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Florida Contractor Fraud Epidemic

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

The corporate State of Florida habours some of the most notorious free association contracting practices allowed by foreign operatives, doing business as STATE OF FLORIDA, at North America. The Constitution for the united states of America / united States of America Republic (1791 [A.D.] - original) has always been the parent, binding contract for any and all naturalized Caucasian / European commerce-based businesses, to do very limited business (peacefully and honourably), at North America. As over one and a half centuries have passed, with colonizing Europeans / Caucasians doing business at North America, their offspring have systematically demonized the parent contract, from which their original Articles of Confederation was originally derived. The colonizing foreigners have long since adopted corporate fraud, d / b / a State of / STATE OF, City of / CITY OF, and County of / COUNTY OF de facto operations, working specifically outside of the original parent Constitution fold of said 'government'. The hostile commerce and profiteering endeavors going on through the STATE OF FLORIDA, has some of its deep roots in controlling the industry-based, European takeover markets, all built for profiteering and financial exploitation operations, to work extremely against the heirs to the North America estate, of said 'African-descent'. The colonizers try to continue their corrupted markets and politics at one of their primary hub operations for colonizing and human trafficking, called State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA on their corporate business records. For many who still are unaware, any State of / STATE OF, City of / CITY OF, County of / COUNTY OF operations at North America, is NOT said 'government' (*See General Civil Orders 2014 [A.D.] - Pope Francis). No historically-controlled news or media agency can change that (although they constantly try). For the many natural people, who are not a part of the corporate State fraud(s), they are not subject to forced association by the duress conditions forced against them by fraud. The modern-day STATE OF FLORIDA poor excuse for Contractors, is that they are not allowed to follow the 'supreme law of the land', as they continue to push fraudulent W2 (tax tithing to the IRS) operations, while blatantly infringing upon anyone else's right (or privilege) to free association, for which they exercise for their own private and personal benefits to such free association, by obvious hypocrisy.

Original Article Date: 2 January 2022 [A.D.]

Image of fraudulent IRS forms that purport human trafficking through deceptive tax tithing to foreign persons of Caucasian / European-descent and their "paid-off" helpers.

The New Year Implements New Consciousness

As the new year has finally arrived, 2023 [A.D.] must be the year for new consciousness creating full estate restoration to the heirs at North America. One of the major areas of concern, in what the heirs to the North American / North Gate estate are still dealing with, is foreign and hostile contractors still trying to control the 'private sector' labour markets for those who do not participate in the aggregate financial fraud still being construed by colonizers at North America. The corporate State of Florida has been notorious in allowing foreigners of Caucasian / European-descent, from South and Central America, to migrate to North America, simply to assist in the Caucasian / European colonization against the rightful inheritors and heirs to the estate (as said inhabitants). Recent reports, by heirs to the estate, have been bringing light to the communities of natural people at Flores (indigenous nomen), with colonizers 'doing business as' (D / B / A) STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida on contractual paper for commerce purposes only. Many natural people at North America (of said 'African-descent') are already aware that the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is only a corporation (not said 'government'). However, through all of the hostile commerce still being conducted by foreigners of Caucasian / European-descent at North America, many of the frauds continue to push their private commercial paper activities, claiming their false sense of free association (since their free association is based entirely on fraud, racketeering, and human trafficking).

Contracting at Florida is derived from the corporate FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF STATE operative persons, allowing other incompetent persons and foreigners doing business for profits-only at North America, to register human trafficking corporations to get people to sign-up for their 'IRS' tax tithing operations, that truly fund de facto Democracy platform operations all across the entire North American continent. There has been an extreme influx of corporate tourists and consumers, migrating to North America from China and parts of South and Central America, who willingly participate in the hostile commerce by contracting fraud, at North America. What the 'IRS' persons operations promote, is for anyone who wants to make finance (whether profiteers or actual wage-earners), to make a living at North America, they must register through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be considered [non-alien] or [residents] thus permitting such registrants (by fraud and deception) to be legally able to "work" (perform labour) through the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC, which both the 'IRS' and the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are registered with Dunn & Bradstreet as corporations. Such knowledge has been made public, yet there are many foreign persons (who are afforded hefty fraudulent finance) who willingly contract with the 'IRS' and setup corporations through corporate State of / STATE OF operations, and enslave anyone who seeks to trade his or her labour services for wages earned and due to them.

Deep Colonization Deception

The deep deception promoted by corporate State persons (and the foreign frauds who register through them), is that no one can provide their labour talents / skills (in the form of professional services - even by earned trade reputations) to the public, without permission from corporate State persons practicing Color-of-Office and Color-of-Authority, along wit their foreign, de facto Contractors pushing blatant fraud thru such corporate States. The private commercial paper mechanisms used by corporations induces and allegedly "approves" the fraud by those who "sign" such documents, which creates a legally binding obligation (if such a signator does so with willingness and full competence). However, due to the extreme fraud perpetuated through unlawful tribunals [courts], often operating as 'Superior' or 'Supreme' through corporate State operations (in name only), the average persons, in a misguided society, believe that such operations are a part of the supreme law of the land, of course, which they are not and never were. The supreme law of the land clause (within the Constitution for the united States of America - 1791), clearly details the corporate State operators' bound obligations to the natural people (aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans - not Caucasians / Europeans).

