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Hostile European Contracting at Florida

The corporate State of Florida is considered one of the "Southern States," where much historical slavery took place, including lynching, extreme violence, babies having been feed to alligators, etc.; all of these colonizing attacks, from those of European-descent, have been severely committed against the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', who spent the past one-hundred fifty (150) plus years under fraudulent occupation. The hostile occupation by European and Hybrid-European migrants, having come from places like Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Switzerland, China, and Even Puerto Rico, have taken up residency at North America and have been playing their deceptive roles in the further colonization of the estate. Many of the foreigners pretend to seek North America for refuge, as a sort of 'political asylum' from the tyrannies of their corrupted national governments. However, they fail to acknowledge the true heirs to estate once they arrive, as many of the heirs of said 'African-descent' have been colonized and abused for so long, that they have absolutely no idea who they really even are. The occupying foreigners take advantage of this knowledge, as they blatantly deceive the heirs to the estate, while adding to the usurpation of the lands and resources, by consumerism and tourism, along with the escheatment of the estate at North America for the public record.

Original Article Date: 26 December 2022 [A.D.]

Image of basic hand tools for trade in the labour market for making an honest living by physical labor.

The labour market throughout the State of Florida has been tarnished with hostile Europeans and their foreign allies, who migrate to North America from different countries (especially South America). Their objective has always been to continue their usurpation efforts against the rightful heirs to the estate of said 'African-descent'. Their arrogance has preceded them in their extreme efforts to use their private commercial paper platforms like W4 Forms, 1099 Forms, Social Security Cards / Accounts, Birth Certificates, Driver's Licenses, and corporate State paper agreements (built on the private commercial paper instruments) to incorporate into the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation, for sheer profiteering endeavors of the colonial occupying bodies contributing to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as tax, specifically for the Caucasian / European international elitists, through their Federal Reserve Note banking system. The hostility continues the severe fraud induced against the heirs, to keep them overly-dependent on a fraudulent and corrupted system that was created entirely by Color-of-Law, Color-of-Authority, and Color-of-Office schemes on many industrial tiers of business operations afforded to the Caucasians / Europeans by treaty only, in friendly commerce that has long since been breached and severely abused.

Recent reports have been rolling-in, that slavery-promoting Caucasians / Europeans, exercising their privileges to the extreme, in doing their versions of commerce (with hostile intentions), mentioning their aggressive nature of promoting one-way dominance in contracting, by the infringement of free association rights of those who are not willing to operate through corporate States. It has become even more apparent, that Caucasians / Europeans are under some strange impression that all forms of labour by trade (i.e. carpentry, plumbing, electrical, construction, etc.), must be done through them, and through their fraudulent corporate State associations for commerce profiteering endeavors. No corporate State doing business at North America, has any right or privilege to allow one-party contracting dominance, as to subject everyone who chooses to do labour (whether public or private), to pseudo-rules or pseudo-regulations, purported by Public Servants or so-called employers / Contractors, to their corporate State profiteering endeavors, while feigning as 'government'. This has become a most disturbing disposition of privileges for colonizers operating as wards and sharecroppers through the corporate State of Florida business operations.

The reality rapidly seeps in, under the circumstances that the ongoing Caucasian / European contracting hostility, is only going to cause the natives to become extremely restless, which will cause counter-hostility against all persons of European-descent, who continue to abuse their privileges against the heirs of said 'African-descent', who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans, and the true employers (*See General Civil Orders - Pope Francis), at North America. The mainstream media has been purposely posting distracting, false news and deceptive public narratives (especially through social media), which purposely avoids the truth as in the realities presented by truthful news and real problems that demand real remedies for the public record. It is only a matter of a short period of time, before things will get very uncomfortable for public society throughout the State of Florida, which will stem from hostile and aggressive consumerism and tourism, which the State of Florida operations financially caters-to, specifically to foreigners and their appetite to abuse the heirs and steal their land, while fully enjoying the estate at their leisure. It is this very type of warped reality that many face and are rapidly becoming intolerant to the fraud and deception caused directly by Caucasians / Europeans, and their historical track record of savagery, carnage, and mayhem against those of said 'African-descent' all over the world. Evident public war seems right around the corner, merely to address the many long overdue injustices committed against the Al Moroccans / Americans at North America, and the greatest corporate military will not be able to stop it, or have hopes of even winning.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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