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Florida Hospitality Colonial Labor

International News of the Day: STATE OF FLORIDA Hospitality Colonial Labor Sustains Human Trafficking and Forced Servitude

The corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida hospitality colonial labor administration colony has been operated by Caucasian / European military persons, with compromised and willing assistance from treasonous people of said 'African-descent', who work for colonizers for a said "paycheck". The exposure of true colonialism and the devastation it has brought to North America, against the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent', has been no mystery to the competent world. However, the very military operations, like administrative human trafficking and the like, which have been funding corporate States, like the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida military colony, for decades at North America / North Gate Estate. There have been many public complaints and reports concerning the UNITED STATES INC Trustee owners in recent years, yet even with their own public apologies and claims to be correcting the dilemma brought to North America by the Doctrine of Discovery (papal bulls), corporate States are still being heavily funded by fraudulent tax tithing against not only the rightful heirs to the estate (via all public businesses), but against the squatting naturalized citizens of Caucasian / European-descent (and their hybrid Spanish-speaking offspring - as in Spanish inquisitors). The moral dilemmas having forcefully enslaved the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans under the circumstances, has brought great turmoil throughout territories like Flores [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida State / Florida]. The administrative State colonies in the Flores territory continue to cater to hostile industries (disguised as "hospitality") and continue building corporate-run restaurants and other retail operations that employ predominantly Spanish-speaking foreigners (specifically hybrid Caucasians / Europeans) from South America to aid and abet colonizers running the State colony administrations, along with their subsidiary corporations like CITY OF ORLANDO and COUNTY OF ORANGE, which fraudulently subjects aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans to forced servitude by the Federal Reserve note fraud (by moral duress and the need to transact their stolen resources by colonizers). The labor markets throughout Flores [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida State / Florida] have been controlled to force corporate labor markets that demand bottomry instruments like the Driver's License, Social Security Number accounts, and Birth Certificates that create the very bonds that causes the forced servitude, as there are many incompetent persons upon the North Gate Estate, who left their national homes to help colonize North America / North Gate Estate. The corporate control of the labor markets clearly infringes upon the natural people's right to free association and the birth-right of the rightful heirs to be able to generate finance upon their own occupied estate, simply to sustain their respectable living needs. The network of colonial Caucasian / European frauds have run so deep throughout the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida administration colony, that rightful heirs have not even been able to find even simple labor work to receive the needed finance they are forced to work for in their livelihoods, under the extreme colonial occupation circumstances. This type of military control scheme is at the very heart of what the popes of Rome claimed to have repudiated back on the 30th Day of March 2023 [A.D.].

Original Article Date: 19 October 2023 [A.D.]

Florida Hospitality Colonial Labor

Image of a colonial operative restaurant in the process of opening near the corporate DOWNTOWN CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA colony administration. This restaurant is located off of South Orange Avenue. The name of the restaurant is POLLO CAMPERO and is the very example of the type of Florida Hospitality Colonial Labor that keeps colonizers enslaving people and generating finance for the corporate State thus controlling free labor markets by creating circumstances to force people (even colonizing helpers) to seek means of financial sustenance. The military administrative human trafficking throughout the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA colony administration has been the very gateway for Spanish-speaking foreigners to leave their countries, only to colonize North America and generate hostility against the Al Moroccan / American natives to the estate, who have been extremely impoverished by such corporate hospitality industry takeovers all over the land for over a century.

The corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida administration colony persons / operatives have spent almost one-hundred fifty (150) years building a colonial infrastructure of absolute corruption, with ultimate intent to subdue the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans for STATE OF FLORIDA hospitality colonial labor. The objective, construed by Caucasian / European colonizers and their subservient helpers of said 'African-descent', has always been to subject the rightful heirs to forced servitude, while they build their hostile, colonialism-based commercial economy upon the lands, at the absolute expense of the Al Moroccans / Americans, who have been fraudulently bonded through historical foreign negotiable instruments like the Birth Certificate. In recent years, colonizers have been executing long-ago premediated attacks against all rightful heirs of said 'African-descent', upon the North Gate Estate / North America. Such attacks have been biological warfare (like medical experiments with drugs and even 'vaccinations'), publicly alleging to help copper-complexion natives, but secretly waging war to compromise genetic structures within melanated people, who colonizers have spent generations trying to genocide from North America and other estates around the globe. Other attacks have been financial in nature, so as to disenfranchise aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent' thus keeping them extremely impoverished, while Caucasian / European conquests at North America, have been blatantly built around them and forcing the rightful heirs from their native territories. The result has been aggressive commercialism industries, where profiteering, usurpation, and estate escheatment has been the colonial social "norm" by fraud and deception.

While the colonial administrators have continued to play on the mass public incompetency, chattel property control agendas, and even willful ignorance and negligence, their subsidiary administrations like CITY OF / City of and COUNTY OF / County of corporations (never 'government') continue to wreak financial havoc by controlling their naturalized citizens into unionizing with the UNITED STATES INC (not a nation or a country). The corporate unions that foreigners have been making with UNITED STATES INC (total collusion from the corporate States colonies) operative persons feigning as an upright 'government', pretending to be in service to the natural people (Al Moroccans / Americans and upright foreign citizens), has been the backbone of the severe political and economic problems faced at North America today. Due to the extreme greed that colonizers have built-up for decades upon the estate, they have resorted to dark and sinister forms of corruption, in parasitical nature against the estate, for which they lost their friendly and peaceful (only) commercial privilege endeavors long ago by contractual breach of not only the Mother Treaty, but having breached the very Constitution for the united States of America / united states of America Republic 1791 [A.D.], which tremendously aided in their historical freedom from slavery by the British Crown during those said 'times'. However, Caucasians / Europeans at North America (and their traitorous helpers of said 'African-descent'), both politicians and religious pastors working towards the same fraudulent goals, have spent billions in Federal Reserve notes to keep corporate platforms in place to continue spreading lies and deception against the rightful heirs to the estate. Platforms like the so called 'National Association for the Advancement of Colored People' (NAACP), other so-called 'Civil Rights Organizations', Christian and Catholic Churches, and the like, have always operated as the secret military regimes to keep the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans at North America overthrown and forcefully subverted by a historically-conditioned "identity crisis", as many of the modern-day Al Moroccans / Americans still believe they are identified by crayon colors and corporate brands created by the very colonizers they have been working for in their corporate, everyday jobs.

