thousands of television, newspaper, internet, radio and other media venues owned by the European / Caucasian elitists and their slave servants, who bolster their own corrupted agenda throughout society, as they control the funding for such corporations that create occupations, jobs, etc. When people sign-up for the media companies that deliver messages to people and societies all over North America, they practically sell their souls for a said 'paycheck' or 'payoff' that corrupts. Those individuals do not care how drastically their corrupted decisions affect others, so as long as they can live their lives who they see fit. However, what goes around comes around, as many have been realizing that there is no way out of reaping the direct karma of their corrupted decisions to harm and pervert others by a truly vicious cycle of greed, selfishness, anger, and hatred, for a lust for power and control endeavor. Such endeavors only lead to destruction and disappointment for many, at the sacrifice of morality and humanity, for which the natural person is upon the Earthly Plane to learn to improve themselves by in Nature's Law (not corrupted man's law); lower self man is not "God".

When the natural order of life is corrupted, as in the loving relationships between man and woman, which produces offspring (children), who are the very Divine products of Love shared between two natural beings, only disaster can be a result. Even if such disaster is not immediately eminent, it will eventually surface for rectification, as Mother Nature will demand correction to her natural order. Opposite sex relationships have been systematically infringed upon and hindered by actors playing "God" around the world. With such actors knowing full well, the outcomes of their corrupted thoughts and actions against those less fortunate or controlled somehow, they seem to enjoy the advantage that they place themselves in, while blatantly ignoring the birthrights of everyone who arrives upon the Earthly plane to learn and evolve in some way. It is the Holy connection in a totality union, between Man and Woman, which is a part of the ultimate natural design to bring offspring to the Earth plane, who assist in pro-life activities and overall Mother Nature. Such ways are naturally absolute and have been so for thousands of years by Nature's Law.

There is currently much at risk and at stake for those who continue to pervert themselves and society (especially children), by pushing the homosexual agendas that destroy real family and society, pretending to be Love. For those who have not studied enough of the punishments of same sex relationships, by Nature's Law, they need to be enlightened to the truth that same sex relationships are self-destructive and based purely on lower-self lust and perversion. It has been the agenda of dark and evil persons, to corrupt the hearts and minds of men and women around the world. North America, due to its political nature in historical power sustained by natural, Divine people of said 'African-descent', has been a terrible battlefield of corruption, conducted by foreign powers who usurped the lands and escheated the estate for ancient culture(s), resources, and Divine artifacts looted from the organic lands belonging to the heirs to the estate. The truth is only growing more powerful and obvious, while the persecutors, who have been against truth, are growing more pitiful and powerless. Let it be known that homosexuality is truly a great sin and creates a heavy burden on the soul.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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