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Curtis Protective Services Aggression

There are many corporate States operating under the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA umbrella at North America. Each corporate State incorporates subsidiary agencies feigning not only as 'Law Enforcement', but also as said "Security Guard" services that cater to the colonizing European / Caucasian body politics still doing fraudulent, Color-of-Law practicing commerce (disguised as legitimate business) at North America. Curtis Protective Services, operated by a said [Chief] Executive Officer, bound by treaty obligations and the Constitution for the united States of America Republic, to do upright commerce / business at North America. The corporation is currently operated by John W. Campbell. The corporation employs both European / Caucasian persons and people of 'African-descent', who serve the corporate by-laws and policies infused into private commercial paper, with no standing at de jure Common Law. De jure law is the only genuine law for the Republic, specifically as Common Law for the natural people to the organic land and estate at North America, who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American nationals and heirs to the entire estate. What private security guard corporation agents have been doing lately, is claiming not to be under any corporate City / city or County / county jurisdiction, yet still be incorporated under the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, while agents blatantly practice their own version of their Color-of-Law practices upon the land.

Original Article Date: 12 October 2022 [A.D.]

A photo of John Campbell (Center) - operator of Curtis Protective Services

This photo clearly shows how the European / Caucasian is surrounded by compromised people of said 'African-descent' to cause confusion and bloodline corruption.

It has proven over the decades of European / Caucasian colonization at North America, that the very colonizing agents, still doing fraudulent business at North America, have prioritized in corrupting bloodlines of said 'African-descent'. Such perpetrators have literally been banking upon compromising the natural people to the organic land, by having abrogated the gold standard, disclosed in House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192 in 1933 [A.D.], within the United States Republic Congressional Records. Without real money, the colonizers have implemented the Federal Reserve Note banking system, which circulates only Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), controlled solely by the foreign European / Caucasian powers / bankers out of London, England, who have long since usurped the North America land by semantic deceit.

Due to the fact that natural people of said 'African-descent' have been historically slaughtered by colonizers all over the world (mainly at North America), the offspring of such natural, copper-complexion aboriginal and indigenous natives have been fraudulently assimilated into false education paradigms and colonizing-dominant and hostile financial-building industries called global economies. And, unlike a traditional economy, where the natural people to their inherited lands provide viable products and services among each other, through a mutually-beneficial bartering system called mercantile, the colonist-controlled economy is bent on sole domination, with the benefactors being a small, elite group of foreigners, who are not aboriginal or indigenous to any lands, who murdered and slaughtered local natives around the world, through malicious military tactics. This is the reality for the offspring of such global massacres, for which the corrupted financial systems around the globe have contributed to by deception. It is such financial corruption, that has left the heirs to the North American estate temporarily defeated and long-term vulnerable, by systematic and purposely oppressive design. Oppression comes in many forms and the colonizers of North America have found a way to severely oppress native heirs to the organic lands, by hiring natural people to work against their own copper-complexion brothers and sisters of said 'African-descent'. And, by desperation and confusion of disempowerment, copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent' have worked diligently against themselves and their own (oftentimes unknowingly and unsuspectingly), while foreigners capitalized on the carnage of extreme colonization at North America.

Color-of-Law Practices on Security Guard Levels

Private Security Guard Agents have a severe tendency to behave as if they have a right to protect their employers doing commerce at North America, by violating the rights of the very natural people that they (and their employers / owners) live off of financially. Every corporate State, City and County would have never come into any power, without the energy derived from the natural people, called currency, having led to the energetic economies around the world, by the paper exchange energy manifestation of the corporations financial bank systems that administer the private commercial paper. What many people have come to realize even more over the past few years, is that they have been severely deceived in how they have been integrated into a vicious financial system, which clearly lives off of them, but takes full initiative to completely control them and everything around them by deceptive assimilation. After over a century of collective passiveness from natural people who allowed themselves to be 'chattel' property to their slave master owners, many people have subconsciously become complacent with passive forced servitude and animal husbandry training regimes by military tactic design. It has been the agenda of the corporate elite persons (and their allies) for decades.

Although private security guard agencies are not taking on titles like "Police" or "Sheriff", they are still conducting fraudulent commerce, under the same guise as 'Law Enforcement'. The very same private security guard agencies are still carrying deadly weapons (often firearms), while they force their policies, as subcontractors to their corporate employers, who have absolutely no Delegation of Authority Orders, issued directly from United States Congress created only for the Republic / People as a full service body politic. With such circumstances already in place, private security guard agencies are in fact practicing Color-of-Law, along with Police Departments and so-called "Sheriff's" Offices. Such corporate agencies, operating outside of the de jure law constitutional folds of Republic government, were never sanctioned by the natural people and heirs to the estate, to do what they do, fraudulently, to this very day, all across North America. This is the silent pandemic and quiet war that needs genuine, international remedy now, which has been long overdue for the public record.

The natural people to organic North America, have already put the corporations doing business as STATE OF / State of, CITY OF / City of, COUNTY OF / County of, etc., on permanent public notice since 2008 [A.D.], yet the corporations are still violating the birthrights of the true heirs to the North American estate. They use force of arms, gang stalking, deprivation of rights, conspiracy against rights, and overall racketeering with police and said "Sheriff's" agencies to keep the charade going under threat, duress, and coercion against the heirs. The Color-of-Law police / policy-enforcing activity at North America must end now and all perpetrators must receive their full liabilities, penalties, and punishments for their blatant crimes against humanity and acts of genocide against the natural people of said 'African-descent', as such aboriginal and indigenous peoples have been affected the worst by the European / Caucasian colonizers refusing to Cease & Desist their racketeering activities and leave North America permanently for their blatant breach of Divine obligatory contract.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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