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Internal Revenue Service Attacks Small Business at North America

After witnessing many news media stories and editorials revealing what the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been planning, people have begun to question the supreme law of the land that protects everyone from such racketeering tactics. The Internal Revenue Service is not a government branch, but a private corporate service agency doing business through the United States of America (minor). In recent news articles and headlines, the agency is hiring specialized agents, with firearms abuse intentions, for what they consider investigating criminal activities involving money laundering, tax evasion, tax fraud, etc. However, some news outlets, which cater to the wealthy individuals who control the media (including the Internet), as well as social media platforms, television, and other programming mechanisms to deter people from realizing the truth that the Constitution for the united States of America has already prohibited such semantic deceit. The problem is that the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act" is alleged to help ease the oncoming economic crises at North America, due to all of the corporate fraud and political scandals that have been exposed in recent years. Now, the desperation to use the Internal Revenue Service accounting firm, to attack small and independent businesses, while leaving the elites and their corporate greed and tyranny alone, has left the real world bewildered.

Original Article Date: 22 August 2022 [A.D.]

This is an image from clearly detailing the agenda against the lower class citizens, while excusing the big corporate elitists from tax evasion, money laundering, tax fraud, etc.

Small Businesses and Contractors are the Current Targets

In 2014 [A.D.], a public In Motu Proprio was issued by Pope Francis to address the injustices conducted by corporations like the Internal Revenue Service and other United States of America (minor) agencies feigning as government at North America. Nonetheless, it seems that General Civil Orders - General Order 100 is continually being ignored by the greedy political persons, who have built extreme wealth off of the backs of 'chattel' property and unknowing slaves, mainly of said 'African-descent', mislabeled as "African-Americans" and other deceptive brand names coined by the semantic deceit operations at North America, using the stolen finance through the United States of America (minor) as a corporate body politic only. The clear intentions of the fraud has gone so far as to not only ignore the orders given to 'Cease & Desist' the ongoing fraud by corporate persons, who refuse to give up what they have stolen and return the estate they have usurped for the past one-fifty (150) plus years to date, but to continue using the extremely integrated network of corporate infrastructure by hostile industry takeover attempts, to loot, pillage, deceive, and intend malicious harm against all people who unknowingly and unwillingly contributed to the hidden fraudulent system to begin with. Being that the Internal Revenue has already been receiving billions of United States Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) called [$U.S.] said 'Dollars' per hour, for decades, it has become apparent that the corporate agency does not know when to quit. In addition, it is the very money laundered funding collected through the Internal Revenue Service, which paved the way for the majority of military funding the corporate UNITED STATES has received to date. This is what is referred to as racketeering and the agency has made it clear that they intend to go after small businesses, independent contractors, sole proprietors, and other small business contractors (like Limited Liability Companies - LLC's), simply to sustain their operations to continue the semantic deceit that they have been warned about almost a decade ago. Many competent natural people wonder when these agencies will learn? When North America is in utter ruin, based entirely on all the fraud committed against the native heirs to the estate? An eye for an eye is what political fraud and racketeering is going experience by Nature's Law.

The malicious attacks against small business operations, that create work opportunities for the many people forced to perform labor for the Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), called Legal Tender, is forcing small businesses to either shut down or impose fraudulent excise taxation against natural people, who simply perform labor for wages in the various construction markets that keep industry building and growing, both in the public and private sectors at North America. While small businesses may be liable for their corporate taxation, due to their contractual agreements with the Internal Revenue Service and their assessed "income" liabilities for being incorporated to the UNITED STATES, the forced dilemma with the alleged "Inflation Reduction Act", would force small businesses to act incompetently to protect their own personal and selfish interests to do business, by imposing excise taxation upon others, who they need to hire to perform labor-induced services for their business sustainability; thus destroying even the lower class of people, who have worked hard and helped to build the industrial, corporate infrastructures in every major State, City, and County doing business through the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It all turns into a big game, where the Internal Revenue Service tries to control and manipulate others to enforce their non-governmental policies, both directly and indirectly, against the unsuspecting heirs and citizens, under absolute Threat, Duress, and Coercion, which was (and is) unconstitutional.

IRS Special Agents Exempting Major Racketeering Corporations

In many news agencies around North America, it is being clearly stated and displayed that the ultimate intentions of the Internal Revenue Service operatives, is to use threat of firearms by force, with personal injury intention and intimidation tactics, to coerce small business people to adhere to adhesion contracts, while exempting big corporations like Walmart, PayPal, Facebook, Chase Manhattan, and many other major corporations doing business at North America by treaty only, to date, from the very same malicious onslaught agenda. There seems to be very little concern by the Internal Revenue Service agents, that their very existence is a violation of the supreme law of the land clause within the mother contract, which is the Constitution for the united States of America Republic (original and unadulterated), yet they would dare to try to cross such lines to continue the fraud.

There are many small businesses in the southern part of North America, by corporate State operations, who are implementing the fraud, willingly, simply to eliminate the Cash, Federal Reserve Note paper system, which is a tangible form of transacting, and revert to dead, digital exchange mechanisms, called 'Cryptocurrency' and computerized accounting, with no substance and practically no liability should the electronic system malfunction, control and steal from the unsuspecting, or even crash. For the many who have yet to discover the intentions behind the 'Cryptocurrency' and "Cashless Society" boom, they will quickly learn that the global centralization of 'Cryptocurrency' has already taken place, whereas the origin of the original Bitcoin, was implemented to decentralize the Federal Reserve banking systems that have rapidly spread corruption at North America since House Joint Resolution 192, enacted in 1933, by the United States House of Representatives, by abrogating the gold standard and replacing gold and silver with Federal Reserve Notes. Now, with 'Cryptocurrency', elitists can repeat the Federal Reserve Note banking system, all electronically, with no substance to dispute any discrepancies (* See one-way transactions via Cryptography technology - 'No Refunds'). This has already been revealed, yet the heavy mind control tactics being used by advanced technology, causes people to quickly forget the facts, by distraction tactics of fake news and fake persons on television, pretending to be government or people who care about what is going on, while they profit from all of the carnage. The force of habit to forget what is most important must become a force of habit to know what is real, versus what is simply an illusion of the mind, created by advanced technology that has never been fully revealed / disclosed through main stream media agents, who are also a part of the semantic deceit tactics against the native heirs to the estate at North America and the naturalized citizens being merely used as pawns for continued estate escheatment and usurpation.

The horrible backlash that is rapidly approaching corporations based at North America, will affect the wealthy elite, to their extreme detriment, due to the collective consciousness of natural people knowing that they have been betrayed by what they believed was their government. If nothing else, the political corporate agencies still feigning as government, who should have been serving the people / public entirely since the late 1800's, have decided to continue with their own demise in the short and long run. Once again, karma is going to rear her justice, specifically for those who have been suffering severe injustice at North America. Now is the time more than ever, to stop the madness, and for those who have been at the heart of the all of the simulated chaos being conducted, by systematic design for decades at North America, to fully reap all that they have sown throughout reconstructed history, so the world can heal and move on. And, contrary to popular corporate, colonizing beliefs by those taking part in fraud and resisting full exposure, the whole truth must come out and be fully dealt with, as nature has prescribed for thousands of years of human existence.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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