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CVS Health Inc Fraud at North America

CVS Health Incorporated has been one of the many fraudulently operating corporations still doing belligerent commerce at North America, having stemmed from the original Treaty of Peace & Friendship between Morocco and the United States 1787; 1836. Of course, the treaty only allowed peaceful and friendly commerce, which has long since been breached by hostile industry retail operations, warring for their commerce privileges, since having historically slaughtered aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans by the hundreds of thousands since the 1800's. Apparently, a CVS Store location, operating through the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA decided to test an aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American by demanding corporate State identification, that is really only for Europeans / Caucasians, who have naturalized at North America for commerce-induced business only. The result of the free association advocacy, demonstrated by the heir apparent, was that a public notice record has been made, in support that CVS Incorporated needs to be shut down permanently, and all of the stolen finance and assets, contrived by the corporate shareholder persons of Caucasian / European-descent, be immediately returned to the rightful heirs to the estate at North America by international law standards. Certainly, the rightful heirs are the aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent'.

Original Article Date: 28 January 2023 [A.D.]

Image of the CVS Inc logo

Public Notice - STATE OF FLORIDA - North America

On the 28th Day of January 2023 [A.D.] an Al Moroccan / American native visited a local CVS Inc store location, doing racketeering business through the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA, and was demanded to furnish a corporate State-issued identification, simply to use Cash finance to load a re-loadable, prepaid said 'Debit Card' for transacting. The heir to the estate encountered incompetent and willfully belligerent corporate persons associates, receiving public finance derived off of the warring industry sales and fraudulent taxation upon the land at North America, who practiced Color-of-Law against the heir. The visit by the heir ended with a public employee for the corporation, claiming to be a said 'Supervisor', stating that the Federal Trade Commission requires CVS Health Inc operative persons (i.e. Board of Trustees, staff, employees, etc.) to "require" a corporate State-issued photo identification, which such a fraudulent form of said 'identification', is for "commerce" usage only. A common commerce use for such an identification, would be specifically for foreigners doing commerce on a land that is not their own. The only ones required to have such an identification, since they have been naturalized upon the land at North America, are foreign Europeans / Caucasians and those who came to North America under the false pretenses that they can be free nationals and sovereigns upon a land that was never their own (i.e. Europeans / Caucasians and their foreign allies). In addition, United States Codes of Law, Title 18, Section 1028 clearly indicates "preferred identification" (being a national identification), which was denied by the CVS Incorporated associate, claiming to be a Supervisor / Leader (who is supposed to know better) under the corporate umbrella commerce operations. The outcome of the encounter is being placed upon the public record for viable public and legal notice, due to the serious concerns by international law standards and de jure law communities restoring rightful order upon planet Earth.

Video Evidence - CVS Health Inc Operatives Violate the Rights of an Heir to the Estate

As a concerned world populace becomes more aware and more inclined to do what needs to be done to decolonize North America (which has been long overdue), people take the right type of stand to end the fraudulent Democracy platforms that have plagued North America since the mid-1800's and the dilemma with Horace Greeley and the Whigg-a-moor party scandal. Over the past one and a half centuries, the colonizing Caucasians / Europeans at North America have continued their crimes against humanity and blatant acts of genocide, which oftentimes start with fraudulent activities like an heir to the estate experienced with the CVS Incorporated persons doing belligerent business and blaming their willingness to play a part of the fraud, for a "paycheck". It has long become commonplace for the modern European / Caucasian to claim that they simply want to protect themselves and their families that they have brought into the fraud in their colonizing North America to the extreme. The reality is that there is no excuse, nor reasoning, for what the modern-day European / Caucasian has done at North America by willful negligence. Since the racketeering for profiteering endeavors has been so severe against the aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the estate, of said 'African-descent' at North America, corporate persons, doing belligerent commerce, like CVS Incorporated, have made it their primary focus to miseducate, disenfranchise natural people, and conduct administrative human trafficking for profits (although entirely unlawful) against the heirs to the estate, all to keep their Unum Sanctum [U.S.] operations prevalent at North America. However, their time is up according to the rightful and competent heirs, who have been peacefully struggling against the colonizers, for the public record, since 2008 [A.D.], by their Divine and National Movement, to be entirely decolonized for the public and permanent record.

Resistance to relinquishing all that they have stolen at North America, has left the Caucasian / European continually lusting for power and attempting to evade their long-overdue punishment for the misprision of treason operations at the North Gate Estate. There will be no turning back for the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent', who have suffered tremendously by all of the fraudulent and belligerent military activities still being conducted upon the land at North America. It is with international law due process that any and all belligerent corporations, conducting administrative human trafficking, leading to crimes against humanity and acts of genocide against the rightful heirs to the estate at North America, be held fully and publicly liable and accountable for their continued fraud as commercial mercenary forces, doing business through STATE OF / State of, CITY OF / City of, and COUNTY OF / County of operations and their hostile retail operations subsidiaries pretending to be doing friendly commerce by treaty only. The ideal of friendly commerce has long been gone from the colonizing European / Caucasian at North America. May the rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate, who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans, receive their rightful restitutions from the colonizing corporations all over their estate.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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