What corporate State operators and their foreign, hostile-contracting allies want the public-at-large to believe, is that each person does not have a choice how they associate, due to the financially-controlled hostile industries and labour markets, being manipulated all throughout Florida, by absolute fraud. And, if a person choose not to associate with the human trafficking fraud operations, through corporations / agencies registered through the corporate State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA, then they would not otherwise have a means to have the finance (Federal Reserve Notes) needed for hostile industry fraud transacting from stolen resources upon the land, D / B / A Supermarkets (for food), clothing store retailers, house-stealing agencies (by land theft) who fraudulently control organic lands, which takes away from people having shelter, and other types of fraud-derived agencies based on commerce-induced profiteers of Caucasian / European-descent at North America.

Recently, an active heir to the North Gate Estate / North America, has peacefully made some journalism-like contributions to the truth and reality for the heirs to the true estate, specifically belonging to the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said 'African-descent' at North America. The reports detail exactly why many of the heirs at Flores [misnomer Florida] are suffering, by subjective colonization compromise, because of all of the hybrid Caucasians / Europeans (including their Spanish-speaking persons), pretending to be friendly, by commerce endeavors with heirs to the estate (whether they are conscious or not), who join the colonization efforts of corporate State operatives, D / B / A Cities and Counties in name-only at North America. What has been continually discovered, and still being discussed by conscious heirs to the estate, is how racketeering and human trafficking agents are incorporating into corporate States, as said 'Contractors'. Such foreign said 'Contractors' receive foreign tithing accounts (i.e. Employer Identification Numbers - E.I.N. or F.E.I.N.) that they register with the STATE OF FLORIDA tithing region, for which all tithes contribute to UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation shareholders, operating out of London, England and owned by 'The Vatican' - Rome. The private journalism-like videos are internationally viable evidence and proof of conscious heirs enduring the colonization plights at North America, while doing their best to survive by hostile industry colonization, on their own land and estate. It is the very evidence demonstrated in the following videos, which calls for the international communities to act on, in truly assisting the conscious heirs to the estate, who are not willing to sit by idle, while colonizers blatantly try to destroy their existence by fraud and misprision of treason, for the public record.

Evidence - The American Native Reality at North America - Flores / Florida - Part 1

Evidence - The American Native Reality at North America - Flores / Florida - Part 2 - City of Orlando Police Gangstalking 2023 [A.D.]

For this particular editorial, it has been reported that a corporate STATE OF FLORIDA contracting entity, formed as APOYA INC, which is presently owned by Amada Estremera, has been participating in human trafficking endeavors with the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA and the 'IRS' since 2014 [A.D.], by demanding W2 forms be filled out by natural people, who simply seek to earn honest livings at North America. The report includes that Amada Estremera has hired agents purporting his version of the fraud, feigning as a Labor Contracting agency doing business at Florida, North America. The report also includes that the corporation, identified on the public record as APOYA INC, blatantly infringes upon anyone's right to free association, by having been afforded labour contracts through colonizers dominating much of the labour market at Florida, who coerce (or try to coerce) natural people into 'IRS' subjugation contracting. Including the fraudulent subjugation, it has been made known and clear that agents operating (or working for) the agency known as APOYA INC, clearly refuse to use the only "Legal Tender", as rightful 'Cash' compensation for earned wages, to any natural person skilled in labour trade (i.e. painting, electrical, plumbing, construction, or other forms of general labour), who seeks labour for their actual survival in life, under the hostile colonization circumstances throughout Florida at North America. Of course, many have witnessed and realized that the State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA operatives do not penalize their corporate-registered subsidiary, human trafficking agencies (including LLC's) doing fraudulent, tax tithing-based commerce at North America for profiteering endeavors only. Such operations are blatant infringements on the natural peoples' right to free association, which is bound against all Contractors / Agents (and their corporate State operatives) doing business at North America, regardless of what they may try to claim in their defense (privately or publicly).

Incorporation Documentation - STATE OF FLORIDA - APOYA INC

Download PDF • 50KB

Download PDF • 4KB

The hostile labour market contractors, operating through the State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA, must immediately Cease & Desist their human trafficking endeavors for profits, which historically and clearly contributes to the colonization agenda at North America (including the Spanish Inquisition). When lawful (or legal in some cases) public records reveal the truth, then those who claim to be said 'government' or alleging some sort of 'authority' over people, act in utter opposition to the truth, then they immediately place themselves at full liability and they deserve the extreme penalties and punishments that come with their fraudulent and deceptive actions (or acts thereof). There are many natural people of said 'African-descent', who are severely abused in such malicious ways on a daily basis, because they have no idea that they are the actual heirs to North America (by historical miseducation and deceptive assimilation), by ancestral bloodline-descent. It is this truth that fraudulent colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent act upon, to keep their fraud sustained, simply by refusing to make such truth as public, mainstream knowledge for millions (or even billions) to witness and learn from at North America. However, it is the conscious heirs to the estate, who must make the rightful and lawful claims on the estate, even if only by public notice (or legal notice) for some type of tangible or electronic record to be witnessed by anyone. Should there be many heirs who are still unconscious to the truth, and those who refuse the light of truth (or reject it), then they must deal with their created consequences for themselves and be held accountable for sustaining their allegiance to fraud and their own blatant enslavement. The separation of conscious heirs and unconscious heirs (whether willing or not) must be made, as the conscious heirs are not responsible for anyone who denies the truth that has been made broad public knowledge for over the last decade alone, as the colonizing agenda(s) at North America cause severe injuries to the heirs to the estate (natural inhabitants).

As a part of further public evidence, for the public record, here are some basic Screen Shots proving ancestral bloodline and nomenclature, which current foreign colonizers at North America know fully well:

The Moroccan Press Team simply wishes speedy estate restoration and the utmost benefits to the conscious heirs, who have clearly remained loyal to their free national movement, in peace, to the best of their ability.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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