Corporate hostile industry is one of the worst (if not THE worst) forms of forced servitude at North America, as belligerent, policy-inducing corporations (since policies were never de jure law or the supreme law of the land) have kept their Caucasian / European owners pushing colonialism through extreme profiteering sales of products and said 'services' being fraudulently derived from North America / North Gate Estate, while selling such products and said 'services' back to the mass public (with tax tithing annexations to the so-called "Royal Family" in London, England via corporate States) in total adversity to what truly belongs to the Al Moroccan / American natives at North America. The slavery that persists by colonialism fraud today, truly comes from the deceived and incompetent public, who keep funding Caucasians / Europeans through their fraudulent and hostile corporations (i.e. bars, restaurants, car washes, apparel stores, supermarkets, malls, auto dealerships, county clerks, city council persons, etc.), as they have been born into colonial-based slavery and forced servitude at North America (of course meaning those who did not migrate to North America from compromised nations of the Earth over the centuries). Colonizers have literally "banked-on" moral duress and eventual forced dependency on the very products and said 'services' sold publicly all over the estate, which has fueled corporate economies around the world.

The very foundation of the global enslavement, by forced servitude and peonage, stems directly from the Caucasian / European colonizers, who have spent centuries infiltrating the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' at North America. After over a century of committing mass acts of genocide and crimes against humanity at North America, colonizers have spent the same said 'time' corrupting the aboriginal and indigenous bloodlines through physical rapes of copper-complexion women and forced seduction against copper-complexion men, all under threat, duress, and coercion by colonizers and kept secret amongst the financially-rich elitist frauds enjoying belligerent trusteeship and other colonial associations, by corrupted free masons, who have been hiding in the background of the extremely corrupted modern-day politics.

In respect to what is evident, the modern-day colonizers have yet to truly experience the karma they have spent centuries building for themselves on North American soil. The current air of politics throughout the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida State / Florida colony administration persons, is an air of ongoing mass public political deception, along with absolute foreigners (many Spanish-speaking hybrid Caucasians / Europeans) still indulging in the estate in arrogance against the rightful heirs, who have always been the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'.

Many rightful heirs to the estate are still experiencing extreme poverty, while colonizers have been trying to centralize them by fraudulent [HOMELESS] political agendas in areas like the corporate CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA. From the hostile commercial industries that colonizers continue building at North America, Caucasians / Europeans, bent on corruption and profiteering endeavors to the extreme, keep trying to force copper-complexion natives out of their historically indigenous territories, as in a fraudulent sense of rightful heirs migrating upon their own estate. The vicious attacks by CITY OF ORLANDO Council persons, pretending to be a government, try to keep their corrupted political agendas in place, such as controlling free labor markets against skilled Al Moroccans / Americans who are familiar with various aspects of Carpentry, Electrical work, Plumbing work, and even Landscaping. The modern-day schemes and fraud construed by colonizers regarding labor markets throughout Flores [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida], has been that skilled and labor experienced natural people are required to have licenses to perform physical labor in which they have been experienced with for thousands of years at North America (many simply forgot based upon generations of extreme colonialism and adverse mental conditioning by institutions). Also, many colonizing corporate State persons (those who formed INC's and LLC's through corporate States), have been trying to proclaim that insurance is a requirement for those who have their own businesses in providing trade labor services like Plumbing, Electrical work, and Carpentry, after they have gained months or years of experience and built reputations proving themselves to be worthy of their hire. Such colonial schemes contribute to corporate State administration colonies fraudulently empowering their corporate CITY OF / City of and COUNTY OF / County of enslaving and human trafficking administrations, where such employee persons can fraudulently tax people performing labor thus force tax tithing to the overall foreign corporate owners to UNITED STATES INC. The demand for so-called "government ID" at North America (which are the Driver's Licenses, Social Security accounts, and Birth Certificates issued from the parent corporation) has been a severe colonialism attempt by Caucasians / Europeans to keep Al Moroccans / Americans enslaved (by historical deception), which is why corporate States (like the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida administration colony persons) keep getting their corporate constructs (INC's, LLC's, etc.) / persons to demand such foreign negotiable bottomry instruments from anyone trying to earn (or make) an honest living from physical labor to receive adequate financial wages (even if only currently Federal Reserve notes).

Sooner rather than later, the colonial fraud must end, as the upright natural people and true nations of the Earth, who advocate and support de jure international law, are done with the corrupted charade perpetuated for over a century and a half by Caucasians / Europeans, their hybrid offspring (including Spanish-speaking persons), and traitorous copper-complexion persons of said 'African-descent' at North America (and abroad). The reality has already set-in that the world is no longer tolerating the extreme colonialism, fraudulently incorporated by belligerent and hostile commercial military mercenaries, having used North Gate Estate / North America as their political staging ground for absolute colonial scandals, international corruption, and fraud, specifically meant to work against aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'. Centuries of mass acts of genocide and extreme crimes against humanity, conducted by Caucasians / Europeans (and their helpers of said 'African-descent'), who built very dark corporate military empires by fraud and deception at North America, has its price that has been long overdue to be paid.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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