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False Police Narrative Deception

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In recent news, it has been reported that police employees have been staging attacks against people, to make it seem as though people are being unruly and pretending that the need for police is at an all-time-high. Consequently, the false police narrative, supported by the corporate-derived public interest in supporting the already suspected police corruption in its entirety, has been on the rise by Caucasians / Europeans. People all over the world, especially the United States, have already witnessed the many horrors conducted by the ninety-nine (99) percent of police employees, who are conditioned to train and kill people of copper-complexion, as a default protocol. This is no overstatement, as case records, whether made publicly available or not, have proven time and time again, the real agenda of the Fraternal Order of Police operations, who fund the entire Police Department implementation at North America. The fact of the matter, is that the natural people are no longer believing political lies and deception that has cost the lives of millions of copper-complexion people at North America for hundreds of years.

Original Article Date: 28 July 2022 [A.D.]

Police have been integrated in just about every aspect of society due to the irresponsibility of State, City, and County operations allowing their employees to violate peoples' rights, disregarding real crime and true criminals.

With times having so drastically changed, due to all of the corporate corruption with racketeering companies funding organizations like the Fraternal Order of Police to hire individuals to take it upon themselves to operate in an unsanctioned capacity, only to practice Color of Law by standards of forcing people to adhere to adhesion contracts that most of society still has no idea even exists against them, when certain types of negotiable instruments are used, then populated in closely guarded databases that administer the accounts created by such instruments, it is no mystery why people revolt. It has been speculated on and assessed for decades, as to exactly why police employees do what they do to people, in bouts of extreme violence and brutality against the public and natural people, for simple traffic infractions, just to name one of the types of tactics used by an exercise of jurisdictional claims for profits. It is well-known that police employees have even gone so far as to challenge and violate United States military personnel, who operate in a Federal capacity, said to serve the United States Congress, which supersedes State, City, and County (municipal) operations. The arrogant psychology demonstrated by mercenary domestic police forces, has already become severely intolerant by the populace, which has caused global outrage and demand for immediate justice.

It is no mystery that States, Cities, or Counties cannot operate without the tax (and commerce-derived) funding sources, which people participate in (whether willingly or unwillingly), while conducting transactions in a retail-dominant society, where corporations fraudulently take over land and resources, simply to put "price tags" on practically anything and everything that has marketing potential and value for profits. The finances generated from every retail operation, food store, business or personal service like cell phones, Internet sales, car purchases and their upkeeps like insurance and registration, etc., it all leads to administering agencies, organizations, and other participating companies to produce revenue for States, Cities, and Counties at North America. In turn, the produced revenue gets forwarded to accounting arm hub(s), which gets directed to whatever sources the receivers of the finance see fit (oftentimes not on the mainstream public ledger), which are Congress to States, States to Cities, and Cities to Counties. This is the basic hierarchy in the transition of finance between agreeing / colluding parties, who use the finance as they see fit, regardless if it is illegal or not. This is what is referred to as "money laundering". However, banking institutions promote such practices as illegal and create policies and technology to hinder the every day people in how they transact, based on this premise of "money laundering", even if the transactions people conduct have absolutely nothing to do with money laundering. This is but one of the ways how the racketeering corporations have remained in power at North America for so long. And, unfortunately, people are still funding these operations by being incompetent to the fact that they are being manipulated, controlled, deceived, and overall cheated out of their humanity and financial energies that corporate persons live off of.

Racketeering is only a part of what the modern-day Police Departments are participating in, as they all answer to their superiors and supervisors with military titles, conducting military operations against the natural people for profits. Their agendas seem highly focused on attacking people who demonstrate genuine competence about the supreme law of the land clause, upon which they all take oaths or affirmations to uphold (if not, they are outlaws by default), as well as people of copper-complexion, who have been historically and systematically oppressed for power and financial gains and control of their estate(s). The overall morality of police employees is slim to none in these propaganda times, where they base their lives on simply fulfilling a contract for a 'paycheck', along with their selfishness, as they publicly demonstrate that they could care less about those they hurt, as long as it is not their employers / contractors, friends, or loved ones (if they have any). People often see modern-day police as the monsters they carry themselves to be in the public eye, regardless if they are male or female... a monster is a monster... and... punishment due, is punishment due for Color of Law practices by de jure law standards.

