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Florida Adoption Human Trafficking

As the world prepares for what is to come of all of the Caucasian / European colonization agendas at North America, many Caucasians / Europeans are resorting to tactics to pretend like they are doing good for the natural people of the land at North America. Corporate States, like the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida, have agencies called DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES corporation, where the agency operatives target aboriginal and indigenous children of said 'African-descent' for administrative human trafficking for corporate State profits, as well as stolen public welfare benefits given to Caucasian / European families, who willingly take part in the fraud. The human trafficking of aboriginal and indigenous children, who have been fraudulently integrated into corporate State agency databases, is the direct result of colonizing Caucasians / Europeans having spent decades blatantly destroying families of said 'African-descent', by social engineering military tactics. The processes of such destruction, have been known to stem from secret agencies having plotted on communities of aboriginal and indigenous native peoples at North America, for decades, while learning how to break such families out of their natural capacities to love and care for one another. It is the aboriginal and indigenous parents, who are first targeted by drugs and alcohol heavily implemented into communities of said 'African-descent', by commerce retail operations (owned by Caucasians / Europeans or their compromised subject persons - even of said 'African-descent) and financially privileged persons of Caucasian / European-descent who fund such military schemes. By the engineered processes pitted against the bloodline parentage, colonizers have found ways to break the Mothers and Fathers of the families of said 'African-descent', leaving their offspring vulnerable and subjected to outside influences and abuses from a corrupted and misguided society-at-large in their broken communities, who have also experienced the same military attacks. The colonizers have historically implemented their "paid-off" agents / persons to do the dark works to corrupt the families and break-up any love in the homes, mainly of those of said 'African-descent'. By the completed, corrupted social engineered processes, the colonizers have been able to setup corporate agencies claiming to fix the homes of families, in which they intentionally corrupted to begin with. It has been the modern-day "wolf in sheep's clothing" paradigm, where to this day, colonizing Caucasians / Europeans use such deception to kidnap children of said 'African-descent', simply to turn them over as wards to the corporate State of / STATE OF operations at North America. With the fraudulent 'Birth Certificate' being the primary negotiable instrument that purports ALL corporate State fraud, it gives the commerce-only corporate States legal precedence to "act" on behalf of their 'chattel property' wards that they pretend to care about. All of the while, it has always been a fraudulent mechanism to auction children off to prospective "buyers" operating through corporate States, while the aboriginal and indigenous children have no say or control once the attacked and abused and even compromised (or willing) parents are out of the way.

Original Article Date: 7 January 2023 [A.D.]

Image of modern-day aboriginal and indigenous children, who are currently being exploited throughout corporate States for extreme finance, like Florida, by administrative human trafficking perpetuated by agencies like Department of Children and Families; all through the fraudulent 'Birth Certificate' negotiable instrument bond against natural people at North America.

Modern-Day Child Human Trafficking

Natural people all over North America, fraudulently subjected as wards to corporate State body politics occupying the land by military force, against all aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans, who are the lawful and rightful heirs to the estate, are still socially being engineered into extreme fraud by deception. The world has become more and more aware over the last decade alone, of the awakening heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, doing their best to take their places amongst the affairs of fallen man. However, the modern-day colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent, continue to try to keep their fraudulent bond systems alive, for which they have been deceptively trading around the world for over a century at North America. Such foreign, negotiable instrumentalities, like the 'Birth Certificate' bond (traded on the public stock markets around the globe), have afforded misprision of treason against the natural people of the land at North America, of said 'African-descent'. The fraudulent instruments historically paved the way for so much commerce-induced fraud against the aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the estate at North America, by intentional design. Much of the fraud stems from the actual estate (and all of its resources) being used as collateral in trading with interested international financial parties, for trading and commerce only. Such trades were supposed to only be between rightful heirs to such estates, by peaceful and mutually beneficial means, with others around the globe, for societal needs among upright communities and resource exchange between competent nations. This has historically been the way of traditional trade and commerce. However, once the Caucasian / European agenda took its dark and deceptive roots at North America, by extreme colonization efforts by persons of European-descent, seeking only to financially extort the land and exploit the natural people, North America quickly became an extreme breeding ground for fraud, lies, deception, greed, lust for power, and misprision of treason against the rightful heirs to the true estate of the natural people of said 'African-descent'.

Departmentalized Destruction of Natural Person Family

It has become more evident throughout corporate State fraud operations, that such operators (mainly of Caucasian / European-descent) have become extremely desperate in ongoing exploitation efforts, being targeted towards all aboriginal and indigenous people at North America. In the current Gregorian Calendar Year 2023 [A.D.], many natural people around Flores territory [corporate STATE OF FLORIDA misnomer], have been witnessing the renewed targets in the European / Caucasian colonization diaspora at North America, more heavily conducted in certain regions. The corporate STATE OF FLORIDA has a subsidiary corporate agency called DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, which is the corporate branch where natural children of aboriginal and indigenous children of said 'African-descent' are blatantly human trafficked to colonizing Caucasian / European families. What is conditioned into the minds of the unsuspecting, regarding such a corporate-driven agency, is that aboriginal and indigenous children, who the agency operators kidnap as wards of the corporate State, is that the children were neglected by their biological parents of said 'African-descent'. Oftentimes, there may be extremely broken parents of said 'African-descent', who have been abused themselves (and even attacked mentally and physically) by corporate State institutions (administering harmful drugs to them) and agencies all over the land doing explicit commerce, while pretending to be remedies for "troubled communities", when the actual "trouble" was caused by secret, colonizing agents (and their financially-compensated helpers) having been hired by corporate State operatives and their corporate network enclaves (City of / CITY OF and County of / COUNTY OF perpetrator persons), to break up and even destroy parents / families of said 'African-descent', specifically so the corporate agencies can go after the children for malicious intentions in the long run. On the surface, of course, the DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES pose as good people trying to help, which is how the facade plays out on the surface, and given as public knowledge to hide the truth behind what really has occurred.

