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Florida Gang Stalking Agents

The STATE OF FLORIDA gang stalking agents have been increasing against rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, since the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans have been exercising their right to free press, free association, and freedom of speech upon their own land. The politics taking place throughout the STATE OF FLORIDA colony administration, have been severe over the past two (2) years due specifically to ALL of the political corruption that has transpired by Caucasian / European persons, who have been under the strange impression that they will not be held extremely accountable for all of the fraud, misprision of treason, human trafficking, crimes against humanity, and blatant acts of genocide committed by corporate colonists doing belligerent, mercenary commerce through County of / COUNTY OF and City of / CITY OF operations, which are not 'government'. By the foolery of ongoing colonialism at North America, perpetrators of Caucasian / European-descent have become desperate in attacking any and all copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent' at North America, even to the detriment of conspiratorial demises, that are made to look like someone who has caught-on is either paranoid or schizophrenic. This has been a military psychological warfare tactic used by corporate colonial militaries for decades. Such reports detailing such military warfare against aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent' all over Flores [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida - etc.], have remained "classified" and under the control of colonizing Caucasians / Europeans, who have knowingly and willingly allowed the extreme abuses to continue, due to the extreme profiteering endeavors at North America, which have been the direct result of the Doctrine of Discovery and the Unum Sanctum operations re-dispelled by the Vatican on the 30th Day of March 2023 [A.D.]. Apparently, belligerent colonizers all over Flores territory, have only been proving themselves as the very outlaws and mercenaries they were detailed to be by competent people all over the world. Gang stalking has been a deep and heavy reality, where policy-enforcers [Police / POLICE / - Sheriff / SHERIFF] / colonial persons (and their helpers of said 'African-descent'), have been prime suspects in the public retaliation corruption.

Original Article Date: 10 August 2023 [A.D.]

Florida Gang Stalking Agents

Image of gang stalkers and the covert deception they use to unlawfully follow people around to target for intimidation, harassment, or intent to cause physical, mental, or spiritual injury due to their target standing up against wrongdoing or even absolute corruption. All gang stalkers are fear-mongers and are liable for severe punishments by the supreme law of the land at North America.

With the increase in political hostility at Flores [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA], the Florida gang stalking agents have become more and more active in recent years, due to people standing-up against the extreme fraud, misprision of treason, and corruption that has been taking place around the corporate colony administration that continues to usurp the land and escheat the estate against aboriginal and indigenous copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent'. There are many websites that have been erecting in recent months, attempting to divert people from the absolute truth and reality that gang stalking has been real and the perpetrators have always been people having financial riches (or well-being) and / or political power and influence, for which they have individually (and collectively) chosen to use for absolute negativity, darkness, and corruption. It has only been in recent years, that people have become more aware and conscious of the abuses they have been suffering due to corporate tyranny from men and women who have built total corruption from finance derived from the natural people (i.e. sales of so-called products and services, taxes, etc.). The reality that has been manifesting of late, is that positive and good people are not going to continue to be abused and manipulated by the corrupted and dark persons (often of Caucasian / European-descent influence - but also traitors of said 'African-descent' who have betrayed their own).

Why gang stalking has become more and more evident in 2023 [A.D.], is due to the simple fact that colonialism can be linked to at least seventy percent (70%) of the world's economic and social problems, as Caucasians / Europeans at North America [U.S. Citizens / naturalized citizens] have been using deceptive military force to manipulate the people and economies of the world (for extreme profiteering endeavors) from North America / North Gate Estate, which belongs to the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent'. However, the rightful heirs have been under Threat, Duress, and Coercion for more than one-hundred sixty plus (160+) years, to date, due to colonizing frauds who have remained as belligerent colonial Caucasian / European trustees holding the estate hostage by fraudulent and belligerent commerce that funds the political farce feigning as organic states [UNITED STATES INC]. Every State of / STATE OF colony and their administrative confederacy colonies d / b / a City of / CITY OF and County of / COUNTY OF on the public and private record, has historically kept certain colonial persons in positions of political power through foreign generations fraudulently occupying North America, simply to continue the fraud, misprision of treason, usurpation of the land and escheatment of the North Gate Estate / North America, only to keep U.S. [UNITED STATES INC] Treasury Bonds alive thus keeping the Federal Reserve Note {$US] in financial power for continued belligerent commerce against the estate by political military force.