Recent False Police Narratives

Recent reports in social media, as well as other online news agencies and televised reports are promoting the idea that police employees are somehow victims of abuse from natural people, citizens, and foreigners, due to the fact that people are becoming more apt in defending themselves against police and political tyranny and oppression. With years in the making, police have earned themselves a horrid reputation and a severe lack of trust with the public, for the many Color of Law practices conducted against oftentimes people who have not committed any real crime. One of the main abuses that police misconduct entails, is attacking natural people with traffic infractions, administered by inferior tribunals called "courts". There are many competent natural people, who are aboriginal and indigenous natives, who know that they are not U.S. Citizens, which creates jurisdiction. Any and all jurisdictional claims made against someone, must be proven for the public record, which includes police employees arbitrarily violating someone's rights, before a court of competent jurisdiction even has a chance to prepare any lawful case to be heard, for de jure law adjudication for absolute birthrights and rights protections (not corrupted persons who know how to manipulate the legal system to protect their true criminal activities).

Police employees have a severe tendency to abuse natural peoples' birthrights and rights, by placing a blanket category, by willful ignorance and negligence, over people they mistakenly and intentionally identify as "persons" or other color caste system labels / brands, when each natural person is unique to his or her own natural identity by simple self-declaration and competent efforts to be free. Simply put... if a natural person is not a knowing or willing or competent part of any corporate State, City, County or other association with the United States of America (minor), then he or she is not to be even approached by any police or said "Sheriff" employee doing business through any State, City, County, or other agency by Common Law and de jure law circumstances. These lawful rules of engagement are quite simple. However, police employees take it upon themselves to maliciously attack people with intentions to extort finance for States, Cities, and Counties receiving "paychecks", which often ends up in violence or even the death of an innocent person or group of people by systematic genocide. These abuses are still being allowed by the tribunals and / or said "court" systems, both sworn and obligated to the constitution for the united States of America Republic (even if attempted to be covered-up by another constitution version for semantic deceit tactics).

The Social Media Narrative - Truth or Falsehood

Police employees and their department agencies are now using social media and other public platforms to use reverse psychology tactics, to allege their employees being injured when they approach people on the land [streets] with intentions to demand identification and / or other infringements of natural peoples' rights. This type of stalking and predatory behavior is being conducted both by Caucasians / Europeans, as well as their associates of said "African-descent", who are oftentimes corrupted copper-complexion people compromised through financial agreements or other obligations and liabilities (both public and private).

There has been such thing as deprivation of rights and conspiracy against rights, which the supreme law of the land has already clearly addressed for high penalties and punishments for such atrocities committed against people by police employees behaving like modern-day mercenary gangs. There are still many police department agencies using their Fraternal Order of Police association funding to coerce the public interest, while playing victim and covering-up the horrible track record of police misconduct throughout every major corporate State and organic land territory at North America, including belligerence, stalking, coercion, violence, murder, and overall racketeering and genocide committed by police employees all over North America. The genuine public interest has yet to fully realize the stage that has already been set by perpetrators wearing uniforms, who are supposed to 'Serve & Protect', only to be truly the military-based detriment to society-at-large, who are against all of the liberties that upright people have by international law mandates.

Remedy for Reparations

There are remedies for the natural people of mainly copper-complexion natives (unbeknownst to them), to receive proper recognition and reparations for all of the oppression they have suffered for over one-hundred fifty years to date... it is called reparations. This is something that Caucasians / Europeans still refuse to rectify publicly and transparently, as they would be placing themselves at extreme liability for the ongoing misprision of treason. However, that is the cosmic debt obligation they took for taking office and making historical oaths or affirmations (publicly or privately) to uphold the United States Republic Constitution (not the U.S. Constitution - semantic deceit). Until the proper amends and reparations are made to the natural people, who are the true and genuine aboriginal and indigenous peoples to the organic land at North America (referred to as inhabitants), then things will only get worse for the fraud, semantic deceit, crimes against humanity, and genocide against heirs to the estate.

* Please note: These types of editorials are not for arousing anger or dividing people from a unifying justice to stop tyrannical oppression conducted by abusive corporate persons, but to make a call to demand justice and stop crimes against humanity and genocide, mainly being conducted against copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', (not Indians or other brand names for confusion). The abuses have gone on for far too long and too many are still playing into the deception, which only continues the abuses and causes the backlash of destruction rapidly leading to world chaos.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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