The kidnapping and exploitation of aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent' at North America, has not only been an extreme profiteering endeavor for modern-day colonizing Caucasians / Europeans at North America, but it has also been a way for them to study, take advantage of, intentionally miseducate, assimilate, pervert, and even abuse (physically and mentally and sexually) aboriginal and indigenous children of said 'African-descent'. And, although on the surface around the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA, where many fraudulent, surrogate mother Caucasian / European adoptions are taking place, to intentionally disassociate aboriginal and indigenous children of said 'African-descent', from their real family bloodlines, the real intentions are quite well-known by those who truly recognize the historical plots against the rightful heirs to North America, which have led up to such corporate agencies blatantly human trafficking children of said 'African-descent' by administrative means (or worse). Many natural people around the globe are fully aware of the perverted mindsets of Caucasian / European colonizers at North America. The aboriginal and indigenous offspring of said 'African-descent' have always been the colonizers' targets at North America, while heavily perpetuated, like the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA administration operations having corporate agencies like DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES effectuating the fraud for profits.

Through fraudulent, private, commercial paper, corporate States have made it fairly simple, through deceptive contractual arrangements, for colonizing Caucasians / Europeans to "adopt" children of said 'African-descent', while pretending to actually love and care for the children, by assimilating them into their false families and conditioning them into institutions called "schools", where biological warfare 'vaccinations' are forced against children, and during the captivity of the children, by their surrogate colonial false parents / guardians, they are taught unnatural dieting, dogmatic religion for control, all while confusing the child and forcing them to believe that their own people are "bad" or "evil" because aboriginal and indigenous parentage at North America has been intentionally and systematically destroyed over the past thirty years alone against all heirs to the estate. Over years of scholarly studies and intelligent reports by truly sincere international communities and societies, it has been widely discovered exactly how colonizing Caucasians / Europeans at North America spent decades premeditating the extreme demise of all of the heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America. All of the attacks against the natural people of said 'African-descent', like colonizing racketeering agencies (like police and so-called "sheriffs") systematically pushing drugs and alcohol throughout communities of said 'African-descent', having led to mental breakdowns of the natural people, compromised biology degradation, and even mental illness that destroyed the lives of many heirs. Through hardcore social engineering military tactics, such ends were easily achieved by colonizers, who spent decades usurping the land and estate at North America, while having amassed extreme financial power against the heirs, leaving the heirs impoverished and without entitled resources to build, grow, and thrive as positive communities for each other. The implementation of the attacks against the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent', has unlawfully spanned for over a century at North America.

An Upheaval of Division - Enlightened vs Endarkened

With many of the aboriginal and indigenous communities having already been devastated at North America, by extreme colonization, the circumstances have made the current unconscious heirs "easy prey" for the colonizers who refuse to end the charade. The modern-day colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent have an insatiable lust for power that they refuse to let go of thus keeping the unconscious heirs to their rightful estate, enslaved to colonial dogma regimes by strict military design that has been going-on at North America for decades.

It has become the reality that the Caucasian / European colonizers at North America have set their eyes on the aboriginal and indigenous children (once again), with so many destroyed families and broken parents being (and have been) swept out of the way by fraudulent military design, to purport the colonization continual efforts. The vicious cycle continues, only while natural people continue to stand by idly, while colonizing foreigners abuse them right in their faces. Many people already realize that it matters not what many people around the world have been showing unconscious heirs to the estate at North America for decades, as they have been so abused mentally, that they reject truth and embrace the false paradigm that works against them at all times, on all levels of life and their own existence. Yet, if those very same colonizers were to finally start blatantly exposing the hard truth to the unconscious heirs to the estate, who have been refusing to even listen to their own ancestral brothers and sisters of said 'African-descent', they would witness in utter disbelief, as if some sort of trick to get them to turn against their Caucasian / European slave masters and their agents who were put in place by military war tactics, specifically to deceive and destroy the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent'.

As nature continues pressing forward, in favor of those in harmony with truth, light, justice, and Mother Nature by Divine origins, many will experience true pain and suffering at North America, who have not accepted the truth and prepared for the worst. Any and all separation of conscious heirs to the estate and unconscious heirs to the estate, must be made as the unconscious heirs remain their own worst enemy when they continue to support their colonizing slave masters, both financially and spiritually. The unconscious heirs also pose as one of the last remaining obstacles to full estate restoration for the conscious heirs, who have been working hard to reclaim their escheated estate by colonization fraud. May peace and blissings quickly manifest for the hard-working and rightful heirs, who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans at North America.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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