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Florida Lynx Bus System Liabilities

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

A corporation identified as Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority - d / b / a Lynx has been around since 1972 [A.D.] originally under different management, which eventually became Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority in 2004 [A.D.] by acquisition. Over the years, the corporation, operating through the corporate City of Orlando operations, which operates through the State of Florida, has made several acquisitions based upon passing said 'leadership' to operate the bus company. The corporation alleges to "serve" the people around the City of Orlando area, which includes said 'Orange County' and parts of other Counties, all operating through the State of Florida. As the bus company transitioned to its current Board of Directors / Trustees, its funding sources relied on Federal and State funding sources, along with its supporting Customers, who utilize the said 'bus service' by "paid" fare contributions to travel by bus. The bus system is supposed to support the communities all around the Central Florida / Orlando area. However, reports have been rolling in over the years, involving severe complaints against management for the bus company, along with complaints against the often willfully negligent demeanor of the bus company's Bus Operators, hired specifically to perform the public bus services.

The Horrible Track Record of Lynx Central Station Bus Operations - Downtown Orlando, Florida

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Original Article Date: 30 September 2022 [A.D.]

City & Local Bus Services - Lynx Central Station - Downtown Orlando, Florida

Lynx Bus Customer Complaints

Lynx Central Station, which is located at corporate address: 455 North Garland Avenue, Orlando, Florida, has been in business for years, with funding sources (including Customer paid fare charges) for rendering traveling services, by bus operations. Throughout the duration of the corporation doing business at North America, through the corporate State of Florida, the company Board of Directors have allowed many complaints to be left unchecked and without remedy, made by private citizens and nationals near the Downtown Orlando area. What the operators have been doing is allowing poor management of the main bus hub for the facility, called Lynx Central Station, to ignore valid and ongoing complaints, by having actors within the corporation to pretend that the bus corporation has no liability in how they operate their public services charged to the people. However, the corporation receives over $100 million [U.S.] said "dollars" in both Federal and State funding sources (both derived from taxation against the people and retail operations for commerce profits) annually. From the staggering financial figures in revenue generated by the bus company, a reasonable person would think that the public bus service would provide far better bus services and accommodations for the decent, respectful and respectable people, who utilize the bus for traveling to work, for necessity, and even for leisure, all around the Central Florida area. All of the fares charged to the public, who utilize the bus on a daily basis, contributes to the extreme profits that the bus corporation sustains to compensate its Board of Directors / Trustees, staff, employees, and Bus Operators adequately. According to fiscal year reports for Lynx, the corporation alleges to serve approximately 30 million Customers annually, yet from the many complaints Lynx receives, very little is done to hold the operators accountable for the many liabilities already in place, when any Customer / Patron experiences negligence from staff, management, bus operators, and other employees of the corporation. Such negligence includes (but not limited to): Constant Bus Lateness, Bus Operator Negligence against Customers, Buses Not Operating By Bus Public Schedules, Customers Being Left Stranded During Bus Travels to Destinations, etc. All of these types of issues have been complained about for years by Customers, without remedy to those very people who have respectfully utilized the Lynx Bus System.

Bus Operator Negligence

There have been many complaints and concerns over the years, in how the many Bus Operators working for Lynx, take their job duties and responsibilities as a joke when properly servicing the very Customers, who have kept the bus company in business since 1972 [A.D.]. Whatever the corporation's hiring practices and compensation scale, many Bus Operators that the company staff and management hires, consistently fail to meet the full responsibility of providing quality services to the people who utilize the public bus said 'services'. It has been reported for years, without correction or reparations to the injured people, that many employees working for Lynx (mainly at the Downtown, Orlando - Lynx Central Station) have been severely mistreating its Customers, by management failing to correct issues within the problematic aspects of the office that controls the bus dispatching and scheduling. There are highly compensated Supervisors in place, who have been hired to address such issues with Bus Operator negligence, yet the very same issues still persist to this day. Such types of issues include (but not limited to) Bus Operators constant tardiness in arriving at time scheduled stops, Bus Operators abandoning bus routes for emotionally disturbed reasons and leaving Customers stranded far from their intended destinations, and the operators for the corporation alleviating themselves from any and all liabilities, by having adopted corporate policies, which clearly violate peoples' rights in traveling by bus, only by needs and necessity, based ultimately on duress in a corporate-driven tourism and consumerism society around the Florida area.

Hurricane Ian Bus Discrepancy

In recent complaints, Lynx operations decided on September 28, 2022 [A.D.] to immediately stop bus service to the public, prior to the actual arrival of said 'Hurricane Ian' in the locality. According to reports, the Board of Directors for Lynx decided to halt services at 10:30 am (Eastern Daylight Time), without the slightest concern for its traveling Customers, who had already begun utilizing the bus services, which began around 4:30 am (Easter Daylight Time) that day. Whatever announcement claims made by the management operations for Lynx, they failed to properly address the issue of many bus Customers / Patrons having been left out to deal with the approaching weather storm conditions, as the corporate State of Florida Public Servants made continual announcements for everyone throughout the Florida area, to prepare for the hurricane catastrophe. People forced to travel by bus, by necessity, did his or her best to get to stores and secure some resources in their preparations. As a result of their traveling to the retail stores, having the needed resources for the potential hazards and dangers to be caused by the storm, Lynx operations halted their buses, leaving many Customers stranded. When Customers called to make complaints to the Lynx Central Station operations, the staff, management, and employees on duty that day, showed the worst disregard and no concern for others during what resulted in major injuries and discrepancies against Customers, all around the Central Florida area that the Lynx Bus System covers in operations. Their willful negligence caused many Lynx Customers to be left out to fend for themselves, yet Lynx operations later claimed that they were only providing "life sustaining" bus services, after their Customers were already willingly left stranded on September 28, 2022 [A.D.], truly by employee and Bus Operator negligence, as the worst of the storm was still approaching.

Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority - d / b / a Lynx operators have been without major suit action for years, for their continued disservice to the natural people, who have sustained their business operations for approximately 50 years to date, while having experienced constant injuries to Customers / Patrons, who lost jobs and experienced other related injuries, as a direct result of Bus Operator and management negligence. There are those who are seeking full reparations against all operators to Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority - d / b / a Lynx, for the continued abuses against Customers, who have financially supported the bus company for approximately 50 years to date and suffered the many abuses by biased and incompetent staff and willfully negligent employees and Bus Operators, clearly living off of the traveling people they abuse.

The Verdict for Corporate Negligence

As corporations have built themselves, through the heavy commerce at North America, their operating persons have taken it upon themselves to abuse the very people who have unknowingly and oftentimes unwillingly contributed to their corporate greed-based financial empires. Foreigners from other countries of European / Caucasian-descent and even some of their servants of said "African-descent," have created such hostile industries derived from greed and selfishness, in what has been practically a takeover of humanity, by corporate dependency disguised as stores, restaurants, shopping and dining, services, and overall convenience at cost. Such corporate tyrants have hidden behind corporate policies and procedures (for decades), operating clearly outside of the supreme law of the land, specifically outlined within the Constitution for the united States of America Republic [United States Republic Constitution]. The verdict for the corporate persons tyranny, which such corporate persons still refuse to accept their responsibilities and liabilities they built up for themselves, is all of their full liability by penalties, punishments, and full reparations, in full remedy to the natural people to the North America estate, with some fair remedies to the foreign citizens, who have been genuinely proven to not truly be a part of the problem at North America.

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