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Desperate State Tax Hikes

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The many corporate State operatives doing business at North America, have already begun their attempts to tax by false inflation and over tax their commerce activities against the public, where most tax against the people is unlawful by the original tax obligations for income and revenue-producing companies / corporations receiving income incentives to do business for profits. Such hidden tax hikes include alleged 'inflation'.

State tax - corporate tax liability - income tax for corporations - unlawful excise tax

Original Article Date: 26 July 2022 [A.D.]

This editorial is simply some insight as to why it is important to not allow corporate States to produce legislation (public policy) outside of competent public interest, which are based solely on profiteering policies that produce income and / or revenue for any and all participating entities doing business (i.e. commerce) for profits to gain financial advantages over systematic politics that gain abused power and influence over the people-at-large. This type of finance-producing platform operation has gone on at North America for over one-hundred years, to date. It has been continually left uncheck by the proper parties of interest (United States Congress and Article III Judges), in favor of the rightful heirs, who are the true (yet deceptively displaced) beneficiaries to such political practices upon the land / estate, in which such States have been operating to fuel their ongoing 'for-profits' operations.

Both State and Federal Tax are the sole responsibility of corporation owners, who profit from the commerce-producing revenue.

Excise Taxation against the People

It is very oftentimes overlooked intentionally and highly debated by psychology-tactic, tax-evading corporate persons, whose unlawful / illegal argument is who is actually liable for taxes given to a corporate accounting arm identified as the Internal Revenue Service, which is not a government agency for the public record. Historical records and legal documents, placed both on the public record and tucked away, have been in law libraries, sealed court dockets / files, and United States Library of Congress archives, and have disclosed the original tax system operating at North America, under the umbrella United States of America. For those who do know de jure law, it has already been confirmed what excise taxation truly is and why the natural people are not obligated to any form of tax (no taxation without full and honorable representation)... especially upon his or her own land, where foreign entities (corporations) and body politic persons, impose their revenue-generating tax platforms (like income tax, internet tax, domestic food tax, etc.) upon the unsuspecting. This type of deviant tax business model has been integrated to the extreme throughout over ninety (90) percent of all corporations doing business at North America, by the mother treaty that afforded the original commerce clauses for all businesses / corporations. It is by sheer lack of adhering to the supreme law of the land at North America, that colonizers have gotten away with fraudulent excise taxation against the natural people for a very long time, who are the aboriginal inhabitants to the land(s) in which such foreigners occupy for profiteering endeavors. It has always been about usurpation tactics used by colonizers, to extort land and resources to produce tangible and intangible products of international trade, in which can be used to get people to perform certain things for such needed resources for biological living and survival... even if such resources are fraudulently derived from the land(s) lawfully owned by the unsuspecting (and suspecting) natives, by blatant estate escheatment. This is the reality that many native inhabitants at North America have been facing every single day, since the late 1800's.

Through various forms of private, commercial paper endeavors, produced by foreigners to coerce unsuspecting heirs, to estates that were stolen and overtaken by fraudulent and war-tactic methods, many colonizers have blatantly gotten away with incorporating to the extreme, while implementing hostile industry takeover platforms, derived from the land(s) in which they deceptively occupied with intentions of completely taking over (regardless of how only small arrangements began with small, isolated native populations). It was such military tactics that gained unfair and deceptive advantages over those resilient in the hostile industry takeovers, that have been taking place at North America for over a century, to date. And, it has been by these very types of injustices, as to how and why fraudulent taxation systems have been continually implemented and perpetuated throughout corporate State operatives, who violently exceeded the thirteen (13) original colonies by fraud, deception, and genocidal tactics against the natural inhabitants, then built a corporate empire of pure corruption, greed, and evil. It has been such greed that caused the power and lust endeavors for foreigners to use North America as a breeding ground and central hub for absolute corruption and estate escheatment, in utter abuse of the native heirs, who presently still do not know who they are in masses, while they unknowingly fight in an identity crisis war staged by colonizers.

Consequently, there are many issues presently in the public arena that are being used to entirely distract miseducated and mentally controlled, natural people, who have not been afforded any of their true history in the widespread public arena (news), outside of false, paid-off media narratives on television and social media, Internet pollution with racketeering websites, news agency sites, semantic deceit blogs, etc., being heavily polluted with conceptual lies to keep people deceived and entirely in the dark with malicious intent, connotative and annotative linguistics tactics, to take away from genuine etymology, permeated in so-called "education" books and literature by corrupt publishing companies owned by foreign corporations with severe propaganda agendas, and the list of diversionary tactics goes on and on against the natural people. However, regardless of the evident intention of colonizers using overly-abused privileges, by false status, and their foreign allies helping them to deceive and usurp the organic land at North America (and other parts of the world), who all migrated to North America in droves since the late 1800's, the tides are turning at a rapid rate, due to lawful nature and the things that were naturally in de jure law momentum, coming full circle to correct the horrible injustice against the heirs to the estate.

The Reaping of Cosmic Karma

Although things have progressed to a most destructive point in fraudulent taxation and financial extortion against natural people, which funded the entirely corrupt corporate empire still doing business as the United States of America at North America, while still impeding the birthrights of the true heirs at North America, of said 'African-descent', international law and justice must prevail, as the premeditated evil, created by colonizing foreigners, has gone on for far too long. Mother Nature is speedily correcting all things around the Earth and corrupted persons are believed to be in for some most disturbing events, as a direct result of the Cosmic Karma they created and earned for themselves, backlogged five-hundred thirty (530) years to date.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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