'Click' the PDF below to read a peer-to-peer scholarly document pertaining to gang stalking and how it is being conducted by average, every day perpetrators in 2023 [A.D.], who blatantly break the supreme law of the land in their psychopathic and sociopathic stalking of others.

Download PDF • 119KB

Below are some recent images of an actual gang stalker in action. These photos were provided to Moroccan Press at North America by someone who witnessed their being gang stalked through the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA colony, near International Drive, CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA at North America. The parking lot where a gang stalker sat to conduct unlawful surveillance and spy on someone, was BOTECO DO MANOLO, located on the corporate street: [7653 INTERNATIONAL DRIVE, SUITE 100, CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA]. The perpetrator was witnessed in their gang stalking activity on the 10th Day of August 2023 [A.D.] around 3:05 pm (Eastern Daylight Time), according to credible reports. If anyone has experienced similar gang stalking or recognizes the corporate vehicle, feel free to contact Moroccan Press at North America with verifiable details. It is also a great idea to spread the word to international communities, who have been addressing colonialism activities such as gang stalkers all over North America.

All International Rights Reserved.

Since the owners to the UNITED STATES INC corporation (not a country or a nation) have already made it clear for colonizers (including colonizing gang stalkers) to Cease & Desist their untoward behaviours against the rightful heirs (i.e. inhabitants - * See Pope Francis General Civil Orders - Letter to Obama), yet colonizers throughout the Flores territory [misnomer STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida / Florida / Florida State], the Vatican is totally responsible to remedy the unresolved dilemma concerning gang stalking / gang stalkers, oftentimes being the very Police / POLICE - Sheriff / SHERIFF persons practicing Color-of-Law and Color-of-Authority (even if covert / undercover in plain vehicles without POLICE or SHERIFF decals) against copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent'. In recent months, attacks against copper-complexion people of said 'African-descent' have drastically increased throughout corporate colonies like CITY OF ORLANDO, STATE OF FLORIDA at North America. Due to people getting tired of being bullied by policy-enforcers operating as the CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT or even ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, people have been standing-up for themselves, even at the cost of their lives through commercial mercenary killings through agencies like SWAT, where unauthorized military-based and military-armed persons (in conspiratorial groups) use extreme military violence to kill one person of said 'African-descent', when Caucasian / European persons have historically committed similar or worse situations (with viable proof), yet are still alive today and milking the fraudulent legalese system meant to protect colonizing Caucasians / Europeans by their very own counterparts by absolute political corruption. The main problem with the colonialism fraud being administered by STATE OF FLORIDA colony frauds, is that there is no total public transparency in their dealings with their alleged 'suspects' (by private or public verifiable records of each and every incident), from start to finish, concerning their very often false public media narratives that make them look like they are following the supreme law of the land (without compromise or deception), even if they were never even authorized to have been doing what they have been doing at North America in military-style commercial activities upon the land.

The deceptive colonizer-owned media has remained in favor of the Caucasian / European colonizers still at North America by the millions, who fraudulently operate upon the estate, who have been against aboriginal and indigenous bloodlines of copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', since their arrival back in the late 1400s. The STATE OF FLORIDA colony continues to abuse their deceptive and belligerent administrative power, operated by extremely corrupted persons doing everything they can to attack Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent' and anyone who tries to help copper-complexion natives, whether working under colonial administrative panels or not. When truth comes out about what colonialism has done to territories like Flores, where extreme political corruption has been fueled by Ku Klux Klan persons offspring at North America, the militant colonizers send their fraudulent agent counterparts upon the land to gang stalk those who stand against corruption, ignoring the very fact that such persons are only front line of defense men and women, who are expendable to the corporate tyrants who hide behind them. As reality shifts further into intolerance of corruption at Flores and other territories on North American soil, colonizers and their gang stalking agents are going to find themselves getting severely injured (or worse) when they violate the rights of others (including invasion of privacy by unlawful spying and surveillance against private heirs) who have remained peaceful.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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